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How to Use The Power of Multi-Step Opt-in to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Galib Hossen // 2021-12-15 //  Mins Read

No matter you do b2b, b2c or affiliate marketing, you are going to make conversions. When it comes to conversion the most important thing is opt-in forms.

Another name of conversion is to filling the opt-in form by the visitors. When this is the matter of filling out the opt-in forms then you should keep an in-depth knowledge about what happens with opt-in forms.

There are basically two types of opt-in forms.

 So double opt-in is not directly related with increasing conversion rate.
  • Single step opt-in forms
  • Multi step opt-in forms

Another opt-in that marketers know about is double opt-in. This is not what we are talking about today but I think you should have minimum knowledge about what it is.

Double opt-in is a verification based opt-in. You must have seen sometimes you fill opt-in form and it sends a verification link in your email. You only become their legit subscriber after clicking the verification link.  So double opt-in doesn't create any impact for making conversion.

Single opt-in

This is a type of opt-in form which is shown in a single page and doesn’t require going any other place to fill it out. You can see an example of single opt-in form.

single opt-in example

The offer and the form both are in the same place. At the first sight it seems that it is the best for conversion because this is most easy way to be converted for the users. But after reading the complete article you will discover you are completely wrong.

Multi-step opt-in

Multi-step opt-in means it required to move to another steps to see the form and fill it out. You can say that it is a single step opt-in form but broken into multiple steps.

An example of the first step of an opt-in sequence

double opt-in first stage

This is the final step of the opt-in sequence.

double opt-in second stage

These are the two steps of a multi-step opt-in. This is not important that a multi-step opt-in have to be within 2 steps. It could be 3,4 or more steps.

This is the most basic example of multi-step opt-in.

Segmentation (Multi-step opt-in)

One other multi-step opt-in is segmentation. This is foolproof method to increase conversion rate. The main benefit of segmentation opt-in is it drives the most targeted conversion.

segmentation opt-in ex

This is an example of segmentation opt-in.

Why you should use multi-step opt-in

Research has seen that both single and multi-step op-in can bring out huge conversions. But multi-step opt-in has some psychological attachment with the users that make it more users interactive than single opt-in.

There are 5 irrefutable reason to use multi-step opt-in form.

  1. 1
    Create Micro Commitment
  2. 2
    Get the segmentation
  3. 3
    Create consistency
  4. 4
    Create incompleteness
  5. 5
    Create FTID Environment

Create Micro Commitment

We think, we convert because of so many logic and judgment. But research says that we convert for the reason that we don’t know. In fact, we all subconsciously buy something or adapt to any offer.

Our subconscious mind fixes in advance when we will buy a product or accept an offer and that is completely unknown to us.

But marketing savvies know how the subconscious mind triggers people.

When someone clicks on the Call to Action button, his subconscious mind unknowingly makes a micro-commitment to accept the offer. The normal rule of human psychology is that he will try to keep the commitment and he will do it subconsciously too.

In case of multi-step opt-in form, everyone goes there after making a micro commitment, so naturally its conversion rate is higher.

Get the segmentation

Segmentation opt-in forms can be the best example of multi-step opt-in.

By segmenting you will be able to find the most targeted traffic and this type of traffic is very interactive which instinctively increases the open rate and conversion rate of email.

But human psychology ignores the situation where he needs to give a lot of answers. That is why a segmentation opt-in form gets the lowest conversion rate.

The solution to this problem is the multi-step opt-in form.

In the multi-step opt-in, you break down a lot of questions into smaller parts and put them in front of users one by one. In this case, it cannot be understood that he is being asked many questions. It results in 86% higher conversion rate.

One more benefit of segmentation opt-in is, the users go up to the opt-in form with doing micro commitment at each step.

The great example of segmentation opt-in is “Quiz”. You can make a quiz to segment your audience. If you use Thrive Quiz then building a quiz is a matter of minutes. You can watch the video bellow. There Hanne has shown how to create a lead segmentation quiz.

Create consistency

When visitors goes in front of a single step opt-in form then the whole offer ends right there. There is no question of suspense or curiosity and consistency.

The multi-step opt-in subconsciously urges the user to explore the front.

On the other side no one in the world wants to be deceived by clicking on something that promises something that is not delivered properly. If this happens to anyone, he will think his time is wasted.

Multi-step opt-in also helps to create that trust.

Create incompleteness

There is a psychological term called Zeigarnik Effect. The term states that "People remember the work that is incomplete more than the work they have completed or not started yet."

