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Introduction to Email Marketing

Galib Hossen // 2021-06-21 //  Mins Read

Email marketing is the core part of the affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing mainly you will do marketing via email and from email you will send visitor in your offer and your website as well and in this introduction to email marketing you will be introduced with 3 main part of email marketing.

What is email marketing

Email marketing is a marketing strategy where promotional emails or information related to promotional products or any informational content are sent as strategically to prospects email address with permission.

Emails are still very relevant:

I heard from some people that email marketing is not working at this time. But guys believe me, no other marketing strategy gives me huge result as like as email marketing.

Email marketing is a marketing tool that is still very effective for B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer) from ROI (return of investment) point of view.

Email marketing is not a spamming:

In this section many people get confused. They think that, if they get some email from anywhere or even they buy it and they send email blindly.

This is not email marketing even it is not marketing. You are just wasting your time even you are wasting them times too. You have to mind it that, email marketing is an art and you cannot do it by spamming.

Emails are always sent to prospect:

It is an important matter too. In email marketing you have to send email to the prospects only and then it will be email marketing.

Advantage of email marketing

Email marketing has many advantages but I will describe 7 most important advantages which are really awesome.

Low cost:

Unlike other marketing tools email marketing is always low cost and low cost in basis of it’s durability and targeting.

Easy to get started:

Email is very easy to get started and making money. You just need to make a lead magnet and a landing page to represent the lead magnet then just collect email and fire email.

Get credibility:

Email marketing subconsciously making you the mentor of your subscriber and we always trust our mentor but you have to achieve it by your helping mind.

Permanent customer:

Once someone gives you his email he becomes your permanent customer.

Laser targeted customer:

In email marketing you will get the laser targeted customer because only interested person will give you his email address others will avoid you and that’s why the chances of selling increases.

Easy to analysis:

Doing analysis of email marketing is so easy. You will get all analyzing metrices in your auto responder dashboard. Like email open ratio, click in the email ration etc.

Instant impact:

In email marketing you will get instant impact to your email and it will help you to understand that which way you are going.

Email marketing process

email marketing process

In email marketing there are 8 major steps I will describe now

step 1

Define your audience

Define audience is the first part of doing email marketing. define means you have to define what is the characteristics of your audience, what is the age group, what is interest, what is the income pattern, what is hobbies, what is buying pattern etc. so you have to have an audience set.

step 2

Define your goal

After define audience you need to set that what actually you want to do by this audience, what is your goal actually and everyone has a common goal and that is make conversion.

But you set a goal based on a numerical method like I will make 100 conversions in 30 days or first I will make interest of the prospect about the product and then make him convert and in this way I will make 100 conversion.

step 3

Making a lead magnet

A lead magnet can be a video or ebook or email list or anything else that will be desirous to the user and user will not be reluctant to give his email or any other information to get this magnet.

No one is going to give his email id to you without any cause. Lead magnet is the cause for the user to give email id. So you need to make a lead magnet from your niche point of view.

Suppose for weight loss niche “my weight loss story” could be a magnet. This magnet can be made in a form of text or video, it’s up to you but as my concept for affiliate marketing text form is better because you need to make sale from your affiliate link.

step 4

Make landing page

A landing page is a page with an opt in form which is focused about only one specific offer to make interest the user to give his email id for the exchange of your lead magnet.

Making a landing page without any mistakes is one of the most important part of email marketing. Because landing page is the first impression to your user for you. Landing page will decide that will people give you their email or not.

In an easy word landing page is the presentation of your lead magnet. The more beautiful you can present it, the more attractive it will become to people. That’s it.

step 5

Email decoration

Email decoration is such a planning where you decorate the required amount of email to send your subscriber according to a time schedule so that a desired action or conversion is happened by the subscriber.

If you send your product at a first time to subscriber then it is not going to sell ever. Think as yourself, if I tell you at a first time that buy get response for email marketing then chance of buying is very low or no chance despite it being the best marketing tool.

But if I tell you the advantage and importance of email marketing and then slowly get into the best email marketing software then the chance of buying will be increased.

So you need to decorate some email to reach the desired goal step by step.

Another name of this is marketing automation because you will decorate email in an autoresponder with required time frequency. The emails will be sent automatic. Read about getresponse autoresponder to get a clear knowledge.

step 6

Email frequency

Email frequency is a method where email is sent as a basis of time period so that the open rate is high and the user give the best value to your email.

Email frequency is not a specific issue. You can send one email per day and sometimes 2 if needed. But you have to have an idea about email timing.

Suppose you sent email when your user is working in his office then it is not going to bring your desired goal. If you are working with travel niche then Saturday is the best to promote travel offer because weekend is perfect for going tour.

You have to find the best time according to your niche to promote offer.

step 7

Fire emails

Now this is the time to fire emails. It is a simple thing. You need to use an auto responder to fire email continuously and get response is best in this platform.

You can make schedule to your subscriber and send email strategically.

step 8

Analysis result

This is the final process. Analysis result according to your goal. If seems that it is not making fulfill your goal then solve where is the loopholes.

There is some solution of possible loopholes

1. Open rate: if your email open rate is not good then improve it by changing the subject of your email and try to add an eye catchy subject line.

2. Write email clearly: try to be to the point in the email and avoid to tell outer word from the topic and finish email in shortly.

3. Lead magnet: if your lead magnet is not good and supportive then you can’t arrive to your goal and try to make it supportive to the subscriber.

Last word

Email marketing is a long term process. This is not like that you will collect email within one month and do marketing to them with a product.
Email collection should be continuous. Your email list will continue to grow and at some point you will be able to promote various high ticket offers to them.

So be patient and do email marketing as it is said here, you will be amazed at your success.

Meet the host

An affiliate marketer with an addiction of travelling. He believes that nature starts working to make happen that people believe.

Having an incredible vision and persistence to never give up, he built his 6 figure online business with the power of belief, hard work and smart decisions.

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