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How to Do On Page SEO Step by Step

Galib Hossen // 2021-06-02 //  Mins Read

On-page SEO is one of the most important part of your search engine optimization. Whether it's off-page or link building, you won't be able to improve your page seo as much as on-page optimization. We'll talk today about how to do on page seo step by step.

I will not talk about what on-page seo is because those who do not know what is on-page seo is will not come to read this article.

And page seo is mainly done on a specific page that means on website. Surely you know that content is the king. When you write content, people come to that content but the quality of your content is not good. Since the condition of your content is not good then the user must go back.

So if seen, on-page optimization is the most important and even if you check the research, you will see that in case of seo, 80% weightage keep on-page seo.

Today I will share with you how I personally ranked my website. If you follow it correctly, you will definitely be able to rank your site.

User acquisition waterfall

First of all we will do on page seo to acquire the user in simple language to generate traffic. We will follow a waterfall for this user acquisition.

step 1


The first thing that happens in user acquisition is that the user searches for something in the search engine.

step 2

Click and visit

After searching, the user gets a list of websites which are provided by search engine. The user clicks on any of these links which he thinks will provide all the information for his search.

Whenever he clicks then he lands on his destination page where he gets his content.

step 3

Navigate multiple pages

Now if the user gets satisfaction from that page then he will visit other pages of your website or if he wants to buy any product then he will buy the product from that page or if he has any information then he will take it. That is, he will do whatever he has to do.

step 4

Share your content

Now if he likes the content he will share it with his acquaintances and with his friends.

Now in this whole process, if the user is satisfied with the pages of your site, then the user is acquired.

The purpose of on-page seo is to take traffic to the end of the water fall process, that is, to fully satisfy. If there is a problem at any step of the water fall, the user will be dissatisfied with your content and will leave your page. As a result, even if your site is at the top, Google will start downgrading it.

 Now I will tell you from my experience how to actually implement every step of this water fall so that you can acquire satisfy your user by your content and it will be actually how to do on page seo step by step.

How to do on page seo step by step

On page seo is a very important term so it would be wise to take it very seriously. I have tried to describe the 13 steps that if you apply to your site properly, I hope there will be no shortage with on pages. The steps are

Choose a perfect domain name

how to do on page seo step by step

The first step is for the user is to search for something related to your niche so that he can get his related information.

Now you have a particular niche related user base that searches your niche related keywords.

For example, your niche is best air conditioner now the niche of the best air conditioner will tell about air conditioner. Now there is a whole user base who have to buy air conditioner during hot weather. They will go and search for the best air conditioner 1.5 ton or 2 ton, whatever they need.

Now you have to create a blog first to come to that search query.

Many marketers make mistake here because you need to have a perfect domain name here.

By perfect domain name I mean you have to take a relevant domain name. Your niche related name or maybe your main keyword. So find a domain name first.

You are working with the best air conditioner and if you take the domain “bestlyrics.com” then it will be a big mistake. Because it is not relevant in any way.

You need to take some domain names that are related to the air conditioner. However, if Google shows your site, the chances of your link being clicked will decrease.

And this is where many people make mistakes. They start working with that domain they have or have had long ago and can never succeed.

So you need to take your niche related domain name. If air conditioning is your niche, then this related keyword should be taken as your domain name. Here “bestairconditioner.com” could be your domain. If the user sees this link on SERP then the chances of clicking this link will also increase.

So the first step is to choose a best domain name. Now you can take domain extension .net, you can take .com or you can take .us. But you have to keep in mind which location of traffics is for your content. If it is intended for worldwide traffic then it would be best to take .com domain. If only us traffic is your target then you can take .us. With this extension, even if you want to, your site will not be able to rank globally. It's okay if you just want to acquire us traffic.

For a domain name you have to go to any domain name provider. From my experience you can go to namecheap for register domain. Because they give domain at the lowest price. But beware of namecheap hosting. I have use their hosting and it was so frustrating.

Go with perfect hosting

hosting for on page seo

You have to be very serious about hosting because a bad hosting will always frustrate you until you change it. A bad hosting can ruin your site.

I have seen many marketers who did not pay attention to this issue and later had to suffer the hard consequences of which I was one of them.

I think if you want to start blogging you should start with a minimum knowledge of hosting. A difference between various types of hosting will make you wise about hosting. You will easily understand which hosting will be perfect for you in 2021.

Index your site

index site for on page seo

You've purchased a relevant domain and hosting now you'll be writing content to get visitors to your site.

Now visitors will search in search engines so if you want to bring visitors you have to show your page in SERP.

Now if the search engine doesn't know that you have a website with such name, then the search engine will not show any of your pages in the SERP.