In the case of multi-step opt-in, the users first click on the Call to Action button and then go up to the form. As soon as he clicks on the button, he invests his time in this work. His work remains incomplete until he fills out the opt-in form.

On the other hand, his subconscious mind will drive him to complete the task.

Create FITD Environment

FITD stands for Foot In the Door. This is also a psychological term. It's a strategy to get people to take a big action, first to take a smaller action.

When people initially agree to a smaller request, the chances of agreeing to a larger significant request later are greatly increased. Maybe he wouldn't have agreed if he had gotten that significant request at the beginning.

The call to action button is a small request. When a visitor clicks on the CTA button and makes an initial commitment, it means he puts his foot in the door and without any coercion you mean your value to him so that he agrees with the comparatively large request.

Where to use multi-step opt-in

In the present days marketing is all about interaction based. No matter what is your product, you have to create interaction. Multi-step opt-in does this job very cleverly.

Multi-step opt-in is not a thing that would make a problem for using particular places. You can use multi-step opt-in everywhere of your website and of course for every offer.

If you look this website, no where you get a single step opt-in. We think multi-step opt-in is perfect for every places and it brings out a good result then single opt-in.

3 Important places to must use multistep opt-in for great conversion rate

Many digital marketers suggest to use single opt-in form for small businesses or if you just want to collect email address then use single opt-in forms.

I know single opt-ins are not bad, it can bring out a massive result too but in maximum case double opt-in forms get the most results.

When you can easily create a multi-step opt-in form without hiring a web development specialist then why not take the advantage of it?

I am going to tell you about such 3 places to use multi step opt-in where peoples are ready to be converted.

1. In your content

Content is the place where peoples get convinced by the writer. In a content, a writer works as an indicative. Most of the time audiences are more likely to convert when they are reading content to upgrade and make easier their life.

A relevant offer in a content creates a conversion opportunity for content readers.

Some marketers use opt-in form in the last of the content and some of marketers use in the first of the content. I put it within 4 to 7 paragraphs. I get a decent conversion rate from my "in content opt-in".

How to create "in content opt-in"

If you are used to do coding then you can create your own but if you are using wordpress then many plugins you can use to create in content opt-in. I have used some of the plugins but among them thrive leads is the best opt-in creating plugin on the earth seems to me.

Thrive leads allows you to create any kind of opt-in form and anywhere in your website, not only in your content. Even with Thrive Leads you can create “Content Locking” opt-in form. Anyway, that’s another thing.

Watch the video to enjoy thrive leads content opt-in creation show:

2. Use sticky slide-in below the page (instead of in content opt-in)

Using sticky slide in is a very tricky marketing tactics. This type of opt-in keeps covered the content a little bit. Users must interact with the opt-in for to cut it or go forward.

But an amount of marketers think it can be annoying for users for covering up the content but in fact, this type opt-in page has a high range of conversion rate.

How to easily create sticky slide in

Creating sticky slide-in with raw code, I don’t know how but creating it visually in wordpress with an excellent plugin not only known for me but also I love it very much. You know the plugin is Thrive Leads.

Just watch the video where Hanne shows you the performance of Thrive Leads to create a sticky slide in in a super easy way. It will be surprising.

3. Use Opt-in form for your commenters

Commenters are the most interactive audiences of your website or brand. Keep a deep attention to them.

A reader read your article and gives a comment, it means that he or she has invested time to think about you and they are interested about you. When you don’t give them a more valuable opportunity to interact more, you actually lose your top potential customers.

How to create comment opt-in form

With the combination of thrive leads and thrive comments you can easily make your comment section conversion focused. It is a matter of minutes to create opt-in form for your commenters.

Don’t think, you have to purchase 2 plugins separately, because Thrive Lead and Thrive Comments come with Thrive Suit Package. In Thrive Suit package you get more 9 plugins ever you need to build a conversion focused website.

Watch the video to experience the excellence of Thrive Leads and Thrive Comments combination.

How to create a simple multi-step opt-in form

Without knowing web development setting up a multi-step opt-in is impossible but if use Thrive Leads then you can build both single or multi step opt-in form without any pain. There are lot of opt-in form templates are available.

There is no restriction of creating steps. If you have plan to collect a huge data of your audience then break it down into small parts and create multi-step opt-in form with thrive leads.

Watch in the video how easy it is to create a simple multi-step opt-in

Final Thought

Still there are many big companies and brands don’t realize the power of multi-step opt-in. You must get the point by reading the article. So use the power of multi-step and step up your conversion growth.

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Having an incredible vision and persistence to never give up, he built his 6 figure online business with the power of belief, hard work and smart decisions.

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