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How to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Website (Paid & Free)

Galib Hossen // 2021-06-26 //  Mins Read

Drive traffic to a website is the oldest issue for website owners. A website without traffic is like a buying house without buyers. Generating traffic is not any magic. This is matter of innovation and capability of using any source as a marketing traffic channel. This will decide how much traffic does a site get. I will try to show you the various sources from where you will be able to drive massive amount of traffic to your website continuously. But this is not the ultimate because traffic sources are constantly evolving.

How to monitor website traffic

how to monitor website traffic

You should know how to monitor website traffic because if you don’t know how much traffic you are getting from which sources and if you don’t know the behavior of you traffic with your site then you can’t improve your site and traffic sources.

There are many tools available by which you can monitor your website traffic. Among them I like the great Google Analytics. This is a completely free tool and a very powerful tool. I don’t feel any need of extra tool to monitor website traffic when there is Google Analytics.

Other tools like ahrefs, Ubersuggest etc are also very good tools for monitor website traffic. These tools are completely premium.

There is a tool named similar web. This is free up to a stage. It offers a chrome extension by installing it you can check the traffic status of any website in a very short time.

Google search console is another free tool to monitor only google organic search traffic.

Types of traffic

types of website traffic

You have to know about the types of traffic because every types of traffic will not impact to your site same. You have to determine which type of traffic is creating bad impact to your site and avoid this traffic.

There are 3 types of traffic

Quality traffic

Quality traffic is the most targeted traffic. The more traffic is targeted, the more quality it will be. All we need only this type of traffic.

Low quality traffic

The traffic that is not targeted is the low quality traffic. Suppose you are promoting an Australian product, now if you drive Bangladeshi traffic on that page, then everyone from Bangladesh or other country is low quality traffic. This traffic always needs to be excluded.

Or, you are driving traffic by talking about a specific product or information but when the traffic comes to your page then he sees completely different product or information. Even then, that traffic is completely low quality.

Bot traffic                   

You can understand about it by its name and this is a kind of low quality traffic. The purpose of this type of traffic is to show a heavy traffic in a website. Another name of bot traffic is fake traffic.

Some traffic driving tools like semalt send bot traffic to their clint’s website only for showing they are sending a tons of traffic.

At the end low quality and bot traffic both are harm for your site because it increases bounce rate and exit rate so much. So stay away from this traffic.

Types of traffic Sources

types of website traffic sources

According to my marketing experience there are 2 types of traffic sources I have found.

  • Free sources
  • Paid sources

Don’t worry, there are only 2 types of sources available but in these 2 types there are uncountable sources are available. I will mainly talk about these traffic sources.

Drive traffic from free sources

If you are new to marketing industry then I will suggest you to go with only free traffic sources. Only with free traffic sources you can drive massive amount traffic to your website.

But one thing, free traffic sources can demand a lot time and toil but don’t be impatient.

Drive traffic from social media platforms

drive traffic from social media platforms

Social media platforms are the sea of traffic. A social media platform gets millions of traffic every day. You can easily drive a decent amount of traffic to your website every day from this millions of traffic.

There are tons of social media available but don’t work with so much social media at a time because you will be in trouble to manage them. If you want to manage multiple social media together then try with publer.


Facebook is the leading social media in the planet. According to the data of 2020, there are 1.6 billion active users on Facebook every day who login to Facebook every day.

You can build your friend list and promote your website to them. From here you can drive traffic. But you can’t make friends more than 5k. This is the friend limitation of Facebook.

Facebook offers to create pages and groups. In this pages and groups you can add unlimited people. You will create post about your topic in this pages and groups. Fans and members will interact with your post.

After creating page you have to invite people to like the page. In the way of inviting people slowly your page will grow up. You can build a quality community in this way which means targeted community of traffic.

