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What Is a Good Conversion Rate For a Website?

Galib Hossen // 2021-11-03 //  Mins Read

When I was new in generating conversions the question “what is a good conversion rate for a website” bothered me a lot. You will laugh if you hear my scene. Let’s make you laugh.

I created an offer of 11 premium wordpress themes. This is an offer that I created when I was new to generate lead conversions. I created a landing page to promote this offer. One of my landing page variations achieved 28% conversion rate but even then I was very sad. I was feeling I have wasted my money.


Because I thought it was a very poor conversion rate. But actually the conversion rate was not only good but it was excellent. It took me a little time to realize the matter because the number of average conversion rate for world website was unknown to me.

According to the information of wordstream the average conversion rate for website is just 2.35%.

Average website conversion rate by industries

There is no need to be overjoyed to hear this average conversion rate. Conversion rate is varying continuously according to many things.

There are various types of conversions can be happened. Different websites have different types of conversion goals. A slight change of conversion goal can make a big difference in conversion rate.

I have done a deep research on lead generation conversion rate. I found such data that can be presented in an info graphics.

landing page conversion rate by industries

You can see here, 2.35% is not average or good for every type of website. If you are in travel niche then 5% is the average conversion rate. If you get 5% conversion rate, then you are not doing well according to your industry. But if you are in higher education niche then 5% is a good conversion rate.

Average website conversion rate by time and location

As deep as you research you get different information. The most marketers target US. But according to my research US is the lowest converting country.

Conversion rate is not same for all time of the year. You can see conversion rate difference in the table.


Global CR



2015 (1st half)




2015 (2nd half)




2016 (1st half)




2016 (2nd half)




2017 (1st half)




2017 (2nd half)




2018 (1st half)




2018 (2nd half)




2019 (1st half)




Have you noticed something surprising?

Every 2nd half of the year except 2016 2nd half generates higher conversion than 1st half. The second half of the year has something that increases the tendency to convert.

According to the data if your conversion rate does not increase in the last half of the year then there must be something that need to be improved.

Conversion rate for landing page

I have started the article with the story of one of my landing page. There are some differences between landing page conversion rate and website conversion rate.

It is clear that, a landing page can generate more conversion rate than a website because a landing is free from any frictions. A landing page is only focused on a specific conversion goal where a website can have several conversion goals.

By doing research I have found in a website that the average conversion rate for landing page across the industries is 4.6% that is slightly more than website conversion rate.

But this is not surprising information. I want to make you surprised. I will give some information, by which you will understand, in which level, your landing page belongs.

what is average landing page conversion rate

Look the info graphics attentively. First I said the conversion rate 28% that my landing page had was excellent. But, after seeing this information, are you still thinking 28% is the excellent conversion rate?

I don’t think so. According to my offer 28% is a good conversion rate from my point of view. But definitely it is not an excellent conversion rate.

Ecommerce website conversion rate by device

Devices create huge difference in terms of conversion rate. Even I have faced this type of conversion difference before knowing the matter.

I have told you about my landing page first in the article. The landing page had 28% conversion rate but the result is based only on desktop. When I try to bring traffic to this landing page from mobile, my conversion rate fell down to 5.75%.

I was scared to see my conversion rate. To overcome the scariness I try to find out more information by studying. I find some information that makes me cool. You can see the information bellow:

























2021 (1st half)




According to the information, desktop users always have more tendency to convert than mobile users. If you try your website or landing page for both mobile and desktop differently then you should get lower conversion rate from mobile devices. There is no need to be worried because mobile users are always bounce minded.

What is a good conversion rate for a website?

So now, what is a good conversion rate for a website you think?

It can’t be told by just a number. Even marketers do not agree with each other in this matter. Every marketer has their own experiences and point of views, and from their researched point of views, the number of good conversion rate is different.

I was very curious to know what marketers think about a good conversion rate. I found very confusing information. You can see the confusing information in the info graphics.

what is a good conversion rate

Notice the info graphics, according to this data almost 30% marketers don’t think 28% conversion rate is good for a landing page.  Let me know in the comment section whether you are in the 28%.

I tried to find out the data where marketers are sharing their opinions about good conversion rate of a website but I found only the opinions about good conversion rate about landing page.

But if anyone asked me about good conversion rate of a website then I would tell him to read the article completely form the beginning.

How to get a good conversion rate for a website

When I start marketing I heard from many experts that, audiences are the money. I am not telling it is a wrong word but my experience says conversions are the money. You have 1000 visitors per month but your traffic doesn’t want to interact with you then the mountainous traffic is like garbage.

There are 2 primary things you can do to increase your blog website conversion rate.

  • Increase your home page conversion: I have seen many blogs that don’t make their home conversion focused. They full of their home page with content. I am not influencing you to make a contentless home page but I am influencing you to put a conversion point in your home page so that your visitors can take a specific action, which make them customers of yours.
  • Create high converting contents: Do you know what is the average bounce rate for a blog? It is 92%. Isn’t it shocking? In a blog website most of the articles are only informative. There is not much else in the articles that provoke visitors towards conversion. As a result low conversion rate and high bounce rate. Put something goal provoker in your articles that make people more likely to be converted.

Increase your landing page conversion rate

Landing pages are directly connected with ecommerce website but a blog website has indirect connection with landing page. Whether landing page has direct or indirect relationship with website, it is very important to increase its conversion rate for the ultimate profit.

It is not possible to expose all tricks of landing page conversion rate optimization here because it is not matter of pond, it is a matter if ocean. It deserves to cover several matters. After all, conversion depends on audience psychology.

Visit our page “Conversion Growth”. It is full of the knowledge of audience psychology and making conversion. You can read our articles that are focusing only on growing conversion rate. You will have a higher skill in generating conversion than ever before.

Final thoughts

If you read the article completely then I am sure you have gathered a deep knowledge about good bad and average conversion rate. You have gotten some knowledge of increasing conversion rate. But I want to leave you with the thought that, always think about your visitor’s pain, and always work for overcoming your visitor’s pain. Once you do that conversion walks behind you.

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