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Thrive Architect Table of Contents Examples and How to Edit Them

Galib Hossen // 2022-01-01 //  Mins Read

Content is the only thing with which you will go in front of the audience. So content should be such user friendly so that it can be both conversion generating and audience holding. A table of content pushes content forward to be itself user friendly content. Thrive architect has simply done the process of making decent table of contents super easy. We will see the examples of thrive architect table of content and how to edit them.

What is table of content?

Table of content is a table that contains the complete content in a form of headers. In other word table of content presents the topics that have been covered in the content. In a table of content there all the headings of the content are presented step by step so that users can understand how many topics are in this article and which topic is related to which topic.

What are the benefits of table of content?

Maximum articles available in the internet has no table of content where using it in content has many benefits. Let’s know about the benefits:

  1. 1
    It creates an initial image of the entire content in the user’s mind that makes users feel good about the content.
  2. 2
    It segments a complete link into several parts according to keywords that improves the on-page seo score of the content. So basically it improves the chances of getting rank in Google.
  3. 3
    It helps users by using jump links so that anyone fond of ease who wants to jump directly in the required section can find his hopeful information with maintaining his comfort.
  4. 4
    Table of content is such user friendly that it converts just audience to a fan of contents.
  5. 5
    If the table of content is good looking like thrive architect table of content then it definitely increases the user interface a lot.
  6. 6
    It gives opportunity to users to think about your content from the beginning.

Who should use table of content?

For making a quality content, each type of content should contain a table of content. But there is a but…

For a tiny content if you use table of content then you will not find the least content for your table of content. So you have to keep in your head that you only can use table of content in long term content that covers several topics. Like this content, here is used a table of content.

How to create table of content

Table of content creation process can be different according to the way of creating websites. I use wordpress to build my websites and there are 37% websites are made by wordpress in the world. So I can help only those people who are the most using CMS wordpress lovers.

For wordpress websites there are various numbers of plugins that can be used for building table of content. But they are not visual builder except thrive architect. I personally don’t like them because I don’t get the feel the freedom and premiumity by using those builders.

Thrive architect is a visual web page builder that can be used to design any kind of wordpress web pages like sales pages, opt-in pages, webinar pages and even content pages.

So you can easily build table of content for your contents in seconds. I mean really this is a matter of seconds. But if you want to edit it according to your mind then it can take minutes.

Why should build table of content with thrive architect?

Firstly thrive architect is a complete web page builder, so by using thrive architect you will get a big advantage to build your website’s pages with the benefit of creating iconic table of content.

There are 4 reasons to use thrive architect to create table of content

  • Thrive architect is a visual builder that’s why you can create and edit the table of content exactly at the front end of your page.
  • You can build a highly mobile friendly table of content with thrive architect. Read the article to figure out the power of thrive architect in terms of creating mobile responsive pages and elements.
  • There are now exactly 16 different but eye catchy table of content templates that all are easily editable and waiting only to be selected.
  • Even if you go through thrive architect only for creating table content to increase your content quality, you will get more features with it to spread more quality over your contents. Such as, there are CTA templates, table templates, pricing table templates, opt-in form templates. You can make not only quality contents but also conversion focused contents.

Thrive architect table of content examples

I have told you that there are exactly 16 table of content templates. But this is for now. About 1 month before from writing this article, there are 13 table of content templates but now while I am writing the article there are 16. Maybe 6 months later there will be 20 templates.

So, the main thing is they are constantly updating the plugin and adding more features and templates. When the templates will be more than 16 I will edit the article and add them to this article. See the pictures of the templates. I will show you how to edit them bellow the examples.

Sorry for the Inconvenience

Due to keep the page size small here is used only low quality images. It can make an inconvenience to read the text written in the templates and we are really sorry for that. But the it can be understood how the design is. By clicking on the images it may be clearer.

How to edit thrive architect table of content

I have told you before that thrive architect is a visual web page builder so you can edit right at the front end by just dragging and dropping. First you have to drag the table of content element from element bar of right side of thrive architect design panel and drop it into the place where you want to keep it. See the picture bellow.

drag the table of content

After dragging the table of content you will get all the table of content templates in front of you. Choose anyone you like by clicking on it. After clicking on the template it will come into your page’s exact position like the picture bellow.

look like the table of content

Look at the left side bar of thrive architect design panel. It is the editing bar. You can edit the template as you want by using this left side’s editing bar. You can see in the picture.

editing bar

Maybe you don’t want to keep to all the headings in the table. For that you can select the heading too from main option.

You can control the state of the table. If you want to make the default state of the table is collapsed or expanded. If you don’t to your users can’t collapse the table you can reserve the power from users by switch of the button of allow table to be collapsed.