Some rules of facebook
  • Make more friends
  • Send friend requests to people who are associated with your niche related group or page
  • Don’t send more than 20 friend requests in a day
  • Create a page with the name of your website
  • send invitation to like your page every friend you have and will invite them who will be your in feature.
  • Keep posting everyday
  • Share your post with your industry related groups


Twitter is considered to be the second big social media. Research says that there are 5 billion tweets per day on Twitter which is 5787 per second and every person spends an average of 3.39 minutes on Twitter. 20% of Internet users in the United States log in to Twitter each month.

So you can easily drive a huge amount of traffic to your website from twitter. For that you have to create a twitter account. I will suggest you to create account with the name of your company or website because twitter doesn’t offer to create any page or groups.

Twitter has no follower restriction but at a time you can’t follow more than 30 people. In this way you can build your twitter ID.

Some rules of twitter
  • Follow people everyday
  • Not follow more than 30 people at a time
  • Keep twitting everyday
  • Use enough related hash tags. It will increase your reach magically.
  • Try to tweet with the user name of the users you think targeted. User name is like @affiliatiz. You will find it under the profile name. By mentioning it that user will see your tweet easily.


LinkedIn is an amazing social media platform. It would be more accurate to call it a professional platform than a social platform. They have 756 million members worldwide  claiming by LinkedIn, which is constantly growing. LinkedIn also claims that 46% of a site's total social traffic comes from LinkedIn.

In the case of generating lead Linkedin is incomparable. A research of hubspot has shown that linkedin is 77% more effective than facebook and twitter.

There is no limit to create connection in linkedin but at a time you can send connection request to about 100 people. You can create company page and groups from your linkedin profile. Moreover if you have any job offer you can promote this in linkedin.

Post article on linkedin

Another amazing feature of linkedin is it offers to post article. You can share this article after posting via linkedin message.

The more people you share your article with, the more people will come to read that article and from there you will drive traffic to your website. But keep in mind that you must provide quality articles.


Tumbler is a social platform and also a micro blog platform. You can create a blog here like another website. May be you have seen this type of blogs.

This is a New York based platform so most of traffic of tumbler is from US. If your targeted country is USA then this could be an amazing place to drive traffic.

There are 496 million members associated with tumbler according to statista and they had 327 million unique visitors in January 2021.

So it can be easily said that you can bring a decent amount of traffic from here. Moreover, if you create a blog here and do post here regularly then there is a possibility to come it to any search engine under any keyword.

There is no limitation of follow people so you can follow as much people as you can but the problem.


Pinterest is an information based social media platform. This is not like other social media which focus on engaging with like and comment. This is a place where people find some new things which inspired them or make them wise.

There are 1.2 billion monthly visits according to similarweb extension. The most of the visitors from USA and about 70% of traffic are female.

If you are on a niche related to female then pinterest can be the best traffic source for you.

Pinterest offers business account. Create a business account. The main thing of pinterest is to create board. Boards are like category. In boards you will pin your post.

Some rules of pinterest
  • First create a business account
  • Create boards. Boards are like category or sub-category. This is very important to pinterest.
  • Pin into the related boards
  • The more you pin the more follower your board and account will have
  • Pinterest is very much pictures and info graphics focused so try to pin good looking and attention grabbing pictures.
  • Increase followers by doing follow unfollow method. You can follow more than 100 peoples at a time.

Q&A sites

Q&A sites

Question answer sites can be your huge source of traffic. The traffic of answer sites are very quality traffic. In these sites people basically ask various types of questions on various types of topics.

If you search in any answer site with any keyword related to your niche then you will see a big amount of people have asked tons of questions related to your niche.

People are here really to be helped. So you can understand how much targeted traffic you can drive to your website form answer sites.

Rule of Q&A sites

Q&A sites are not like any social media. There are some restrictions in Q&A sites if you break their rule they will instantly ban you. I have been banned so I know.

  • Create a true profile so that people can trust you
  • Give all the information in details
  • Use 2 good Q&A sites instead of using so many sites
  • Avoid doing much linking when you are new
  • Don’t answer much in a little time like a bot
  • Must give an answer which will really help the questioner and other reader also


I personally like the site most. Most of the time I drive traffic to my websites from quora.com. In quora you will get questions about all the topics.

