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How to Get Inside Your Audience's Head

OMG Kara, you’re inside my head! Well yes & no! Kara is often told that she has gotten inside of a client’s head. They are amazed with how she do it. I promise it’s not magic & that you don’t have to study psychology for 3 years like she did. To know your clients better than they know themselves is a skill you can learn so you can get inside your client’s head.

In Shane’s audience building course you will gain in-depth research-based knowledge about the role of human psychology behind buying anything.

There you will learn about 3 components of audience building. There are 3 components that must be in place for an audience to grow. Miss any one of these and you’ll be perpetually struggling.

If you want to grow your business super fast by building a fan based audience who can't wait to buy everything from you then I promise it is the right path

Npw, I am going to give you 4 points to make you able to understand what's going on in your audience's head.


The easiest way to get inside your client’s head is to listen to them. We have 2 ears but only one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. Clients will tell you a lot about themselves, your business, & how they come together if only you give them the space and make them feel valued.

Ask enough clients and you will see trends & patterns forming. Look at the questions being asked, do they keep recurring. Look at the comments posted, can you see similarities. Pay particular attention to the complaints and compliments as these can be hard to come by.


Ask your clients for feedback, how you help them, what their biggest issue is with your industry, what holds them back from using people in your industry more. Honestly, just ask. You don’t even have to set up a fancy poll or questionnaire. I actually find my best results come when I ask people to answer one question by replying to an email. That’s it, just one question. Just hit reply. It’s simple and it doesn’t take a lot of time.

Here’s the thing about asking, if you don’t ask the answer is ‘no’, if you do ask the answer can always be ‘yes’. So stop putting words in your clients’ mouths by being afraid of them saying ‘no’ to your request. In the main, most people just want to help. Good, bad, or indifferent – they want to help.


There are a few ways to research the issues. First of all there are forums and groups. Type your field of interest into google along with forum or group and have a read. You can also ask questions to provoke a deeper understanding.

Head on over to the website and ask. There you will be presented with a number of options/questions/concerns for you to answer.

Look for book reviews in your industry and see what questions or problems they raise in the reviews and use these to help you answer your clients.

There is one last way to get inside your client’s head – profile them


The key piece of data that business owners avoid is listing their clients’ fears, beliefs, & goals. These are the driving forces of their behavior. You need to understand them in order to best service their needs.


People move towards pleasure and away from pain. If you have information to drive them in either direction – use it. If you show them that you understand these they will be looking over their shoulder and wondering how you got inside your client’s head!

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