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Thrive Architect vs Clickfunnels vs Leadpages

Galib Hossen // 2021-12-31 //  Mins Read

Generating traffic for your online business is super easy. But it can be frustrating to turn the traffic into actual sales. It is one of the reasons behind the need to consider digital marketing strategy.

The sole objective of an online marketing strategy is to convert prospects into customers. Most of these marketing strategies rely on the use of sales funnels.

Sales funnels have the reputation of driving more leads and acquiring more customers. These instruments help the business to grow by increasing sales and generating more revenues.

Every business has the mandate to consider these funnels and landing pages to be successful. But there are several sales funnels in the market.

We have provided an in-depth review on Thrive Architect vs Clickfunnels vs Leadpages for you. Take the time to read through the guide and choose one landing page that suits your business.

Comparative Analysis

Thrive Architect



Ease of Use

Super easy drag and drop editing

Difficult to use drag and drop web page editor

A little easier to use drag and drop editor


WordPress landing page builder

Drag and drop web page editor

Drag and drop editor


Annual subscription and quarterly payment. 30 day money back guarantee.

Free 14-day trial and monthly payments

Free 14-day trial, monthly, annual and 2-year plan


Work for conversion focused business websites

To build sales funnels that convert

Creation of pay per click campaigns

Support Quality

Rising Tickets

Free Training


Live Support


Live Support



Supported Integration





Amazon Web Services




 Get response and more



GoTo Webinar


Constant Contact













What Is Thrive Architect?

thrive architect review

Lead Magnet is the offer you make on the landing page. There can be different types of lead magnets such as free ebooks, videos, free landing page templates, discounts etc. The cost depends on what type of lead magnet you want to make.

It is a WordPress page builder that comes with easy to drag and drop widgets. It is currently one of the best visual page builders for businesses since it highly focuses on conversion.

The WordPress page builder allows the user to design beautiful and visually impressive layouts for their websites. It also plays a vital role in creating engaging content and landing pages.

The thrive architect is an excellent choice for those business owners without coding skills. The WordPress page builder makes your work look simple and easy.

The ease of usage will help you turn around ideas and grow your business. It will also alleviate the hassle and costs of hiring an expert.

Thrive themes are the guys behind the development of thrive architect landing page tool. Continue reading to learn more about the thrive architect pricing in this article.

Here are some of the hidden gems for using thrive architect:

  • Creation of high converting homepages for your online business
  • Development of product sales pages highlighting unique selling points
  • Design landing pages to enhance business growth through email list
  • Production of highly formatted posts to generate traffic and increase sales
  • Making webinar and product launch pages

Thrive Architect Overview Features

The WordPress visual page builder is suitable for business websites that focus on conversion. This incredible landing page builder is easy to use when compared to clickfunnels and leadpages.               

Here are the crucial features:

Drag and Drop

The functionality is super easy to use. The user has the sole responsibility of dragging and dropping templates on the WordPress editor.

Page Elements

It comes with over 50-page elements in the editor. These elements allow the user to design landing pages that can convert with ease.                  


The builder has 270 template designs in the library. These templates can help create professional-looking sales pages, webinar pages, home pages and more.

Mobile Optimization

Thrive Architect templates are mobile-friendly. The editor window has an option to allow the user to preview the templates either in desktop or tablet or mobile form.

A/b Test

Thrive architect has the a/b testing tools with 3 goal points. You can choose your goal with scheduled date and thrive architect will automatically keep permanently the winning landing page.

Thrive Architect Pricing

Thrive architect comes with 2 plans that is paid either quarterly or annually. For annual plan it charges $19/m and for quarter plan it charges $30/m.  It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and can be installed on about 25 business websites.

What is Clickfunnels?

cliskfunnels review

It is a landing page builder tool that helps organizations to design sales funnels that fosters marketing, generation of sales, and availing products online.

This landing page tool is the backbone of digital marketing strategy. The funnel option allows the supplying user to market, sell, and deliver products to their customers.

