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Reviews Are Not About Product Selling, It Is About Sharing Perceptions

Read our honest reviews and take right decisions

Reviews are the initial way to get acquainted with products. Before investing on tools, courses or any other services and products read some reviews to gather the variety of perceptions about the product so that you have the idea about what you are going to do and what you are going to get.

Get The In-Depth Information

We personally use a product and only then we talk about our perception about it. We don't try to sell anything which is what almost marketers basically do. We just want to spread our experiences to give some foods for thoughts.

Best Video Landing Page WordPress Plugin

A video in a landing page makes the clarity about your offer. You must know that you have only 7 seconds to capture your audience attention. A video with your texts together can use the 7 seconds best. There are several drag and drop wordpress landing page builder plugins that have tons of landing page

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Best Landing Page Builder That Influencers Use

An influencer who psychologically influences people by his voice or work skills. In detail, a people who has specialized knowledge, skill, authority into a specific subject and a broad amount of people follow him for his knowledge, he is an influencer. So influencers can be various types and according to these various types they can

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Best Landing Page Builder to Test out a Marketing Strategy

There are thousands of marketers are losing millions of dollars daily to marketing their products and after losing a lot of money they take decision that it is a bullshit idea to sell this product. But before losing so much money they don’t use their brain to find out the right strategy to sell the

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Thrive Architect vs Clickfunnels vs Leadpages

Generating traffic for your online business is super easy. But it can be frustrating to turn the traffic into actual sales. It is one of the reasons behind the need to consider digital marketing strategy. The sole objective of an online marketing strategy is to convert prospects into customers. Most of these marketing strategies rely on

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Best Keyword Research Tool in Budget | Mangools Review

Keyword research is an essential part of getting your content ranked in search engines quickly. A good keyword research tool makes this task a lot easier but most keyword research tools are very expensive for the reason many people skip this part that’s why today I will talk about the best keyword research tool in

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Useful Thrive Themes Tutorials

I wrote a review article about the Thrive theme where I said that the Thrive theme has made web design easier than Photoshop. I have put together some tutorials for designing a website with Thrive theme from which you can learn how to design a website more easily than Photoshop. There are many tutorials about the

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Cloudways Tutorial | Complete Guidelines of Setting up Cloudways

I think you may need a cloudways tutorial because Cloudways is not like any traditional hosting provider so the method of setting it up is also different from other hosting provider. But don’t think that this is a difficult way but I think it is easier than other traditional hosting services and this cloudways tutorial

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Best WordPress Website Builder | Thrive Themes Review

Before I tell you about the best wordpress website builder I want you to know something. When I started working, my main tension was how to create a good looking complete website. I didn’t know coding and not yet but the website you are reading the article on is my own creation. Surprised? I was also surprised

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Best Email Marketing Tool | GetResponse Review

You have to use the best email marketing tool because when it comes to affiliate marketing, email marketing accompanies it because affiliate marketing and email marketing are inextricably linked. It is not possible to do marketing completely with just a website because communication through email gives a personal touch that is not available from a website.

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Best Managed Cloud Hosting | Cloudways Review

Getting a hosting is the first terms for creating a fast, secure and big traffic handling website. If you can’t take the right decision in this case, it will be the most deadly mistake in the beginning. From my point of view cloud server is the best for hosting for serious marketing. If you are

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