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Main Concept Of Search Engine Optimization | Process of SEO

Galib Hossen // 2021-03-31 //  Mins Read

Search engine optimization is the most important term to rank a website and drive organic free visitors. If you don’t know about the concept of SEO, then you are very far from affiliate marketing. You have to understand the main concept of Search Engine Optimization very well.

So I decided to talk to you about what seo is and why it is so important and lastly what is the process of seo.

So to understand, I have divided it into 3 parts and I think it will be easy for you. Because this article has made it easier for me to understand SEO than before.

Let's get started then I hope you have fun.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

what is search engine optimization
  • SEO stands for search engine optimization.
  • SEO is which helps you to rise to the top of the search engine.
  • SEO Is the process of ranking.

SEO is an indispensable part of your website. If you optimize your site, you will get tremendous amount of free traffic.

When you go to a search engine and type something, the search engine brings you a lot of results related your search.

Each result is a different website. And they all try to be number 1 in search engines.

So, seo is a process by which you will occupy the number 1 position of a search engine to capture the huge amount of free targeted organic traffic.

Why seo is necessary ?

why seo is necessary

You know what is seo actually. Now let's talk about why seo is so important.

  • Increase visibility in search engine
  • Show your brand in front of the world web
  • Turns local business into international business

There are so many search engines in the world such as Google, Yahoo, Aol, Bing, Ask etc.

There are 75% of people of the world's if they need to know something, they search on these search engines. Even they need to do shopping they search on the net.

Again, out of this 75%, 83% of people search on Google.

When you go to Google and search for something, you see a lot of results.

If you want to see more results, you have to click on the page number below.

But 90% of people never go to the second page. They go back from the first page or get in the first page what they need.

Again, out of these 90%, 63% are people who only see the top 3 results.

Now think for yourself how much free traffic you will lose if you don't do seo on your site.

Now who come to your site by searching you can call them as your customer.

If you don’t do seo you lose your customer. They can’t find you and you can’t catch them.

Now I am sure you can feel the necessity of Search Engine Optimization.

Now let’s talk about the next step the process of seo.

The process of seo

process of seo

Now you know what seo is and why it is so important.

But if you don't know how to do seo then there is no point in knowing so much.

So let's talk about what are the processes of SEO step by step.

1. Strategy

seo strategy

Seo can be done in many ways. It depends on different things how to do seo.

But first you have to keep it in mind what strategy you will use.

You need to focus on what you are building your website on and what strategy you need to use for your site.

If you want your site to rank in America then you have to work that way or if you want to rank in Bangladesh then you have to work another way.

It depends on your motives. Here I have given some tips you can be profited from these if really want to rank on google.

2. Site analysis

site analysis

The second task is to do site analysis.

Here site analysis means doing your own site analysis as well as other competitors' site analysis.

But you have to understand who your opponent is.

Suppose you are dealing with weight loss. Now if you type weight loss and search on Google, you will see many results. These results are everyone’s competitors.

This means that all those who are in rank with this keyword weight loss are your rivals.

We have talked about how to do site analysis detail in another article.

To be a good marketer you need to have good skills in site analysis.

Once you analyze your competitors' sites, you will understand how can you rank your own site.

3. On page seo

on page search engine optimization

You have a strategy , you analyze your competitors' sites.

Now it's time to do on page seo.

What is on page seo?

It’s all about your content , your site’s design.

By content I mean whether your content is good or not. Whether your content has what the traffic wants.

You must create a content which has quality first and then you will setup keywords in your content.

If you tell what your competitors tell in the content then why search engine will give you rank.

If you tell something else or any new information then your content will be unique and search engine will give you rank.

Not just the content, the structure of your site, the speed of the site, these are all in the on page seo.

Some basic terms of on page seo

  • Find a low competitive keyword.
  • Create a content that has really some important information.
  • Use your main keyword in the content title
  • Give meta title and mete description using yoast seo.
  • Keep perfect keyword density according to yoast seo.
  • Use at least one subheading with main keyword.

The keyword game falls into this on page seo section.

What keywords did your competitor use, how would you use any keywords, it’s a very confuse part and important part of seo. A proper keyword finding strategy will find you the best keyword for seo.

You need to make your article copy right free.

It is also important to know whether the pictures are copy right free and relevant to your content.

If you don't do these things rightly, your on page seo will not be right as a result you cannot compete with your competitors.

Onpage seo is not a small term which can be completed in such a article's part. I said basics of on page But you should have complete idea about doing on page seo.

4. Submission

search engine submission

This is a part that many people miss.

But there is no point in doing so much if you miss this part.

Understand that you are searching on Google. Google is bringing you so many results but where did Google get so much data.

There is no Google officer sitting in front of you who will take your website data to show on google.

It's not just about Google. This will be the case for all the search engines in the world.

No search engine will automatically show your data in their search engine.

For this you have to tell the search engine about your website.

There are several ways you can tell Google about your website.

It's Called Submission.               

Every search engine has a platform to submit website. Where everyone index their websites.

Later search engine constantly crawl those websites.

The algorithms of search engines determine which website will be first and which website will be last in the result.

Search engine algorithms rank based on a variety of factors.

For indexing in google go to google search console and add your link then google will give you a java script, you copy and past the script in your theme header's head section and then click verify from search console.

The system is same for all search engines.

5. Link building

link building

We are now in the last part of the seo process that is link building / off page seo.

This seems to be the most difficult and annoying thing for everyone.

There is no fixed number of link building or no fixed time. It is an ongoing process that has no end.

Now let's talk about what is link building.    

Link building means having your link on any other site. It could be social media or any other site.

This is called backlink.

Go to any site and leave a link to your site through which the traffic will come to your site.

The more backlinks your site has, the more search engines will trust your site and will give value.

If your opponent has 100 backlinks then you need to have 101 backlinks.

There are many types of backlinks.

Here I mean quality backlinks.

Suppose you have backlinks to a place from which there is no chance of any visitors coming or that site is not relevant to your site. Then it will be quality-less backlinks.

This type of backlink does not look good on search engines's view.

There is no point in having such backlinks much more than your competitor.

Always make backlink from where the visitor will come from.

Try to make backlink from good and relevant sites.

Now which are the good sites? Sites that have good pa da and good page rank those are good sites.

We have discussed about backlink in details in our another article. That will be very helpful for you and you must read it.


So far I have said that this is the main concept of search engine optimization. Basically these are the things to do in seo and this is the art.

But after an article it is certainly not possible to get a deep idea about seo. Because that's the basic concept. The depth of this basic concept is a whole lot of details that seo is never perfect without knowing.

We have discussed every aspect of seo in detail in our other articles. You must follow our seo blog to gain full knowledge of seo.

 If you find any mistakes in the text, you must know in the comments. Because I always want to keep myself right and help me to do that.

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Having an incredible vision and persistence to never give up, he built his 6 figure online business with the power of belief, hard work and smart decisions.

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