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7 Landing Page Design Mistakes Must Avoid to Increase Conversion Rate

Galib Hossen // 2021-05-25 //  Mins Read

Do you know that sometimes even experienced marketers unknowingly make landing page design mistakes? I started compiling a list of landing page related errors to which I added 7 fatal landing page related mistakes that are enough to bring your conversion rate down to 0. So I think you should read this article once before designing a landing page so that you can increase your conversion rate to most potential. Moreover new mistakes are better than old mistakes.

Traffic coming steps to landing page

understand traffic step to avoid landing page design mistakes

Landing pages are not usually designed to be ranked in search engines. Direct traffic is taken there. Either paid or free, mostly paid. So if you want to stay away from landing page mistakes, you have to understand the matter from the beginning. There is nothing to worry about, it is very easy. There are three steps to landing traffic on your page

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To bring the traffic to your landing page you need to go in front of your traffic first with something. Suppose you go in front of the traffic through Facebook ad. When your ad shows in front of a lot of people, it is called impression. This is the first step to acquire traffic.


You will start getting clicks as your impressions increase. Of course, you have to have something appealing in the title or image of your ad so that people click.


This is the final step. Landing page starts work from this step. This is where the goal is achieved. If you make a mistake in this step, you will be missing the traffic. So you must avoid these 7 landing page design mistakes in order to achieve the highest conversion rate.

7 Landing page design mistakes

These are the 7 most deadly mistakes related to design a landing page I have find. With the days go may be more mistakes will be happened. If you encounter any mistakes that I have not mentioned here, please let me know.

I will give a killer tip to increase your conversion rate at the bottom of the article. How your customers will convert they even won't understand.

No relevancy between ad and landing page

It is directly related to the impression. The ad is getting impression, people are clicking on the ad link, traffics are landing on the landing page but your landing page is not relevant with your ad. What will happen in this case?

You will have 0% of conversion rate because the traffic that is coming is not your targeted traffic. They are coming with a specific purpose but they are getting completely different things.

So you have to keep relevancy between ad and the landing page design otherwise it will be a big mistake.

Clarity lacking headline

Sometimes marketers use headlines that do not give a complete idea about their offer. Many marketers try to say in the headlines what they do. Or many say how long they have been doing it. But what will your traffic do knowing this?

You don't have to say anything about yourself. Explain clearly how the traffic will be benefited from your offer. Write the headline with giving importance to the traffic. Your headline should contain the word “you or your”. It’s all about you.

No call to action button

This is a very basic thing. Without a call to action button the possibility of conversion is almost no. You have to make button with a word which will appeal to user to take a specific action.

I have seen buttons which animate their color and movement when hovering. This way the button acquires traffic’s attention. In Thrive Architect you will find tons of eye-catchy smart buttons those will help you to boost your landing page conversion rate.

People have no interest what you offer. They have only interest in what will benefit them. So explore the benefit with the headline.

Create confusion with so many offers

I have also seen some experienced marketers do this mistake. There are many marketers who do marketing multiple products at the same time. For this reason they give multiple offers on a same landing page.

For example, you are offering a book for seo on a landing page as well as a book for email marketing, as well as a book for PPC ad learning. What will traffic do in this case? He wouldn’t really understand what to do. Most people will think for a while and leave without taking any action and some may be they are not confusable.

So in this case all you have to do is design a dedicated landing page for each offer. Don’t give them any option. Either he has to take the action or has to get out. Target a single topic on each landing page as a result your lead will be much more targeted.

No mobile responsive

According to broadbandsearch.net in 2009 mobile users was 0% which increased to 52% in 2016. In 2021, it will definitely come to 80%. So now you can understand that where your most of the traffic will come from.

If you want to know the total amount of mobile users read this article.

But most of the new marketers do not pay any attention to mobile design of their landing page where most of the traffic will come from mobile. This is a big mistake

One reason is, they create the design on the computer, so they don’t remember to check how it looks on the mobile.

My humble suggestion is, use Thrive Architect because in the editing panel of landing page in thrive architect has 3 buttons which will enable you to design together on pc tablet and mobile. You can instant check and edit how it looks like on mobile while your editing it on pc.

Lacking of trustworthiness

Maximum new marketers make this mistake. They don’t put any kind of reviews or testimonials about their offer on their landing page. Several websites have done research on the use of this testimonial and different results have come in different researches but in all the results it has increased the trustworthiness a lot.

You can read the research article bigcommerce.com , nielsen.com

So I think you should add at least 3 testimonials of your offer. This will increase your trustworthiness which will increase conversion rate. In Thrive Architect you will have some testimonials templates which you can use easily by editing them.

Bigger forms

This is the last I am telling but this is so important. I have seen it to do many advanced level marketers because they want to take a big list of information of the traffic but most of the traffic will run away by seeing this form. Believe me.

What happen in this case, you have done all the things rightly but in the opt-in form you have pushed a lot of fields which bother user. Maximum people will not want to give such information.

I think a complete lead can be obtained by taking a maximum of three data which are name, email id, phone number. There is no benefit in unnecessarily contradictory information but the conversion rate goes down. This is a big mistake related to design a landing page.

I suggest create a decent form with Thrive Leads. Why thrive leads? Because this is wordpress based solution which seamlessly integrates with any auto responder. Moreover it has more than 200s of opt-in form templates which are waiting for editing and using.

Killer tip

You must understand your customer's pain in order to create a super effective headline. There are three types of pain. Such as external pain, internal pain, philosophical pain.

External pain is that what they tell, what comes out their mouth, what the thing they can’t wait for it.

Internal pain is like, I am totally frustrated about it. Without it can’t do anything.

Philosophical pain is like, this is how it should have been, it shouldn't have happened to me.

When you understand your customer's pain, you can write the most effective headline because then your headline will be the solution to all their pain.

Start research to find the pain of your customer. But how to find it? Go to quora and research what people are asking and thinking about your industry. This is a question answer site. You can also find it on Facebook, twitter.

Last word

In the last word I just want to say that don't worry about getting conversion. Keep your head cool. Bringing targeted traffic to the landing page and apply perfectly everything I said. Now your work is keep patience. If there is no mistakes in the landing and if your traffic is targeted then its just need some time. Recently you will be seeing your conversion rate is increasing. Keep patience and trust. Let me know about your conversion rate in comment section.

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