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Thrive Architect Opinions is It Easy or Difficult?

Galib Hossen // 2022-01-04 //  Mins Read

For non web developer marketers, the most difficult thing is to create a proper conversion focused marketing website. There are various tools to turn this difficult thing into super easy form but most of the tools have significant limitations, be it price or features from any aspect. In this case, thrive architect has as minimum as limitation that you can say it has no limitations. You can make fully advanced level marketing websites or web pages using thrive architect, even you can build your content too. Don’t get confused by hearing advanced level. I will share you about my opinion is thrive architect easy to use or difficult.

What is thrive architect?

Thrive architect is a wordpress plugin for conversion seekers to build their any kind of pages including content pages in the easiest way of dragging and dropping. With thrive architect a page can be edited right from the front end.

Thrive architect started the journey in 2013 with a package of several essential plugins to build conversion focused websites. In the meantime there are more than 70k marketers right now who are using thrive architect with the package of the plugins to build their pages.

Why you should use thrive architect?

There are verity of wordpress plugins to build wordpress websites or pages but thrive architect has some specialties that make thrive architect singular. I have told about some reasons of being it singular bellow. Continue reading…

Thrive architect comes with a group of tools for easy conversion

Thrive architect comes with thrive suit. Thrive Suit is the package of such wordpress plugins that turn an ordinary website into an extra ordinary website. There are more 10 plugins without thrive architect in thrive suit. Each plugin has its own specialty with a serious marketing purpose.

The tools are like employees that help you to presenting your marketing ideas with your products within the lower time. By using thrive suit it seems you will get some conversion ideas like me that you can even generate conversions from your comment section.

It has plenty of landing page templates

Any landing page builder available in the market includes inbuilt landing page templates and they are easily editable too but thrive architect has more than 300 iconic landing page templates with reasonable purpose that all are segmented by categories.

In each category you will have the complete set of landing pages. In the set you will get main landing page template with thank you page, download page, sales page, webinar page, video sales page etc. That means thrive architect has done the complete funnel for you. You just pick the funnel or if you want you can pick only a landing page.

Home page templates

You know that thrive architect is not created for the purpose of building landing page only. It is made for website purpose and landing page is the part of website. So thrive architect is for both websites and landing pages.

In thrive architect you will get more than 10 home pages templates that are already highly conversion focused. The home pages are based on several niches. No matter you work on which niche, you can use their home page templates easily.

Suit block templates

This is feature of thrive architect. By giving example it will be clear to you. Suppose you need to add steps in your page to present something or need to add pros and cons in your review article. Now how to make these? You don’t need to make it.

You just have to drag the suit block, it will show you more than 100 block templates by categories and you just pick your favorite steps or pros cons from the “steps” or “pros and cons” categories.

Suit blocks are arranged by these kinds of necessary things to make your web marketing journey easy and flexible.

CTA templates of thrive architect

I have told you several times that thrive architect is for building conversion focused web pages. For generating conversion you will need call to action. CTA is the gateway of making conversion. Thrive architect has 6 eye catchy CTA templates that are free to use anywhere of the page.

Option to save elements as templates

It is very time saving and pain reducing if you can save the elements that you will need to use several times in several places again and again. Thrive architect allows you to save any elements of the page for using it again without editing and taking time.

Once you save anything, it is added to the templates tab in thrive architect elements bar. You just drag the tab and droop to your required position and select the desired template from the templates you have saved. That’s all.

Table templates

Sometimes a table becomes very important for some articles. If you write about difference between something then it is definite that you are going to use at least a table in your article. There are some low quality plugins to create tables but in thrive architect you have more than 6 table templates that can be edited visually.

Testimonial templates

35% customers think that a positive review or testimonial motivates them to purchase products even the product is relatively expensive. Testimonials awaken the tendency to believe. There are various types of testimonials you can user in your landing page. Thrive architect has more than 12 testimonial templates to use in your landing age to get higher conversion rate.

