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How to Find Best Keyword for SEO

Galib Hossen // 2021-06-21 //  Mins Read

Today we will talk about how to find the best keyword for seo because starting an article without finding the best keyword is like a boat on the sea without the boatman. if you follow the terms I would say then hopefully you will find the best keyword for you.

What is best keyword

What is the best keyword

Before looking for the best keywords, you need to understand what the best keywords are

If I want to define the best keyword, then I have to tell you that the keyword is the best keyword for you which keyword has roughly search volume and low or no competition and which keyword can bring your page in the first page of search engine in spite of it has no or low backlink and low domain authority.

Why find the best keyword for seo

Why find the best keyword for seo

You have to find the best keyword in the middle of many other keywords. It's a bit like hide and seek game and it's called keyword research.

Keyword research is one of the most important terms for making your content visible in the search engine easily.

Which keyword is best for you it depends on your goals. What is best for you may not be best for another.

If you have a new site which DA Is 10-15. Then you should take a keyword with no competition because that will be best for you and you must find the keyword if you really want to be ranked.

I have heard many people say that there is no need to find the best keyword for seo. I know what people search for. I will write content with whatever they search for.

The reason of telling this, they think keyword research is very complicate thing. But they don't know if they were going to get a money making machine through it. For a while they lost it.

Brother keyword research is not a complicate thing and you can't imagine the far-reaching consequences. You're going to run a pure business and you have to run it for a long time.

Finally it can be said if you rank in search engine you need to find best keyword for seo.

How to find best keyword for seo

There are several steps to reach the best keyword. I will tell main and most important 11 steps by which you will find out best keyword for rank you content easily.

  • Define yourself
  • Make a list of relevant topic
  • Make your niche
  • Think like a customer
  • Use a keyword research tool
  • Concern to low competitive keywords
  • Concern to long tail keywords
  • Research related terms
  • Make a list of keywords
  • Competitor analysis
  • Result analysis

Define yourself

define yourself

The first thing to do is to define yourself. If you do not understand yourself well then how to understand which is the best keyword for you.

Most people fail because they do not have an idea about themselves.

How do you define yourself? For this you have to ask yourself some questions.

  • Who are you?
  • What do you like to do?
  • What topic do you know the most about
  • What topic can you do research for a long time?
  • Do you want to sell anything or just report something?

These 5 questions will define you. It will help you to understand what you are perfect for. If you don't know these, you won't understand what you should do.

Which job you like to do, you can do it for a long time. If you can't work on that topic for a long time, no matter which keyword you choose, none will be the best for you.

Make list of relevant topic

Make a list of keyword

Now you know who you really are and what you're interested in.

 Now your job is to make a list of the topics you are interested in.

Since you are a marketer and your intention is to sell something, you need to go to different affiliate market places first and find out what kind of topics are of interest to you.

If you are a bodybuilder and you have a lot of interest in health. You know a lot about health and have been doing a lot of research on it. Health may be the best topic for you.

Now if you go to any affiliate marketplace like Clickbank or Amazon, you will see that there are many more topics related to health.

For example, these may be your topics

  • Diet and weight loss
  • Supplement
  • Women's Health
  • Remedies

Make your niche

Make your niche

It is very important. Now you have to decide which topic you will work on. Whatever you work with will be your niche. niche will tell you who is your targeting people.

Here you have to do research. You need to talk to yourself and your topics.

You take a good look at the products of each topic. Understand well whether it seems familiar.

It probably won't happen overnight. Try to know about the products of the topics for a few days. See which is going well with you.

A niche should be profitable and passionate about and you can follow the way of finding micro niche ideas which can be easy for getting ranked.

I didn't make niche like this when I started marketing for the first time and got its results in a very good bad-way. Because after trying for a few days, I realized that this niche was not for me.

Maybe weight loss is perfect for you or maybe women’s Health is perfect for you. So make your niche whatever you can stay with for a long and work with it.

Think like a customer 

Think like a customer

You also need to know your customer's mind set when you go to sell something. Think a customer has come to you and if you understand what he is really saying and what he thinks about your 

product then you can easily sell the product to him.

Customer does not want any product, he just wants to solve his problem. But whenever he has to pay to solve his problem, it becomes a product.

You have to think of you as a customer. This will help you to understand what the customer's problem is, that will enable you to find the right keyword that can generate profit for you and your user.

By looking at the keywords, you need to understand the intent of the person who will search by typing it. Is he looking for information or wanting to buy something? Or is he looking for a solution to any of his problems?

Suppose someone searches for “How to Lose Weight Fast”. Now you have to understand in what situation you will search for by typing it.

The keyword tells that he is fat because he wants to lose weight and he is very worried about it. Because he wrote Fast, he wants to solve this problem as soon as possible. And it looks like he won't be reluctant to pay for it.

So if you want, you can solve his problem and also you can try to sell a product by solving his problem. There is ample potential for sales here.

Use a good keyword research tool

Use a good keyword research tool

The first thing you need to do keyword research is a good keyword research tool. Without it, finding the best keyword is almost impossible.

Just as you can't fight without a shield sword, you can't do keyword research without keyword research tools. For this reason, many people try to avoid keyword research.

Because all the good tools are worth a lot more. Free tools do not provide proper data. There are some paid tools that allow you to be free for a certain period of time.

Such semrush allows you to use their tools for free for 7 days. Again there is Mangools which allows them to use the tools for free for 10 days.

But Semrush charge $99 for initial package and Mangools charge $50 for initial package. After using these two tools It seems to me that Mangools is the affordable Semrush and best seo analysis tool in budget.

The other part of finding keyword I have said bellow, you can easily use Mnagools to research and find them. 

