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Our Recommended Online Marketing Tools

We love technologies and we test technologies. Online marketing is completely technology dependent. You need a verity of tools to complete your various purposes. You can say, tools make online marketing easier. Some tools make online marketing so easy that it seems like life has become easier. On the other side some tools and services make feel like they are just doing money heist. We have lost a lot money on these types of tools but we have gained a precious knowledge about difference between worthy products and punk products.

Basic website stack 

This is everything you need to enter into the online marketing game. You can't even think of doing anything else before doing these setups.

CMS/Content Management System


I built my first website with blogger. But when I shifted to wordpress I blamed in my mind to anonymous that why anyone didn't tell me about wordpress before a year ago. There are 40% website of the planet are made by wordpress. Wordpress has the amount of resources that no other CMS has. You just need a wordpress theme to start your website. There are free wordpress themes available or you can purchase one from thousands. If you want premium wordpress themes free then visit the "Gift" page.

Domain Name Registrar


Name cheap is famous for providing domain and hosting. Like their name really they are able to offer everything at a much cheaper price. But we recommend to use them only for purchasing domain name because they provide domains at almost lowest price and their domain name server is enough fast and secured. I like their support most. Their support team take just some seconds to respond.

Managed Cloud Hosting Provider


We highly recommend to use Cloudways as your hosting provider for some reasons. This is not an ordinary hosting provider. Actually cloudways don't provide hosting directly. They have created the company associated with top 5 cloud hosting provider like google cloud, amazon web service etc. Since host on cloud server is a matter of learning server management so cloudways takes the all responsibility of managing your server so that you can easily host your website on world leading cloud server at the lowest cost. Their support team is full of technological knowledge. you can read the complete review of cloudways here.


Website Analysis Tool

Google Analytics

Running a website without analysis is like the ship is at sea but has no compass. Google analytics tool is completely free and giving so many data without any cost is only possible for google. You can analyze almost everything of your website. You can analyze your bounce rate, visitor by country city language. You can set conversion goal to check about your conversion rate. You can analyze your all kinds of traffic channels your getting traffic from. Google analytics can be your ultimate analytics tool.

Conversion stack

From my experience there is no profit with only traffic, you generate profit only when you get the conversion from the traffic. This is everything you need to get conversion and increase your conversion rate. When you miss anything from the conversion stack you actually lose your conversion.


Email Marketing Tool


Getresponse is an email marketing tool that is well known for both service and price. It includes a set of tools to make convenient your email marketing. There are more than 60 well structured email newsletter templates those are easily editable. If you need to make an advanced level workflow you can make it with getresponse without advance level hard work. Getresponse offers a mobile app by which you can control your email marketing away from your computer. Providing an excellent support make getresponse a real friend of email marketers.


Webpage Builder

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a web page builder. You can Build any type of page with thrive architect such as sales page, product launch page, opt-in page, even your content. Thrive architect is not an ordinary page builder. This is a page builder that mainly focuses on conversion growth. There are more than 200 templates of eye catchy and smart landing pages. When it comes to generating conversion we think nothing else will be as effective as thrive architect.


Opt-in Form Builder

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is an opt-in form builder. With Thrive leads you can build any types of opt-in form like sticky opt-in, in content opt-in, ribbon opt-in, slide-in opt-in, widget opt-in and more. You will have tons of opt-in form templates so that you don't need to be bothered for design layout. You can place opt-in form any where in website you want which makes thrive leads unique. With thrive leads you make your whole website a conversion machine that's why we recommend thrive leads.


Scarcity Marketing Tool

Thrive Ultimatum

Scarcity marketing is a marketing tactics that plays with human’s fear of missing out something. People have been afraid of losing since time immemorial. Scarcity marketing is the way to sell products using this primitive human behavior because when the fear of missing out something comes to mind, an automatic urgency is created for it. With thrive ultimatum you can build a countdown timer. There are various countdown timer templates available. You can use them anywhere of your website. You can build opt-in with countdown timer. We highly suggest to use Thrive Ultimatum to create urgency in your marketing.

Research Stack

When it comes to marketing, you need to be aware of what's going on in your industry, you need to be up-to-date on your industry. This requires a lot of research and some research tools will make your research process much easier.


Keyword Research Tool


There is no metric in the world of keyword research that you will not find in Ahrefs. This is the keyword research tool that finds you the core information to get to know about what is happening in every corners of search engines specially Google.