So first of all let you know to the search engines that a new website has come up with this name and you are the owner of it.

How to index site to google search engine

  1. 1
    Go to google web master tool
  2. 2
    Paste your domain in the url prefix section. (You also can select domain prefix)
  3. 3
    Choose any option to verify

After just 5 minutes of this process, the domain you have will be added and Google will start crawling all the pages of your site. After 2/3 days google will be indexing your site's page one by one and your site will slowly start coming in the SERP.

Not only this system of indexing is just for Google but also it for any search engine, so you will go to every search engine and add your site.

Another thing to keep in mind is to never add your site with two separate Gmail. In this case Google will not understand who is the real owner of the site and as a result Google may penalize your site.

Keyword research

keyword research

I have seen many marketers avoid this term where this so important for taking your site ranking. Key word research is a much bigger subject so it can not be told here in details. I have written a complete article about keyword research. You should read it to get the complete knowledge.

Title and description

title and description

Now Google is crawling your site and showing your site on Serp. But there is a small but here.

Your site is showing in SERP but why people will visit your site excluding other sites, why they will click on your link.

The second step of water fall is click. The main thing that works to make this second step happen is the title and the description.

The title and description are very important because this is the first impression.

When a user searches for something, he first sees your title and description in the SERP. After looking at the title and description, he decides whether to enter your page or another page. And everyone knows that first impression is the last impression.

With the title and description you have to describe the whole content that you are providing.

Suppose you are writing content about air conditioners, your title and description should be relevant so that the user understands what you are talking about. If you talk about Dayton's AC, it should be mention in the title and description. Then the user will easily understand that he is definitely going to get information about AC and especially Dayton AC.

When you search for something, you read the title and description first and then click on a link. So the more eye-catching your title is, the better you can spice up the title, the higher your click ratio will be. And Google gives a lot of priority to this click ratio.

You can also see how many clicks you get and how many impressions you get from google webmaster tool. After knowing your CTR (Click Through Ratio) you can try to increase your CTR.

Another thing to keep in mind very importantly is to always keep your main keywords in the title and description and try to put it at the beginning of the title and description.


good content for good on page seo

The user has landed on your page. Now you need to satisfy your user with your content to such a way that he does not want to go any site else from your site and he gets all the things what he needs related to that topic from this site. To happening it you need to follow these steps

Make content relevant to title and description:

Now you have given the title 5 Best Air Conditioners and if your content has 3 instead of 5 then your content is not right. As a result, the user will not be on your site anymore and your site will not be able to rank on Google.

So you must write a proper content and try to add tables and lists in possible places.

Tables and list:

According to Google, content that has tables and lists ranks higher than a normal content. You will also notice that most of the tables and lists are available in the featured snippet.

It is also easier for the users to understand the content because the summary of that content is available by list or table.

For example if you are talking about air conditioner then you can make its pricing list or it has star rating, ESSR rating, it has cooling capacity which you can say in tabular form or you can also say in list form if you want.

This will make the content more readable for your users and the users will be much more satisfied. user will not bounce back from your page.

Reduce bounce rate:

The lower your bounce rate is the better. If your bounce rate continues to increase, Google will remove you from the rank. For this you should know well about bounce rate.

To find out what your bounce rate is, you need to go to Google Analytics which you will add to your site. From here you can see the bounce rate of any of your pages and from here you will know which page has higher bounce rate. 

There is a slightly similar metrics called exit rate. This is also need to keep lower. People sometimes get confused between these two. So keep lower the bounce rate and exit rate.

Avoid keyword stuffing:

You have to satisfy the user with the content and also write a seo friendly content.

But you also have to keep in mind that you should not do keyword stuffing while writing a seo friendly article.

Many people think that keyword stuffing will rank your article. Guys keyword stuffing may rank your article in the beginning but later when Google finds out about it you will be penalized for it.

You need to write your article in human readable form. Just the way we talk. You can write in any language but it has to be a human readable form.

Copying and pasting from somewhere or just typing keywords should be avoided.

This will make your user experience worse and Google will understand it very quickly. So avoid it.

Content creation is the ultimate. Through content creation you will basically reach the ultimate peak of success. After all content is the king. So I have decided a complete article should be dedicated about the process of creating quality content.


headings for on page

H1, h2, h3 these are the headings. In h1 you need to focus on the main keywords of your article which is the most important part of your article. And h2 is for your other sub point or sub keyword. If there is any more sub keyword then you can use h3.

This will make your article more user readable. Because the ones that have headings will outstand even more than normal text. The user will prioritize those keywords and Google will gradually start giving you rank in those sub keywords.

I have seen myself on my website that in the article I just gave the title and some of text is less effective as compare to a post which I have divided into headings and subheading.

