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Thrive Architect VS Thrive Theme Builder | Comparison With Combination

Galib Hossen // 2022-01-01 //  Mins Read

When anyone tries to make himself a podded self-reliant through digital business, then a website is the most powerful weapon for him. Nothing can be better than a website in case of doing digital / affiliate marketing. For a digital marketer or businessman who doesn’t know coding, building a website with keeping the complete power of managing it in his own hand is almost impossible. But the combination of Thrive Architect and Thrive Theme Builder has made this impossible possible. The article will be on in-depth comparison between Thrive Architect vs Thrive Theme Builder and how the combination of them gives you the full freedom on your entire website.

What is WordPress?

Our topic is Thrive architect vs Thrive Theme Builder and they both inextricably link with wordpress. So it is important to know about wordpress a bit.

WordPress is a CMS. CMS stands for Content Management System. So basically wordpress is a raw php frame work, which frame work defines how to function the content pages, how to function other pages, images etc.

For your kind information, 37% of over the websites use wordpress as their content management system where 60% of websites use content management system. So, more than half of content management users have decided that wordpress is their CMS. One probably reason can be, they have the biggest resources.

What is a theme?

Basically a theme is an application which is installed on wordpress. Without installing it on wordpress the theme is not a serviceable thing.

Theme is the plan of your website. What can be under your plan?

Anything. Designing, functioning, features, General fonts, brand color everything is under your plan. Theme is the specific functionality of a website.

For example your article pages, the space of the article is not in under your theme but rest of the space or elements is under the theme. When you use a comment section after the article this is the part of your theme. The total functioning of comment section is managed from theme level. Your footer is under theme. How your featured images will be shown it defines your theme.

How your menu bar will look it defines your theme or what you want to keep in your side bar this types matters are theme level work.

What is Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect is a wordpress plugin to build any types of webpages without knowing raw coding. It is a visual web page building tool which is used to design any kind of pages by dragging and dropping.

This is basic intro of thrive architect but thrive architect has specialties. It is full of features and the most special thing of thrive architect is, it is constantly gaining more updated features by the creator and giving the simple solutions for the complex web marketing problems.

Since we will have to uncover the comparison and combination between thrive architect and thrive theme builder, so we have to know about them properly.

It will be very convenient to you if you have enough knowledge about thrive architect features.

1. Mobile optimization

Now the world has more than 5.22 billion mobile users which will be more than you can think about in the future. So being a website mobile optimized is more than essential, otherwise you will lose your most of the audiences.

Thrive Architect gives you the feature which allows you to create the versions of your page for 3 devices at once. With thrive architect mobile optimization feature you can build an extremely mobile friendly webpage / landing page.

2. High quality smart prebuilt landing page templates

We have noticed thrive architect keeps sound attention to make the plugin super user friendly. You will have more than 80 smart landing page templates. They are smart because they automatically sync with your brand color. You don’t need to edit the color in those templates.

 Don’t think it has only 80 landing page templates. It has more than 300 templates of which 80 are smart. General landing pages are not smart but they are very eye catchy and easily editable. The matter of joy is that, all the templates are already mobile optimized.

Thrive architect prebuilt landing page templates

3. Useful thrive blocks

Thrive blocks are the elements can be required in a page. A page can be on any topic. It can require showing much information step by step in a same page. So, making a page decently presentable in front of the audience you need to have your page well structured.

Thrive blocks gives you the rest from structuring a page. Blocks are arranged in categories. You pick the right block according to your requirement and edit it with your own content. In our case, blocks reduce the time consuming to think about the design structure. So thrive architect makes its user faster.

You can see some of the blocks with category in the picture bellow.

thrive blocks example

4. Other elements

Blocks are the features of a single tab but the right sidebar of thrive architect is full of more features. We are sure that thrive architect gives birth new ideas when you come to build your page by thrive architect.  You will get something that you didn’t think you will use in your page. I am sharing you some important elements I love.

1. Guarantee box

Any type of review article demands a guarantee box if the product provides any guarantee. It is required to both direct marketers and affiliate marketers.

In thrive architect you get 20 guarantee box templates to use in your page when required. All the guarantee boxes are well designed and easily editable.

2. Count down timers

To create urgency in your marketing for increasing conversion rate, you must need count down timers which is not so easy to build with non-thrive products. In thrive architect you get 6 predesigned count-down timer templates which are completely mobile friendly and easily editable.

3. Pricing tables

Needless to say, how much important pricing tables are to give a clear idea to audience. Thrive architect has more than 20 decent pricing tables templates which are completely mobile optimized. The drag and drop editing tool allows you to edit the pricing table with no pain.