According to similarweb extension the site is USA based but it has all of the tier1 country’s traffic. In USA the rank of quora is 69 and it has 550 million monthly visitors where 39% of traffic from United States.

Do a search by typing something related to the page you want to get traffic for and select questions from the left side bar. You can also select how long you want to see the previous quiz. I would suggest starting the search from the most recent quizzes.

Now keep answering the questions of your choice and in some answer put your website’s link. But remember that don’t do spamming in any way.

 In quora you will have statistics to see so that you can see the traffic status and engagement rate so that you can improve.

Quora space

Quora space is a place where you can post article. You just post article but good article, you will see each article will have visitors. People will follow your space if you provide really good article.

In these articles you will link your website relatedly. From the articles people will move to your site.

Stack exchange

Stack exchange is a network of Q&A sites. Stack overflow is the part of this stack exchange. Stack exchange claims that they have monthly 431 million visitors and 3.5 million questions are submitted here every month and 13 million comments per month.

Here you will get most of the quality traffic. This is a Q&A site where authorities encourage to give a thoughtful and deep answer.  Answers that share any research and personal experience are preferred here.

More Q&A sites

There are more Q&A sites are having so many visitors daily you can try with. But I have told one thing, do not work with so much Q&A sites at a time. This will hampered your work because of managing so many accounts. If you have employees to manage accounts then you can go ahead with so many accounts.

I am giving you some good Q&A sites. You choose 2 or 3 sites which go perfectly according to your niche.






Do social bookmarking

drive traffic from social bookmarking sites

Bookmarking sites are the sites where people bookmark useful article which are posted on their website. Bookmarks site are slightly like social media. Normally on social media people share their daily life issue to get like comment share but on bookmarking site people normally share important information to make people wise. From bookmarking sites you can drive targeted traffic to your website.

I am giving 5 good social bookmarking sites which I like most.


Dig is mainly a story sharing website. Story is not like a novel. The story which helps people to learn new things which people can use in their daily life or used to build their carrier.

Dig is a New York based company. There are 6.2 million visitors every month in dig and most of the traffic is from USA. Bookmark your every content in Dig so that you can drive traffic to your content from dig.


Reddit is a bookmarking site cum social media. This is founded in 2005 with two collage friends. You will get the community in the Reddit as subredddit about everything that is under the sun.

If you want you can use reddit as a Q&A site. In reddit every community is called by sub-reddit. You will have a sub reddit called ask reddit. In this sub reddit you will ask questions and answer the questions asked by people.

There are 1.06 billion monthly user in reddit. This is a huge amount of traffic. If any of your post goes viral here I can sure it that your site’s bandwidth will be failed if you are using shared hosting.


Fark is a news submission site. They maintain quality very strictly. If you can’t provide quality content then fark is not for you because they manually check all the submission and if the submission is not under their quality guidelines then they reject it.

Fark receives 2000 news submission everyday but they approve only 200 quality submission because want to give their readers a top class experience.

There are about 7 million visitors monthly in Fark but the most amazing thing is that the 85% of the traffic of fark from USA and 9% are from Canada. So it can be said that if you get a single traffic from fark it will be quality traffic.


Medium is really an excellent site. This is called story telling site. There is nothing like submit website or link. There is all about story or content or article.

Write quality article and post it on medium. In these articles add your website link with anchor and these anchor links will drive visitor to your site. If you can provide quality and trending content then your content will be showed in front of much people. Sometimes medium's contents come to search engine result.

There are 205 million monthly visitors in medium and just 26% are from USA. In spite of having a less US traffic the overall traffic of medium is quality traffic. But the interesting thing is there is chance to come your medium content to any search results.

Stumble upon / Mix

Stumble upon is a social bookmarking site now which is working with mix and they together is mix.com. This is a good site to drive traffic. Mix makes it easier to share content and collect it in a one place with categories.

In mix you have to increase your followers in order to reach your bookmarks in front of the most people. There is no limit on follow people.