Many people say that everything is done with free tools. Just think, if all the work was done with free tools, then the business of these paid tools would have come to an end. But their business is getting bigger day by day.

In fact, those who say that all the work is done properly for free, they also use paid tools.

Guys have no choice here. Free tools are the only option if you need an alternative. In the primary level, if you have no option, you can use free tools because there is no other way.

But keep it in mind you need proper data to find the proper keyword. A good keyword can take you to the top.

Concern to low competitive keyword

Concern to low competitive keyword

When I started marketing, I didn't want to have low-competitive keywords. Because low competitive keywords mean low search volume. And who would want to work with a keyword that people do not search much by typing the keywords.

Every one want a huge traffic but for this you will have to be patient. By the way, if you want to know how much traffic does a site get you can read this article.

But guys, you have to understand that the search volume of the keyword is much higher than that, many experienced marketers are working with that keyword. Their website's dr is much higher.

In this case, you will not be able to compete with your new site to rank in Google.

Although the search volume of low competitive keywords is low, there is usually no big site behind it. So if you write a good article and do some backlinks, your page rank will come up.

It is the most up-to-date and scientific system for ranking a website very easily and quickly.

For Kwfinder user I suggest choose the keyword which difficulty is under 40. Kwfinder define keyword difficulty according to various metrics. So concern to the keyword difficulty.

Start working with low competitive keywords. Gradually rank some of your pages on Google. Your site will continue to grow slowly and visitors will continue to grow.

Then you will work with high competitive keywords and either keyword you will be able to rank.

Concern to long tail keyword

Concern to long tail keyword

The biggest example of a low competitive keyword is the long tail keyword.

Another name for long tail keywords is phrase word. In other words, the keyword that is a combination of many words is called long tail keyword or phrase word.

People don't want to work on long tail keywords like low competitive keywords because of low search volume.

The main target of those of us who do marketing is to sell something. If any traffic buys any product through my link then I have a conversion.

Here's the fun of long tail keywords. The search volume of long tail keywords is low volume but the traffic that comes to your page by typing that keyword is 80% likely to be converted.

Who will come to your site by a long tail keyword he is your laser targeted traffic.

For example “fat loss” is a very high volume keyword. It’s average monthly global search volume is above 300k.

Now the fat loss will search for what he really wants. Can he buy anything? I don't think so. In another article I mentioned customer buying process. When it comes to buying something, people go through several processes. Searching for Fat Loss doesn't mean buying it.

A little bigger than this is the keyword Fat Loss Diet Plan. This means that he wants a diet plan to lose fat. If you offer her a diet plan, she can take it.

A little bigger keyword Fat Loss Diet Plan for Females. It became more narrow and the chances of converting increased.

Now someone searched for Fat Loss Diet Plan Fast for Female Over 40.

It became very narrow. The keyword that will bring visitor to your page is laser targeted traffic. You are most likely to get sold something from here.

In Kwfinder if you search any keyword for keyword ideas you will get many related long tail keyword ideas from here you can easily find long tail keyword. Select the keyword which has low keyword difficulty.

Research related search term

Research related search term

If you want to understand what a keyword is for and how to use a keyword, then you must do research on your industry related searches.

When you research your related search terms, you will realize how many more keywords you have inside one keyword.

What questions do people have about the industry you're in, what problems can your industry solve, and what problems does your user have that your industry can solve?

If you search for something on Google, the bottom of the result page shows what other related searches people do. There are many more things related to your industry that people search for.

If you don't research these, you will never find these keywords. As a result, there are many people related to your industry whom you will not be able to reach and you will miss a lot of sell.

Make a list of keyword

Make a list of keyword

When you do keyword research, you will find many keywords related to your industry. You will find many keywords while doing your related search term research.

Now, first of all, you will not work with all the keywords. Your job is to first make a list of your related keywords. 

From that list you will select which is the best keyword.

Competitor analysis

competitor analysis

You should be aware of the status of the sites that are ranked under the keywords you want to choose. Knowing this will make it easier to rank your content.

For this you must use a good keyword research tool. Because your keyword research tool will tell you where your competitor is.

Kwfinder's site analysis tool is linkminer. Paste your competitor's link here and you will see where your competitor has backlinked.

As a result, you also get an idea of how to work with your content

You can also find keywords for yourself by competitor analysis. You can see which keywords your competitor's site has ranked in Google. How many visitors are coming to his website with any keyword.

By doing these you will easily understand which is the best keyword for you to rank on google.

Result analysis

Result analysis

Now your job is to analyze the results. Because you found your keyword and wrote an article on it. Now you need to see what results your page is giving for this keyword.

You need to see how many visitors are coming, how much time the user is spending on your page. You need to check the position of your page in Google.

Let me tell you, you don't just have to do keyword research and write articles, you also have to do backlinks. So you have to analyze the results and backlink with it.


The gist of what I have said so far is that you need to find a low competitive keyword that will allow you to easily rank in search engines.

For this you follow the keyword difficulty of Kwfinder and choose long tail keyword and create a quality content.

Last word

Guys what I have told you so far may not be exactly same as thinking of many other marketers, but the point will be same.

The way I said to you is what my experience says. From my experience I thought it was very possible to find a perfect keyword in this way and I succeeded that way too.

Now you must understand that keyword research is a long time matter but there is no way to avoid it. Writing an article without keyword research is like walking in a blind path.

But once you select your niche, you will not have much trouble to find the keyword. You will not need anything other than what I said to find keywords.

Keeping in mind what I said, the keyword you will find is sure to be your best keyword.

My suggestion would be to pay attention to the long tail keywords and give more importance to the competition than search volume. Because once you get rank with low competitive keyword, you will also get rank with high competitive keyword.

OK guys so far today. Let me know in the comments if you have any better suggestions or if I have any mistakes.

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