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How to Find Micro Niche Ideas for Affiliate Marketing

Galib Hossen // 2021-03-31 //  Mins Read

By 2021 micro niche ideas are very effective and necessary because every digital business sector in the world has become much more competitive. In this competition, for new marketers, who have no previous marketing experience, the path to success has become very uneven. That’s why you need to know how to find micro niche ideas for affiliate marketing.

What is micro niche?

how to find micro niche ideas

To understand micro niche you first need to understand what niche is actually because I have seen many people who are quite hesitant between niche and category.

I'm telling you in a very simple way that what is niche and I hope you wouldn’t have any more doubts about niche.

Guys niche means category. You don't need to understand anything else. We use the word category for ecommerce site. But when it comes through blogging or affiliate marketing we call it niche. That’s it and it is so simple.

Now the smaller the niche, the more micro it will be. In a simple word the smaller version of niche is called micro niche. Hopefully I have been able to create a clear idea about niche, micro niche and category.

Advantage of micro niche

how to find micro niche ideas

In 2013 I first heard about micro niche. Even before that, the World Wide Web has become very competitive.

It was becoming very difficult from that time to rank in the search engine for a new site with a primary niche and to sell a product by surpassing those big sites.

But nowadays it is almost impossible for a new marketer to rank a new site with primary niche. Even if an old experienced marketer builds a primary niche website, it will take at least 6 months for him to rank and make sale from the site.

The idea of micro niche was created to solve this problem. You just have to understand a simple thing and that is you can easily do business where you have fewer competitors and no bigger competitors.

Micro niche does just that.

There are 5 advantage of micro niche

1. Since it is a micro niche, you can be successful only with less effort.

2. Being a micro niche you can easily complete your niche by giving article.

3. You will not have any big competitors and even you will get some competitors who are mostly new like you.

4. You will be able to rank in Google search engine in very few days.

5. You will get much targeted users.

How to find micro niche ideas

how to find micro niche ideas

Finding a micro niche idea is not a complex way. There are several ways to find a micro niche idea and every marketer has their own system to find micro niche.

There is a method I will tell you that I use so that you can find a micro niche for you.

Go deeper into any niche

The first condition of finding a micro niche is that you have to go deep into any niche.

For example “pet” is a niche. The deeper you go into this niche, the more it becomes micro.

Now “dog pet” is micro niche of “pet” niche. If you go into more deep you will find “dog food” and this is a micro niche of “dog pet” and “adult dog food” is more micro then “dog food”.

In this way, there can be many micro niches for each niche.

Go to Google trend

You have found the micro niche, now you have to find out what is the trend among people.

For this you have to go to Google Trends and search with your niche related keywords to see how their trending rate is. If the average trending rate is 25 or more than 25 you can definitely work with that niche. It is a good rating.

Use any affiliate marketplace

You have found the micro niche but you also need to know how much the products that are under this niche are sold.

For example, if you want to understand how much Amazon products are being sold, you need to look at product reviews. You have to judge the market value of this niche by looking at how many reviews are coming and what kind of reviews people are giving.

If the average amount of reviews on each product is 150-200, then the market value of that niche is enough to work.

Use a keyword research tool

The final step is to find out how is the competition level of your niche. Now the sites that are ranked in Google with your niche are your competitors.

You can use any of the keyword research tool. I personally use SEMrush. You have to go to site explore option on the SEMrush. There you can see all the data of your competitor website.

 If the average DA of all the website under the particular niche is between 25-35 then it is fine. But don’t just check DA, you should check DA, how many keyword rank in a website, how much backlink the page has.


The niche you get after applying these four steps correctly is a perfect micro niche. I find myself micro niche in this way and through this method I have found 7 low competitive micro niche for affiliate marketing.

 But one thing keep in mind that the most important matter is the affiliate marketing steps. If you know the steps clearly and implement it perfectly then the micro niche idea will work.

Meet the host

An affiliate marketer with an addiction of travelling. He believes that nature starts working to make happen that people believe.

Having an incredible vision and persistence to never give up, he built his 6 figure online business with the power of belief, hard work and smart decisions.

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