A mix chrome and firefox extension is available by which you can add any content easily and mix it with your collections.

There are 1.2 million monthly visitors in mix. This is not so many but enough to work. If you can increase your follower then you will be able to drive so much traffic from here.

More social bookmarking sites

There is no lack of Social bookmarking site and the list is growing every day.  Every site you can use for bringing traffic to your site but may be not every site will go perfectly with your niche so check and work with suitable sites.





We Heart It






Do guest blogging

drive traffic from social bookmarking sites

Guest blogging means writing article for another website for free of cost but not totally free because you will exchange the article with a backlink of your site. Through the backlink you will drive traffic.

Guest blogging is one of the oldest and best method to drive traffic to a website because by doing guest blogging you will get quality backlink with getting so many traffic which will help you to boost your seo.

By the way I will talk about SEO next.

Rules of Guest blogging

Maximum people do not do guest blogging perfectly. They try but there is a need of perfect approach and maximum people can’t do this approach perfectly.

So I am giving you some suggestions by which I do guest blogging and I think I do it enough perfectly.

1. Install moz google chrome extension
guest blogging by google search

All website are not good website and you have to avoid driving traffic from bad website. Bad websites means which websites have low DA. DA means domain authority.

Moz extension will show you the DA of all the websites which will be in the serp. You can see this in the picture. I will suggest you to avoid those websites which have DA lower than 20.

2. Find sites who except guest blogging

There are so many website you will get but not every website except guest blogging. You have to find out those websites.


guest blogging by twitter

You can find out these websites through twitter. I am giving you some search tags by which you have to search on twitter. The tags are #writeforus, #guestpost , #guestblogger, #writtersneeded, #blogforus. There can be more tags but these 5 are enough. If you want you can try with more.

After search this tags select latest post as I have showed in picture. Now you just have to find which goes with your niche.

You can do this same thing in facebook.

Google search engine

You can find sites who except guest blogging by using a google search operator.

“Your keyword” inurl:write for us

“your keyword” inurl:submit article

This is a search operator. By searching this keyword you will get all the websites under your desired niche who except guest blogging.

3. Create connection

As soon as marketers find a guest blogging accepted website they start sending emails and approach directly for guest blogging.

Think about it, the website owner is getting a lot of such emails every day. May be most the emails he doesn’t open.

So no email can be sent at the beginning. First you have to make a connection with him.

For this you can comment on the latest content on his website. Make such a comment so that the website admin has to give the answer. For this you have to read the content well.

If he responds to your comment, then you have a connection with him. He will remember you for a while. If you send him an email for guest blogging right now, your chances of getting your article approved will increase a lot.

4. Send email

This is the time to send him email to approach for guest blogging. Write a decent email without any spices so that it looks like so to the point. There is huge chance to approve your article.

You also have to give him a quality article because no one wants to publish a low quality article in their websites.

Search engine optimization

do seo

According to my opinion search engine optimization means SEO is the best source to drive traffic to a website. The amount of traffic you can drive for free with seo is unmatched by any other means.

Seo will give you traffic constantly and search engine’s traffic usually increases.

On page seo      

On page seo is the most important term of seo. 60% of search engine rankings depend on on-page seo. On page is which you do into your website.

There are many things related with on page seo. From buying domain name starts on page.

Off page seo

Off page seo is which you do outside of your website. This is all about driving traffic through quality backlink.

When you create a link to your website in another website then that is your backlink.

What I have told in this article about driving traffic they all are about off page seo because you will drive traffic to your website through backlink and I have given you all sources of getting quality backlink as well as driving quality traffic.

So driving traffic to a website is the ultimate off page seo.

Create quality content

Quality content doesn't work directly in terms of driving traffic, but it does play a big role in SEO. Without quality content you will not be able to rank in search engines in any way, especially in Google search engine. So this is must to create quality content.

Moreover, when you bring traffic to your site, if you do not send them to quality content, then there is no benefit in sending traffic. It will be a waste of your time.