4. Lead generation

Lead generation is the most preferred marketing tactic according to digital marketing savvies. It seems to look at thrive architect it has been built for them who want to do marketing like savvies.

Thrive architect has more than 20 lead generation form templates and 16 call to action templates and they seamlessly integrate with most of the known auto-responders. Using thrive architect it is possible to make a website a lead generating machine. You can see some CTA examples of thrive architect bellow:

CTA templates of thrive architect for lead generation

5. Tables

Using tables in contents is very effective seo tactic. A content with a table increase the chance of taking place in google’s featured snippet. Besides this a table increases the content quality and understandability. Especially when you write a comparative article there must be a demand for a table which you shouldn’t avoid it.

Thrive architect has more than 20 different types of good looking table templates which are completely mobile friendly and visually editable. They also have blank template which you can make as per your concept if you have own. One table example you will see bellow that I have used to present the comparison.

There are many more features in thrive architect but it can’t be possible to tell about each one due to prevent the article being unnecessarily big. When we will cover only thrive architect recently we will talk about each features of thrive architect in-details but for now watch the video where Christine shows the use of thrive architect:

What is Thrive Theme builder?

Now you know what a theme is. So thrive theme builder is a wordpress plugin by which you build your own theme without raw coding. Thrive theme builder has not as much features as thrive architect. There is no need to have features like thrive architect. But why? You will get it soon, keep reading…

Before founding thrive themes there was no such plugin that allowed building a complete theme without using any raw code. But thrive theme give you this opportunity to build your own theme as you want. You don’t need to go anywhere else or don’t need to purchase a theme which you can’t edit as you wish.

With thrive theme builder you can create your theme in just easy 8 to 10 steps. It is a matter of minutes. But don’t think it can’t be possible to build a quality theme in such a short time. It is very possible with thrive theme builder.

The steps of thrive theme builder in short:

1. Themes

There are three themes in thrive theme builder. The latest theme is “Kwik” which is very fast that’s its name is Kwik. One question can rise in your mind that, if already there are 3 themes then how to build theme again and why to build where there are in built themes?

Actually, the inbuilt themes are only the raw code. Like one theme will be flexible and other may be more flexible. Two themes are fast and other theme is super-fast. These are the coding structure. But the front design will be created by you through thrive theme builder. You will be clearer by going ahead.

2. Logo

After selecting theme you have to define your logo first. Once you define your logo you don’t need to upload the logo any more. Anywhere you want to present your logo just keep the logo. How to do this it will be clear to you. Keep reading….

3. Brand color

Is this step you will define your brand color which will be used as global color. In future if you need to use your brand color, you will get it from your theme color section. Where will be used the global color it will automatically take your brand color.

4. Site structures step

Previous two steps are for a website branding. They do not do anything with site structures. Site structures are done in this section. In this section there are 6 steps. Basically the different parts and pages of a website are defined in these 6 steps.

The steps are

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
    Home page
  4. 4
    Single blog post
  5. 5
    Blog post list
  6. 6

There are tons of predesigned header and footer templates available that can be found by entering specific steps. They are just waiting for being selected.  The picture your are seeing bellow is the thrive themes dashboard.

thrive theme builder dashboard example

Home page

In this section an already exist page of the website is selected by site admin which he want to keep as his home page. The home page can be edited by thrive architect. We will come to this point.

Single blog post

Single blog post means article page which articles will be ranked in Google in future. Thrive themes has many types of single blog post templates such as with sidebar, without side bar, title in featured image, title under featured image. They are waiting just to be selected.

Blog post list

Blog post list is the ultimate blog page where all the articles or contents are presented according to date and definitely there are a lot of blog page templates available in thrive theme builder.


This is the section where is defined the default page. If you have thrive architect you will design all the pages with thrive architect then why this page section? This page section is for defining default page. If you use only wordpress without using thrive architect for creating your pages then the structures / design of these pages will be under default page.

5. Branding

2 things for branding are done before by defining logo and brand color. This branding section allows defining the favicon which is presented on the left side of the browsers tab.

6. Typography

This is the section where is defined all the fonts which will be using in the entire website. Using different fonts for different types of text are easily possible with thrive themes. You can choose a font for all of your h2 and you can use different fonts and color too for each of your headlines.

From typography section you can customize you link text font, color and hover animation of the link. You can use a mind choosing color and font for you list test too.

7. Templates

This is the templates section where you will find all the page templates your website has. There is an option to create templates, so adding more template to your website is easily possible. From this section you can edit any templates as you want.

