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2 Successful Thrive Architect Website Examples

Galib Hossen // 2022-01-01 //  Mins Read

Many people can have many dreams in their life but for a digital marketer the common dream is to build an own conversion focused website with the full freedom of coding-less design power which he will adorn with his crazy crazy ideas. I also cherished this dream and I was looking for how to do it. I am sure you are like me. That’s why you are here. Since you are interested in Thrive Architect you are on the right track. This 2 successful thrive architect website examples will make you sure about you are on the right track as more than 70k marketers are on the right track by building their website with thrive architect .

Actually this is not going to be a traditional examples type article.

If I wanted to make it a traditional example article then I found out 10 or more websites to show you. But I don’t want to give you only examples better we will do an in-depth discussion about the 2 websites. Moreover I personally know these are successful websites.

What is thrive architect?

Knowing about the features of Thrive Architect will be better than directly going into the examples. Otherwise some things will be very complicated to relate.


Thrive architect is a Wordpress plugin that is used to build any types of pages of wordpress websites without coding. So, basically thrive architect is a visual web page builder that works by dragging and dropping.

But, thrive architect is not your traditional web page builder. It is full of features. In the time of building thrive architect, many things had to keep in head because thrive architect can be used for both landing pages and contents building.

Let’s briefly know about the features of thrive architect:

Mobile responsive

Mobile users are growing rapidly day by day. You will be surprised by knowing the recent data. Presently world has 5.22 billion mobile users but the number is 93 million more than the last year. Moreover thousands of peoples are upgrading to smart phones from featured phones.

Without mobile responsive a website loss its most of the audiences but with thrive architect building a highly mobile responsive website is the easiest thing. You can build the versions of your pages for 3 devices desktop, tab and mobile at once.

We have an article where we have described about how thrive architect makes your pages mobile responsive in- details. There you will see thrive architect as a super responsive tool.

Predesigned responsive landing page templates

No matter thrive architect is a codingless solution but if you had to build each page from the scratch it will not be less difficult. Most of your time would be wasted on design.

But thrive architect has more than 300 predesigned landing page templates which are completely mobile friendly and easily editable. Among these 300 templates, 80 are smart landing pages. Smart means they are already color optimized. They are automatically merged with the theme / brand color.

Categorized thrive blocks

Blocks are the elements that you need to build contents or pages. The elements like testimonials, product highlighting, steps etc. The blocks are very useful for both content and landing page as they are segmented by content blocks and page blocks.

More than 150 block templates make the process of building web pages super easy and they are created with specific purposes. Your work is to drag the block you need and drop it on the position you want to keep it. After drooping the block you edit it with your content. As simple as that.

Standout button templates

Button is a very useful element of website but for building a conversion focused website a button is the essential element. Making a call to action like button increases the click-through rate by 45%. Moreover a standout button increases the UI of the website.

You will get more than 30 smart looking button templates in thrive architect which are highly mobile friendly. You can make the button more standout by using thrive architect shadow effect feature and the button become premium when you use extra ordinary hover effect.

Appealing call to action templates

No matter contents or landing pages, this is the time to generate conversion from anywhere. Thrive architect lets you make this happen. You can create call to action for each potential places of your website.

There are 17+ call to action templates which are smart looking and simple.

Highly integrating Lead generation form templates

When it comes to make conversion then an opt-in form is irresistible. Thrive architect offers more than 30 opt-in form templates that are easily scalable. Most of the known auto-responders easily integrate with forms.


Product needs testimonials to be sold it out. 35% of customers think a positive review motivates them to buy a product even if it is relatively expensive. Thrive architect has more than 45 testimonial templates that you can use to increase conversion of your freebies.

But maybe you are thinking without collecting testimonials how to show them.But friend, you can collect testimonials very easily. I will come to this matter in the example section.


There are some contents that are table deserving. Suppose you are writing content on differences between something. This content must deserve at least a table. You will get more than 20 high responsive table templates in thrive architect. They all are good looking and easily editable.

Roughly I have tried to give an idea about thrive architect. But in spite of having this idea it will be a bit difficult but I will explain there to clear you out. Now it’s time to experience the examples.

2 Thrive architect website examples

It’s been a long time I know the websites that I am going to give examples. One website is my friend’s website who is a digital marketer like me. The other website is this website where you are reading the article now. Yes, it is made with thrive architect. Actually not only with thrive architect, there are much more things. You will get it. I am going to make something uncover.  Keep reading…


Affilatiz.com is an extremely conversion focused website created with thrive architect by Galib Hossen. If we look at each page of this website we will notice that every page has at least a conversion point and it is getting conversions regularly.

With being it conversion focused it is a beautiful website too. Start from its home page

You are seeing the 1st menu bar which contains a call to action and the second menu bar is presenting the article categories. The menu bars are created by thrive architect.

I have a book as a freebie, there I have showed the proven path. I have used the book in the home page top section as the conversion goal. I have kept a true testimonial just below the book.