In this article I have already mentioned about bounce rate. If you can't send your traffic to quality content then they will land on your website but come out hurriedly without any interaction. Which will greatly increase your bounce rate.

Work on youtube

work on youtube

Youtube is huge source of traffic. There are monthly more than 2 billion logged-in users in youtube and 74% of adult American use youtube.

The 2 billion is loged in users but it is possible to watch youtube’s video without log-in. So you can imagine how much traffic there can be.

Youtube seo

Like google search engine youtube is also a search engine. Youtube is a video search engine. So you have to do seo too for youtube.

  • Take the highest ranking keyword
  • Add keyword in the description section
  • Add relevant tag
  • Don’t try to create a much long video

Rules of youtube

There are some simple rules I am suggesting you that is very need to get a good result from yoututbe. Most of the new youtuber do these mistakes.

  • Create quality video
  • Organize your all video into lists
  • Create videos that present product as a solution
  • Keep relevancy between video and your website’s content
  • Give the link of your website in the description
  • Keep at least a reason to go to your website
  • Create an eye catching cover picture

Drive traffic from paid sources

Driving traffic from paid sources is slightly risky and for new marketer this is more risky. Moreover there is no benefit point to drive traffic from paid sources in an informative article without product or service.

Generally people use paid traffic sources for sales page or opt-in page. There is a point of pure business.

This is done with the idea of earning at least $200 by bringing traffic at a cost of $100. So there is a chance of not getting profit.

In an informative article you have no chance to earn$ 200 by the costing of $100. But you can drive traffic to a review article from paid source because there is something to get sold.

Some benefits of paid traffic

some benefits of paid traffic

As well as being risky, paid traffic also has some advantages that are very suitable for promoting a sales page or opt-in page. You will understand as soon as I say those things.

  • Paid traffic are mostly targeted            
  • You can drive traffic from any country you want
  • If you need only female/male traffic that would be possible
  • In some cases if you want to get traffic from any specific website then that is also possible
  • You will be able to drive traffic of a certain age

There are some good paid traffic sources I am suggesting you that I use to drive traffic to my websites.

Quick Note

While you are bringing traffic from paid sources you must want to highest use of your money. For that you have to increase the conversion rate of your opt-in page or sales page. If people leave your site without taking any action means without converting then giving ad will be a waste of money.

Drive traffic from PPC ad

drive traffic from ppc ads

PPC stand for pay per click. That means you have to pay for every click. PPC rate is not specific for any website. It varies according to locations, niches, keywords, traffic platforms etc.

Social media PPC

As long as free traffic almost every social media platforms offer to PPC ad. You will be able to drive more targeted traffic through social media ppc ad than free traffic.

Facebook PPC

With Facebook Ad, you can drive traffic to your website as well as promote your page, which will give your page some targeted fans.

At first, the PPC rate of Facebook ads is a little higher, but after getting a few clicks, the PPC rate gradually decreases.

Retargeting traffic with facebook pixel

One of the most useful features of Facebook is the Facebook Pixel which allows you to retarget traffic.

Let me explain the matter      

Suppose you are taking traffic from Facebook ads to an opt-in page but not all the traffic are being converted. In this case, if you have Facebook Pixel installed on your site, then Facebook will track the traffic that is not being converted.

You can show your ad again for those who are not converting. People who have visited your opt-in page once are interested in that. So if you show them the ad again, the chances of being converted increase a lot.

Twitter PPC

Twitter PPC ad is also a good source of Paid traffic. With twitter ad you can increase your profile followers as long as driving traffic. Twitter also offers pixel to do retargeting.

Linkedin PPC

As I have told before linkedin can give you the most targeted traffic because linkedin is a professional social media platform. So from linkedin PPC ad you can bring more targeted traffic but PPC rate of linkedin is so high.

If you need to promote any high ticket offer then go with linkedin PPC ad because with a high ticket offer your money will come out with a single sale.

Google display ads

Google display ad is very popular paid source of traffic. With google display ad you can give ad to your site in any website which is excepting google display ads.