8. Site speed

This is the website building plugin which gives direct options to improve a website speed. They give 4 option but 3 of them are 3rd party solution and one called “Project Light Speed” is thrive themes own features. By using these 4 solutions a website can achieve a great audience experience making loading speed.

These are the things that that can be done by thrive theme builder for building a website theme. I have tried to cover almost everything of thrive themes so that you can understand the comparison properly which I will tell now.

Watch the video bellow where Hanne is showing how to use thrive theme builder:

Thrive architect vs thrive theme builder

Thrive architect and thrive theme builder are the two plugins of the package of thrive website builder plugins. The name of the package is Thrive Suit. The two plugins have some differences between them. I think you already have understood some differences. Now you will be clearer by looking at the table where the differences have been presented side by side.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Theme Builder

Thrive Architect is a page builder.

Thrive Themes is a theme builder.

Thrive architect has the features that need in a page.

Thrive Themes has the features that need in a theme.

Thrive architect has no control over the website’s fonts.

Thrive Theme Builder has the complete control over the website’s fonts.

Thrive architect is the designing tool.

Thrive themes is the selecting tools.

Thrive architect creates impact only on a page.

Thrive themes creates impact on the entire website that under the theme.

Thrive architect doesn’t use thrive themes.

Thrive themes uses thrive architect.

Website speed doesn’t rely on directly thrive architect.

Website speed directly relies on thrive themes.

Website flexibility is not the matter of thrive architect.

Website flexibility is the matter of thrive themes.

Thrive architect and thieve themes combination

I have told you at the beginning that the combination of thrive architect and thrive themes will give you the complete freedom over the website. Again, I have told in the table that, thrive architect is a designing tool and thrive themes is a selecting tool.

Now let’s relate to the two sentences.

With thrive themes you have selected the templates as I have mentioned above. But how to edit it with your content?

Here thrive architect plays its role. Basically thrive themes has the lite version of thrive architect. When you go to edit your theme templates, thrive themes use thrive architect lite version to edit each of thrive themes templates. That's why I told thrive themes doesn't need features like thrive architect.

So ultimately, thrive themes is the tool by which you select all the templates types and with thrive architect you edit the templates as you need /want. Thus thrive themes relies on thrive architect to customize the templates.

Actually this is the combination of thrive architect and thrive themes and I think it is clear to you how the combination gives the full freedom to build a website.

Can I use thrive architect and thrive themes combinedly?

In short, of course you can use them combinedly with no hassle.

May be you are thinking, they are two different plugins and if I use them together then I will have to purchase them together. It will be costly. But you are wrong.

I have told you, they two are the parts of Thrive Suit. In Thrive Suit package there are 9 more plugins which are essentially needed to build a complete marketing website.

For using thrive architect and thrive themes combinedly you have to purchase Thrive Suit. When you purchase Thrive Suit you actually purchase all the thrive plugins and this is ever cheaper solution to build a conversion focused website. Check out their pricing model.

Who to use thrive Suit?

Thrive suit is a complete package of wordpress website building plugins. Anyone can use thrive suit who want to create a website without coding. After all it is a visual website builder.

  • Thrive suit is ideal for who want to create an extremely conversion focused website. With thrive suit it is easily possible to generate conversions from each corner of the website. Even thrive suit allows to make conversions from website’s commenters. That’s why I have used the word “Extremely”. It will make the website a conversion machine.
  • For creating a premium course website thrive suit can be used with the eyes closed. Thrive suit has a plugin “Thrive Apprentice” is dedicated to create courses. You can easily create pricing level, free courses, and premium courses. Thrive apprentice includes different templates too as needed.

Who not to use thrive suit?

You can build various types of website with thrive suit but we don’t recommend thrive suit for building each types of websites. Such as:

  • If you want to create a website just to write articles only to drive affiliate sales through affiliate link of amazon or like this type of platforms then you can go with traditional wordpress themes without using thrive suit. The reason is, these types of websites are not conversion focused, these are only article focused. So these websites can easily be built without thrive suit. There only need a theme. But if you want to make your contents more premium looking through customization and want to keep complete design power in your hand only then thrive suit will be your perfect solution.
  • Who want to create a complete ecommerce like amazon, walmart we don’t recommend thrive suit for them. Although an ecommerce site can be built with thrive suit but we think in this case, shopify will be better than thrive suit.

Final thought

Actually I have nothing left to say in final thought. I just have tried to give you some foods for thought. Now you think what you should do and take decision. If the article helps you to take the decision for purchasing thrive suit then purchase it through the link, it will be my success. 

But I am very eager to know about your thought, as a result, people will get new thought from knowing your thought. So spread your thought about thrive products in the comment section.

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