Keep in mind that these funnels are pre-built to suit a specific product, service, or organization. It is a feature that makes this online sale funnel builder unique from others.

Clickfunnels allows the user to design a marketing and sales funnel from scratch. It comes with vital elements that make the entire process super easy and simple.

It also incorporates the need to handle email autoresponder, landing pages, website hosting, and more. You can create a unique funnel that will enable your business to grow in all dimensions.

The landing page builder saves you from the hassle of dealing with traditional and expensive sales funnels in the market. All the packages come with a discounted clickfunnels pricing to suit your needs.

  • Integrate your business with email providers
  • Integrate your online business with payment processors
  • Create tons of templates to foster the growth of your organization
  • Develop high-quality training materials

Clickfunnels Overview Features

Clickfunnels are an excellent marketing funnel solution. The landing page tool comes with useful features for building sales funnels that convert.

These features include:

Drag and Drop Editor

The functionality is super easy to use and design landing pages of your choice. The editor has an intuitive interface that allows users to manage their landing page designs.

Page Elements

It comes with 32-page elements stored in six different groups. These groups allow the user to add text, visual elements, forms, content sections, and buttons.


It comes with a set of templates that can suit any type of business. Besides that, the user has the opportunity to create a sales funnel template from scratch.

Deployment Time

The editor has a steep learning curve. It needs someone with experience to create sales funnels from the templates in the library. It is not suitable for beginners.

A/B Testing

You can create landing pages from the pre-made templates or create one from scratch. The editor allows the user to run the A/B test before using it.

Mobile Optimization

The landing page builder offers templates that are mobile-responsive. The device preview and editing options are featured inside the editor.

Clickfunnels Pricing

The price of click funnels is very high. The initial price is $97/m, click funnels platinum price is $297/m. It offers two plans that come with a free 14-day trial. Both clickfunnels and full clickfunnels suite plans can work for all businesses.

One other plan is available in click funnels called 2ccx priced $2497/m. You can see the features.

What Is Leadpages?

lead pages review

It is a landing page builder that allows users to create lead generation forms and a high converting landing sales page. The web application focuses more on building landing pages unlike thrive architects and clickfunnels.

The application enables the user to integrate their online businesses with email service providers to drive leads and convert them into potential customers. It is a unique feature that makes this software stand out in the market.

But this landing page builder is suitable for small businesses trying to grow using search engine marketing and pay per click advertising strategy. It allows the business owners to monitor the incoming traffic marketing campaigns.

The platform comes with a free trial to help users see the value of their money. Besides that, the leadpages pricing depends on the package chosen. But every package plan comes with unique features whose intention is to help the business grow and generate more revenues.

Most templates are highly responsive and they usually look awesome on all devices. The business website will look great on smartphones, tablets, and computers. The creation of high converting pages is simple and easy.

Here are things that leadpages offer:

  • Integration of business site with top sales and marketing programs
  • Integration of online businesses with built-in payments
  • Collection of leads by use of lead capture pop-up
  • Generation of analytic reports to monitor business performance  

Leadpages Overview Features

The sole purpose of this landing page builder is to help users design high-quality landing pages for products and pay per click advertising campaigns.

Here are the essential features to consider:

Drag and Drop Editor

The builder has a drag and drops editor for designing landing pages. This powerful drag and drop editor allows the user to pick page elements from the left sidebar then place them in the editor window. The editor allows an individual to manage and duplicate page elements to save time.

Page Elements

Leadpages come with essential 18-page elements for easy optimization of landing sales pages for your business. The HTML code provides an option of adding custom code to the sales pages with a warning reading.


The builder comes with both free and paid landing page templates. These leadpages templates can suit any type of business. These templates can be customized to fit all devices. The editor gives your landing pages a professional look.

Deployment Time

It features a drag and drops editor and standard editor. Drag and drop are intuitive and easy to use. But a standard editor has a steep learning curve and not ideal for beginners. It is a time-consuming landing page builder.

