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What Is The Best Color for Website Conversion?

Galib Hossen // 2021-11-10 //  Mins Read

Colors are the first thing that help to create the initial image of your page in user's mind. Colors bear a lot of metaphoric meaning from many days ago. To find out the best color for your website that will be the helper of you to increase conversion, you should have the idea between colors and psychology.

Such as, white color is used to mean something good. In war, white color is a symbol of friendship. White color is used when a war team wants to make a peach treaty.

On the other side, according to mythology, black is used to mean something ominous. Such as, the pirates used black flags. Dark net is the planet of bad things. That is why its name is dark net, means black.

Some unknown psychology behind mostly used colors

Obviously color plays a significant role in human’s psychology. I know a person who has a specialty on color psychology. Actually he is an interior designer. While designing the interior, he developed a deep understanding of the relationship between color and human psychology. I talked him about color psychology since color psychology is very important to boost website conversion through color.

White color

I have told, in war, white color is used as a symbol of friend ship. But for human psychology, white color indicates to clarity. White color removes distractions. You may notice that, Google use white color almost everywhere in their page. Since white color is a symbol of friendship, it makes people to feel united.

Black Color

I have told, black is the color for inauspicious. This is the opinion of mythology but modern human psychology tells some different things about black color. Black is the color by which people can get isolate.

You may have seen in alcohol bar, there are most of the places are dark. People go to an alcohol bar to get enjoyment in solitude.

Another important fact of black color is, it creates an elite environment.

Red Color

Red color is an amazing color that bears multiple metaphors at the same time.

Red color is the symbol is the love. If you want to propose someone, then red rose can be one of the best gifts to feel him/her love to you.

Red color is used to mean something hot. This hot can be both for human and any hot offer. You may have seen in hot offer’s promotion, there red is used as the focus color, because red color indicates to hotness.

Red also used to mean something dangerous. You may have seen, when your computer or mobile is attacked by virus, you get notification where generally red is the focus color.


Green is the safest color. Where there is a matter of solving security issue there green can be the best color. You may have seen in many security tools that use green color in their Call to Action button.

Green color is a natural color that integrates people with the nature. From this point of view green is the symbol of purity. For any vegan niche green is the best color.

Blue Color

Blue is the rarest color of the world. You won’t see any blue animal. Most of the time blue color is seen in animals for DNA dysfunctional reasons.

Blue color is the color of quietness. Peoples habitually start thinking during the quietness. Researchers have found, people become more thoughtful when they look at the sky.

When you use blue color on your UI then there is chance to peoples become thoughtful with your website.

Does color really increase the conversion rate?

Does color really increase conversion

There is a very few information available on the internet about website color and conversion. Various companies have revealed their conversion result what they found by changing their CTA’s color.

  • RIPT used green color as their CTA button. But when they shift to yellow color instead of green they saw, there conversion rate has increased by 6.3%.
  • Extra space is a website who provide online storage to store data like Google drive. They used Blue as their CTA’s color. They have been able to increase their conversion rate only by changing their CTA color to Orange.
  • Beamax is a company that sells verity of projectors. They have seen a significant change in their conversion rate. Their website is Blue color focused. But once they think that, if they use red color instead of blue color. They were right because after changing their anchor link color to red they have seen more than 53% increases in their conversion rate.
  • Hubspot revealed a data where they showed that Red color outperformed Green color. One of their landing pages has a green color CTA button, on the other side the page had another variant with red CTA. The 2 variants together had 2000 visitors and the second variant won by 21% more conversion rate.

How do I choose this website’s color?

While making this website, I fell into so much confusion about the color combination. I created multiple color variants of the logo. I couldn’t take decision which color I should use.

There is no color that is perfect for everyone. The information that I shared above, it seems to notice it, red color may be the perfect color for everyone and all-time. But I found red color as a failure for once. But most of the time red was the winner.

Moreover red is the symbol of love. I wanted to make people feel love to this website. That is why red was my top choice.

I have used Black as my secondary color. I have told above, Black color is the color of isolation. When peoples get isolate, it becomes easier to convince them to purchase products. Moreover red and black have been combined perfectly with each other.

Maybe I can explain to you the thought behind the color combination of this website.

Which color should you use?

You should choose your site’s color according to your niche and purpose. If you are in vegan niche then green should be the proper color for your website because green is the color of nature. Green is not only perfect for vegan niche but it is perfect for any other website that talks about remedy.

If you are in any elite type of niche such as real estate, interior design or running any club then you can use black color in your website.

I promoted an offer of a cloud hosting in a landing page. Since cloud is related to sky, I used sky blue color in that landing page and the conversion rate of that landing page was 31%. I think I took the right decision to choose the color.

3 Important advices to choose color for your website conversion

advices to choose color for website conversion

There are some matters that marketers shouldn’t do with the color of their website. Mostly new marketers try to make their website a rainbow, which is very disrupting for conversion growth. Follow the 3 points to choose the right color for boosting your website conversion.

  • Don’t mix so many colors that create a disturbing feeling. As much as color you use on your site, actually you increase the chance of distraction. From my experience, I can tell, don’t use more than 2 colors. One is primary and the other is the secondary color.
  • Create a proper color combination. Maybe you understand that, not all colors look beautiful with all colors. Go to colorhunt.co and find the color combination. In this website you will find tons of color combination variants. It will help you to find out the perfect match for your primary color.
  • Try to keep enough white space because white space gives a frictionless user experience. Keep less encouragement to create a very colorful website unnecessarily.

Final thought

Colors are very important for both increase the conversion rate and decreasing the conversion rate. Colors are the thing that makes people annoyed and on the other side colors can make users to fell peace. There are actually no rules to choose colors. Before selecting the color, ask yourself the color is calming or annoying. Take opinions form your friends and relatives.

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