But with thrive architect you can’t collect testimonials. With thrive architect you can show the testimonials but for collecting it you will have another solution of thrive. The matter is going to be unveiled. Keep reading…

Let’s scroll down the homepage

Here I have used more testimonials so that the users have the idea what they are going to get. With it I have used another call to action which is so relevant here. After clicking the button a form will open up to the users. You can see it in the picture bellow

The form is added by thrive architect but it can’t be made by thrive architect. You will have another tool to make it but without extra cost. I will come to this matter. The form is connected with the auto-responder I use. If you want to know which auto-responder I use then ask in the comment.

This is the author bio. The design is the template from the responsive author bio templates of thrive architect. I just have edited it with my color, picture and texts.

I have tried to make my every page conversion focused. So let’s see my another highly conversion focused page.

This is gift page. As many as freebie I have, I have kept them here and they all are very helpful even I use them according to the situation. Which boxes you are seeing for the each freebie, they are from thrive architect templates. But if the templates were not available there, it can be built in minutes by thrive architect.

This is the articles page or category page. This is the page where I only talk about generating conversion. But with having article this page has a conversion goal too. Scroll down the page:

This is another freebie that is actually premium but for affiliatiz users I give it free. The freebie is perfect for presenting it in such a place where conversions are talked about.

Let’s show you a scarcity marketing tactic of affiliatiz.com

This is a picture of a part of a landing page where I promoted a discount coupon code of cloudways. This page had 69% conversion rate.

You can create scarcity anywhere of your website with thrive architect countdown templates. This is very effective feature of thrive architect that is very difficult to made by coding or other countdown builders.

This is the blog page. There are plenty of templates for blog page in thrive architect. The template you can edit as I have edited this blog page. I have used an article list template of thrive architect in this blog page.

An affiliate website must need a recommendation page. It is the recommend page of affiliatiz.com. This is completely made with thrive architect and believe me this has taken just 15 minutes to create it.

Making conversion focused content is a demanding thing for content oriented website. You are seeing in this content bottom that is called sticky slide in. By clicking on this slide in audience will get the opt-in form.

Since the slide in is covered the content that’s why users will see this and have to interact with the slide in. This types of slide in are highly converting.

By the way, there is a dedicated article about principles to create high converting content. Read the article if your content is not high converting.

This is another example of CTA of affiliatiz.com. The CTA is the template of thrive architect. I have just edited it with my content. The content was deserving of a CTA here.


It is my friend John Vanderlaan’s website. He does marketing with products like mine. But our plans are not exactly same. See his home page ,this is mostly article oriented. There no call to action. He likes to send audience to his review articles. If you scroll down you will see more articles are showed up but at bottom of the website he has two “call to action”.

His recommendation page is not like affiliatiz.com. He has kept a review article there and in this review article he has kept call to action. You are seeing that call to action in the picture above.

In article pages of jvanderlaan.com have a side bar. With thrive architect you can easily build your side bar and you can made the side bar conversion focused as jvanderlaan.com has made you are seeing in the picture below.

You can see the blog page of jvanderlaan that is purely different looking from affiliatiz. A website can be made as the creator want to make it by thrive architect. You can keep any information in the article list.

Jvanderlaan didn’t use any slide in pop in its articles but he has used an exit pop up. That is also made by thrive products but not thrive architect. You will discover it now.

Comment sections

I have missed out one thing to show that is comment section. Both websites have used same comment section. But thrive has two types comment solutions, one is third party solution and other is thrive’s own solution that is thrive comment.

Can I build such a website with thrive architect?

Absolutely not. Only with thrive architect it is not possible to create such a website. There I have shown you some things in the examples that can’t be possible to do with thrive architect.

I have shown you in affiliatiz.com’s example, there is a slide in pop in the content to make conversion that is not possible to create with thrive architect.

I have told you about comments. There are 2 types of commenting solutions. If you want to go through thrive’s own solution then it is not possible to use it with only thrive architect. For this, you need thrive comments by which you can even generate conversion from comments.

I have shown you the testimonials that you can only show with thrive architect but you can’t collect it with thrive architect.

How to create such a conversion focused website?

I have told you that, only with thrive architect it is not possible to create such a website. But thrive architect is not alone. There is no system to buy only thrive architect. Thrive has 11 plugins that comes with a single package called “Thrive Suit”.

Thrive suit is the complete solution to create a conversion focused website.  When you purchase thrive suit you get actually a set of 11 plugins that are comes with different purposes. Check out their 11 plugins.

When you have thrive suit to build your website, you have actually ideas to implement on your website. Thrive suit is such a tool that not only tool but also an assistant who helps you by giving idea generating features.

Thrive suit is most probably the best solution to create a website that is fully under your control without building it by raw coding.

If you like thrive suit to build your own website with full freedom then purchase it by clicking this link so that our effort has a meaning.

If you don't want to build your website with thrive suit then you tell me here why?

100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

You don't have any risk by purchasing Thrive Suit because they offer a little 30 days money back guarantee. So if you don't like thrive suit after purchasing it you will get your full money back by claiming within 30 days.



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