A/B Testing

The functionality allows the users to test their landing page designs before picking the right option. You can choose control, add variation, distribute traffic and review the details of the test with ease.

Mobile Optimization

Leadpages enable the user to create templates from scratch or use the templates in the library. Most of these library templates are mobile-responsive and usually result in a professional look.

Clickfunnels Pricing

It offers standard and pro plans with yearly and monthly pricing model. For standard yearly plan you  have to pay $27/m and $37/m is for monthly. Pro plan comes with $59/m for yearly basis and $79 for monthly basis. Each plan comes with a 14-day free trial and specific payments. All the plans under leadpages are great for any kind of business.

How to Choose a Landing Page Tool for Your Business

how to choose a landing page builder

Thrive Architect, clickfunnels, and leadpages are excellent landing page tools for your business. But settling on one specific landing page tool can be a daunting experience.                      

Both tools have the intention of helping an online business to grow by driving leads and converting them into customers to generate more revenues.

We have compiled a list of things to consider in the landing page tool. The information will help you make a more informed decision before making any purchase. These factors include:

Ease of Use

Check if the landing page tool is user-friendly. A good application should be super easy for beginners due to their limited skills and experience.

The interface should be neat and intuitive. The first-time user will have to follow the steps when setting up the sales pages without seeking assistance.

Mobile Optimization

Smartphones are taking over the world soon and the majority of business website traffic comes from mobile users. It implies that your landing pages should be mobile-friendly.

Consider a tool that makes your landing pages responsive and impressive regardless of the device being used by the prospects. A responsive landing page builder will help you design professional sales funnels.

Multiple User Accounts

The success of an online business depends on the digital marketing team. These are individuals who build landing pages and track the performance of the business.

Get a tool that allows multiple users to access the builder from anywhere. Every user should be able to create his landing page to boost sales and enhance the growth of the business.

Professional and Responsive Templates

The ease of use should guarantee professional results and a superior return on investment. The template optimization should be visually appealing and easy to edit.

It would be best to consider a landing page builder with minimal editing. It will help to save on time and also the cost of hiring a professional website designer.

Integration Services

Leads generation and converting them to customers is important for the growth of the business. But this depends on the type of landing page builder chosen.

Consider a landing page builder that allows the user to connect lead-generation landing pages with lead-nurturing applications and customer relationship management systems.

Integrated A/B Testing

A good landing page builder should allow the user to test the optimized templates before making the final decision. Testing is quite important since every market is different and every marketing campaign is unique.

Find a landing page builder that has the in-built infrastructure to allow testing. It will help to improve your performance and also boost the return on investment.


Price is a vital fact for any buying situation. We all have a limited budget to get the thing at the lowest price but not losing the quality.

We should use the tool which completes our purpose with the lowest cost.

What is difference among thrive architect, click funnels and lead pages (which will be best for you)

Thrive architect is a wordpress plugin and other two tools are landing page building tool which have no relation with wordpress. So if you have wordpress website and you want to build landing page under your website then no other tool will be the best without thrive architect.

If you have your own product to sell directly with your own sales page then click funnels or lead pages will be the best for you because thrive architect has no its own feature to add payment method. If you use thrive architect you will have to use a third party to add payment method.

 If you demand phone call support then you can go through click funnels 2ccx plan because other two builders don’t provide phone call support.

If you have wordpress websites then you can easily use thrive architect to design your website’s article which is not possible with other two builders.

If you look on price then you will see huge differences among the tools. In just $19/m you will get a top class qualified landing page builder with complete package of website building plugins. On the other hand the other two tools are really so highly priced in front of thrive architect.

Last word

I have tried to give the comparison from a neutral point of view. you should choose the one which suits best with your purpose, demands and budget. 

If you tell me about my view about best among the three then my view is thrive architect is the best because I always wanted a wordpress based solution by which I can build landing page with my website.

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