 Suppose this website except google display ads so if you want to give ad to your site in my website you can do this easily from google ad word admin panel.

Google display ads offers google pixel. But the finding the adword pixel code is slightly tuff so you can visit here to see how to set adword pixel.

Google search ads

The most targeted traffic you can get from google search ads. You will select your desired keywords and google will show your ad under the keywords.

In this case the PPC depends on your keywords and locations. You can see the PPC rate of keyword from google keyword planner.

Drive traffic from push notification ads

push notification ads

Push notifications were first introduced in 2015 by google chrome and this is related with your device.

Sometimes you must have noticed that you get notifications on your desktop or mobile from various sites. This is called push notification.

Youtube sends this type of push notifications from the youtube channel you subscribed with clicking the notification bell.

The click-through ratio of push notification ads is also good enough. Its maximum click rate can be up to 4%.

There are plenty of push notification platforms available and they have various pricing model like CPC, CPM etc.

I am suggesting some Push notification platforms that I have used and have found good.

Propeller ads

Propeller ads is not so old platform. It has founded in 2011, started with native ads but now this one of the leading push notification ad platform in the world.

There are monthly 1 billion plus traffic coverage and thousands of ad campaigns launched daily.

There are two types of pricing model CPC, CPM and you have to ad deposit at least $100. You can run your campaign in 200+ of the countries.

They provide detail campaign reports so that you can understand what is working well which enable you to get the highest conversion at a low CPC rate.

RTX platform

RTX platform is formerly named by 50onred. This is an excellent platform for affiliate marketers. Initially you have to deposit $ 500 here. Apparently it seems to be much higher than Facebook or Google, but its CPC rate is very low. Maybe you're getting a subscriber for 1 penny.

If you face any problem then there will be your account manager. You will get his contact information in your account. I had a great experience with my account manager.

Rich push

There are prevalent in the market that Rich Push is the highest converting ad network. I have used this network depend on this word and I found the word is true.

The traffic from rich push are very qualityful traffic and they have 450 million+ subscriber around 220 countries. They tell that their average CPC rate is $0.004 but I found 0.002 once. This was my lowest CPC from rich push.

You have to deposit just $100 initially. They provide a big statistics and you will find their statistics in rich push insights and you must be provided with a personal account manager.


Megapush is the platform that I used as my first push notification ad network. I was worried enough about how it would work but later I realized I was unnecessarily worried. I hope you too can buy traffic from Magapus without any worries.

Megapush has 5 billion impressions per day, 450 million own subscribers and 35 million clicks per day.

The minimum deposit is $100 and you can bid from $0.001. This is quite amazing. For the low deposit rate and low bid rate I used this.

The pricing model is CPC and no matter how many campaign you create.

There are more push notification ad networks available you can try and they all have good reviews. Such as



Traffic Nomads



Drive traffic from native ads

native ads

Native ad is called New Age ad or 21st Century Advertisement. In 2011, a gentleman named Fred Wilson first introduced Native ad to people on online media.

In the current era, Native Ad is very preferred to the marketers in terms of bringing traffic because it has deepened their connection with their potential customers.

Native aids usually don't look like ads at all. When a page has this kind of native ads, you will not easily understand which is ad and which is the content of that website. You will feel as if there is no ad just like you can see in the picture.

There are lots of native ad platforms available. They can serve a good amount of quality traffic. I am suggesting you some


Taboola is one of the biggest ad platform and they especially popular for their native ads. In 2007 Adam founded the taboola and this is an affiliate friendly network that’s why affiliate marketers like this platform.

They have 500 million plus active users, 9k publishers and 13k plus advertisers.

But here the problem is budget because their CPC rate is very high. Science their high CPC rate you will get very high quality traffic. You can show your ad in very high traffic value sites like fox news, us today, NBC, Business Insider.

Science the cpc rate is high this not for new marketers because it will be more risky for them. So if you are new then avoid this platform.