Countdown timers

Research has shown that 60% of people buy only because of fear of missing out and that too within 24 hours’ time range. Adding a countdown timer can be the turning point of the conversion rate of your landing page.

You will get more than 5 countdown timer templates that you can use any of your pages by editing it according to your time range.

Highly mobile responsive

According to GSMA Intelligence there were 5.22 billion mobile users in the world that is 93 million more than the previous year. Moreover thousands of peoples are upgrading regularly from featured phone to android. Now you easily can understand that how much the mobile responsiveness is important.

Thrive architect allows you to create three versions of your pages at once. You will have 3 tab in your design panel to build three versions for three devices that are pc, tab and mobile. Read the article to learn about how thrive architect makes your page mobile responsive.

Thrive ovation

Thrive ovation is the plugin of thrive suit that used to use for collect testimonials. With thrive architect testimonial you can only show your collected testimonials but with thrive ovation you can collect those testimonials without adding any third party support.

For your kind information you can show fake testimonials with thrive architect but it is not recommended.

Thrive comments

thrive comments work list

Thrive architect has 2 third party comment solutions but they are not conversion / marketing focused, where thrive comments enables you to generate conversion from your comments. Except making conversions with thrive comments you can do several things with them who comment on your article or any page. You can completely manage your comments from thrive comments dashboard.

Thrive leads

Thrive leads is another plugin that comes with thrive suit for making different types of opt-in forms to make your website a conversion machine. There are 6 types of form you can build with thrive leads. Thrive leads has a feature called smart links. By using it you can remove the form for the users who once subscribed the form. Showing the same form even after subscribing, it will be very foolish way of marketing and in this case thrive leads makes you smart.

Thrive optimize

Thrive optimize is another thrive suit’s plugin that is dedicated to test out the best version of your pages.  With thrive optimize you can make indefinite versions of your pages to find out which is getting the most conversion. Thrive optimize has auto win feature that detect your best conversion generating version of your pages automatically and after the testing it automatically makes permanent the winning version.

Low cost high effective solution

You came here to know about thrive architect but once you get here you know thrive architect is not alone. It comes with a group of excellent plugins called thrive suit. So it is very normal to think that it is very costly solution. But thrive suit is incomparable in terms of features as well as in terms of price.

You will be surprised by seeing their pricing model. I think even the price is less than enough for only thrive architect.

30 days money back guarantee

After purchasing thrive architect if you find it is not worthy or it is not the right tool for you then you have zero risk. Thrive suit offers a little money back guarantee. If you claim within 30 days you will get back your 100% money instant. So it is the great chance to experience thrive suit.

Is thrive architect easy to use or difficult from my opinion?

Compared to what? It is more difficult than make a cup of tea. But building website with thrive architect is obviously 100 times easier than building a website with raw code or using other plugins.

There are various landing page building plugins available I have said it several times in this article. But thrive architect has a big collection of templates for using in each parts of the pages and websites. You don’t need to take the pain of thinking about the design concepts. You just drag the element and drop it.

You can edit your pages exactly from the front end of the pages. So you can understand it is truly a visual web page builder. Moreover the saving option of the templates makes it a time reducing tool. With thrive architect you can build your blogs 10 times faster.

So from my point of view thrive architect is the easiest solution to build an extremely conversion focused which can be customized from its each corner. You can definitely can use thrive architect without any doubt. Watch the video bellow to overview the thrive architect uses.

Final thought

If you thought about thrive architect to build your landing pages and if you are a wordpress lover then thrive architect is the best tool to you that can make your website / landing page a high powerful conversion machine in the easiest way. Moreover with thrive architect you get 10 more plugins to implement your ideas into your websites with a no bound environment.

The rest is yours. If you think thrive architect, actually means thrive suit is the right solution for you and the article has helped you to find this then purchase thrive suit with the link so that my efforts have a meaning and I get motivation to keep the journey running.

If you find any mistake in the article then first forgive me and then aware me about the mistake don’t forget to comment what you think about thrive architect. Is it easy or difficult?

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