Now the TOC is single columned but if you want to make it double columned like me then look at the column from “main options” tab of editing bar. Now there is selected 1, change it to 2 to make it two columned as the picture bellow.

make it 2 columned

The table is now sorted but it is narrower than the content width. It seems to me that it is hampering looks of the content. I want to make the table as wide as the content. For that you have to go to layout and position section from the editing bar. Look at the picture bellow

layout and position

After going there remove the width of the table by clicking the cross icon beside the width box. When you remove the width the table automatically takes the content width. Now see the table.

full wide table of content

Maybe you want to change the color of the table and for that you have to click on the edit table of content button form the “main options” section that is placed in top of the editing bar. By clicking the tab the table becomes ready to redesign.

Which part of the table you want to change color just click on that part to select it. After selecting it go to background section of editing bar. From here you can easily choose any color.

You are seeing an icon in right side of the TOC heading. If you want to change the icon then go to main options and chose your desired icon. See the picture below.

change icon

In thrive architect there are thousands of icons available to use in anywhere of the website. You just pick the right one.

The template we have selected that has a border at the top of the header. If you want to change the border color or if you want to remove the border then first click on the done button at the left below to get out from edit state and then go to “borders and corners” section of the editing bar.

borders and corners

Upper portion of the borders and corners section is for border color, border pattern, border side and width. Lower portion of the section is for corners radius. Here the picture is showing the upper border has 2 pixels color and 2 pixel radiuses.

Thrive architect table of content editing video

I think now it is a final table of content that can be done for presenting in your content. It is as simple as that. You just have to check now whether it is mobile responsive.

There is a video of the editing process of a table of content. You will see in the video what you have read for so long. I didn’t told how to make your table mobile responsive but I will show you it in the video and you can see the examples. So the video is going to be very helpful to you. I have shown how to make a table like the table presented in the beginning of this article.

Is thrive architect worthy?

I have told you before that thrive architect is a complete visual webpage builder. So primarily it is not used for building table of content. Building table of content is a little part of thrive architect. So, if you need to build only table of content then using thrive architect will be a stupidity.

There are some free plugins that you can use to build table of content. Although they are not excellent, the work can be carried out.

But when you think big and serious for your contents and entire website then thrive architect should be your first choice because with thrive architect you can do almost everything for making a conversion focused page even it is a content page.

Why thrive architect should be the first choice?

Most important reason is thrive architect is a single plugin for building single pages but it is a part of the complete conversion focused wordpress website builder “Thrive Suit”. There are 10 more plugins you get when you purchase thrive architect. Actually there is no system to purchase only thrive architect.

You have to purchase thrive suit to purchase thrive architect and you will get each plugins and that are essential to build a highly conversion focused website. Maybe you are thinking that so many tools will be very costly. But you will be surprised by seeing their pricing model. The price is less than enough for only thrive architect where you get 10 more plugins with this price.

It can’t be possible to tell about each thrive suit plugin but I am explaining about some important plugins except thrive architect because you already know about thrive architect.

Thrive leads

It is a plugin for building opt-in form to use anywhere of the website. With thrive leads you can build more than 5 types of lead form. I have built a sticky slide in form that you have seen when you landed on the page. That is made by thrive leads. You will get tons of form templates for each types.

Thrive comment

It is an amazing plugin. By using thrive comment you can even generate conversions from the commenters. If you don’t want to make conversion from commenters then you can do more things with your commenters through thrive comment.

Thrive ultimatum

This is the ultimate scarcity marketing tool.  If you need to add scarcity in your marketing to create urgency in user’s mind then thrive ultimatum has more than 5 readymade countdown templates that are easily customizable. You just pick the right template and add wherever in your pages.

Thrive optimize

This is an extra ordinary testing tool. You can test every pages and forms of your website with thrive optimize. Thrive optimize enables you to create indefinite versions of your pages to test out automatically which part should be improved.

100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

You don't have any risk by purchasing Thrive Suit because they offer a little 30 days money back guarantee. So if you don't like thrive suit after purchasing it you will get your full money back by claiming it within 30 days.



Final thought

Conversion is the ultimate goal of a marketing website and thrive suit is the tool that is made for building a conversion focused website visually. If you have the dream to build an extremely conversion focused website with having the ultimate design power in your own hands then thrive suit is the dream fulfiller.

If the article helps you and you like thrive suit to build your website then purchase it through the link so that our efforts can be fruitful.

Or, if you need a solution only for create table of content without making conversion focused contents or website then go through free wordpress plugins.

Spread your decision in the comment section so the perceptions can be spread.

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