Rev content is my favorite native ad platform. This is a newbie friendly platform. You can bid from $0.001 and the minimum deposit is $50 but if you target tier1 or tier2 countries then the cpc rate will be high.

Rev content is very strict for quality. Without quality content and quality traffic they don’t accept any website as their publisher. Even I have approved as their publisher after applying 3 times.

So you can be sure that your ad will be shown in quality websites where all the quality traffic is available and you should know that the 97% of traffic is from United States. So if your targeted location is USA then revcontent can be the best place to buy traffic.

Out brain

Outbrain is an ad network where giving ads has been a challenge for me. This network is as strict for publishers as it is for advertisers. If you do not provide a quality landing page, they will not approve your ad.

Read their guidelines for advertiser before you create account or advertise.

The minimum budget is $10 per day and the minimum CPC rate is $0.03 which is not so much and in this budget you will get traffic from the world leading websites.

Some of the examples of the websites are CNN, time, the guardian, the Washington post. So you can understand why they maintain quality so much.

There are not just 3 native ad networks. This is almost impossible to work with every network. I am giving some more native ad networks which all have good reviews.





Yahoo Gemini



Drive traffic from email marketing

drive traffic from email marketing

Email marketing is the most effective channel have I ever found in terms of conversions. While you are running a website you must use this tool.

Benefits of email marketing

There are some cool benefits related to email marketing.

  • This is cost effective way
  • The traffic you will be getting will very interactive
  • You will be provided with live reports
  • Easy to analysis
  • Instant impact

Solo ads

Solo Ads is a type of ad where you send an email to someone else's collected emails list under a specific niche.

In this case you have to mind it that while you are going to marketing in solo ads you have to go with a very innovative and new product which is better than any same type’s old product.

But why

Because there are plenty of marketers who may have done marketing same products in the email list you are going to do marketing.

I am suggesting some good solo ads networks where you will find 100% real traffic and obviously quality traffic.


Udimiy is one of best and biggest solo ads platform. They are like a broker because they are the bridge between seller and buyer.

Udimiy is so newbie friendly. Simply see the sellers and find the perfect one and do the order. You can check the seller id. There you will find the details about the seller.

The CPC rate is lower than other solo ads platforms. You will have the lowest CPC of $0.33 and the highest is $0.97.

Smarter solo ads

Smarter solo ads is not like any broker. Paul Graham is the founder of smarter solo ads and he provides solo ads from his collected email. He guarantees to 100% quality.

In smarter solo ads the CPC rate is little high. You will get the lowest CPC is 55 cent and the highest is 68 cent and the quality is really 100% as he has said.

There are almost 85-90% traffic are form tier1 country and you will be provided with the live statistics of your campaign.

Traffic for me

Traffic for me is also a solo ads broker. Harris Fellman is the founder of traffic for me. Harris fellman is also a great marketer so he knows well about quality.

The lowest CPC is $0.58 and if target tier1 countries then your CPC will be started from $0.65. The CPC is not less but there is a huge chance to get a decent conversion rate from the traffic of TFM.

Self email-marketing

Self email marketing is the main stream email marketing. Here you collect email yourself through your website and landing pages then save the email id to an auto responder data base where a sequence of emails is preset with time schedule.

You can send any newsletter to the collected emails.

In self email marketing the cost factor is auto responder. You have to purchase an autoresponder. Your CPC rate on this email marketing system will be less than half that of solo ads.

Moreover the overall control of email marketing will be in your hand.

Last word

The traffic sources I have given you just now these are not the ultimate. Driving traffic in a website is completely an innovative task. You have to discover and invent new methods and sources to drive traffic. One thing you have to keep in your head that driving traffic is a continuous process.

So drive traffic in the way I have told and discover more traffic sources in your way. If you want you can share your recently discovered traffic sources with me, I will publish this to people on behalf of you.

Meet the host

An affiliate marketer with an addiction of travelling. He believes that nature starts working to make happen that people believe.

Having an incredible vision and persistence to never give up, he built his 6 figure online business with the power of belief, hard work and smart decisions.

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