 You can use it to increase search rankings and also to enhance user experience.

A good looking user interface

user interface

Another way to enhance the user experience is to use a neat and clean UI.

If you make like a spammy UI then your bounce rate will increase and if you make a nice UI then the user will feel more engaging with your site.

If you can make a good UI then the user will think that the content available here will be much better than a spammy type site.

If you keep an eye on it, you will get better results in the future. For creating a good looking user interface you should build your site with Thrive Themes. Because Thrive themes will enable you to design independently any single part of your site without any coding.

Focus more on internal linking

internal linking

Along with UI, you have to pay close attention to internal and external linking.

Internal linking is more important here. Suppose you have taken a page to the ranking with a lot of effort and 100 visitors come to that page every day. Now go to Google Analytics and you see that the bounce rate of that page is 80%. This means that out of those 100 people, 80 people come to your page and click the back button. They go back to Google and visit another site and there are only 20 people who scroll your page.

So here you have a lot opportunities to capture those 80 people and it will be more useful than writing an article with a new keyword. So you have to try so that those 80% users are satisfied from your page and from you.

For that you can make internal links with other articles related to your site so that the user can get what he wants from here. This will increase the page rank of your site and your domain authority. And of course it will increase your user enhancement.

For example, I will take the best air conditioner again. You wrote the article Best Air Conditioner. Any user who can take the air conditioner here will also take a voltmeter with the air conditioner. So here you can give the internal link of voltmeter where you have said about best voltmeter in another article. With this you can also make internal link of the article of a dessert cooler. If the user is not sure whether he will take air conditioner or cooler then he will be able to know about cooler from your site. You can capture that guy too.

You need to try to divert the user to another page. So focus more on internal linking than external linking. A little amount of quality external link is good for your site but not much.

Mobile responsive

mobile responsive

At present time you need to pay special attention to your mobile users. Because in 2016, the number of mobile users on my site was 62% and now 2021, the number of this traffic has increased to 91%.

As far as I've noticed at this point in time, it seems to me that desktop users are only 5-10%.

So you must choose the theme that you will use on your site to see if it is mobile friendly.

Many people do not pay attention to the mobile friendly theme. Because everyone works on desktop. And on the desktop the title is showing correctly, the content is showing correctly, the picture is showing correctly but in the meantime there is no news about how it looks on the mobile.

So you must keep in mind the issue of improving the user experience of mobile users. Because the majority amount of mobile users are going to come to your site. In the future, mobile users will continue to grow and desktop users will continue to decline.

Thrive Themes will enable you to create design for desktop, tablet and mobile in a same interface. So you can use Thrive Themes for creating a mobile responsive site with no doubt.

Site speed

site speed

Another important factor for user satisfaction is the speed of your site. Your site should load quickly.

Site speed is so important because if your site doesn't load within 3 seconds then 75% of the traffic doesn't land on your site. Traffic from there goes to another site by clicking the back button.

You may have seen this from your own experience when you search for something and try to get into a site. If the site takes time to load then you go back and go to another site.

There is no lack of links in Google. So you have to take care of it. If your site does not load properly, there is no lack of links for traffic.

So your site should load within 3 seconds. Then you can gain 80% traffic and I will tell you that make your site load in just 2 sec.

Image optimization

image optimization for on page seo

Image optimization is a great way to get site to load faster. Image optimization not only helps to increase the speed of the site but also helps to rank the site.

Many people use random images on their site by editing them as they see fit. But you have to be careful that the size of the image is not too heavy.

I also kept everything right on my site in the beginning but still could not increase the speed of the site. Then I noticed that the size of each image of my site is very heavy. After I solved it, the speed of my site also increased and the number of visitors increased more than before.

Reducing the size of the image does not mean compromising on image quality. You have to compress each image which is much heavier. As a result, the size of the image will be smaller but the quality will be fine. This will increase the loading speed of your site.

Will also use alt tags in the image. Google will understand the related picture by the alt tag. Alt tag will always try to give your keywords.

Use yoast seo plugin

yoast seo

Finally you will use yoast seo. This is a WordPress plugin.

With this yoast seo plugin you can do all the things related to keyword in the content.

With yoast seo you can give meta title and meta description in your contents and pages.

If your focus keyword is not in the title, yoast seo will let you know. If your title is short, it will tell you.

It will tell you if your first paragraph has not your focus keyword. Yoast seo will also tell you what your keyword density is. If you don’t use any headings with your keyword then yoast will tell you that.

If you don't remember to use alt tag in your image, yoast seo will remind you.

Many times don't remember to put keywords in the URL. In that case yoast seo will tell you that you did not enter your focus keyword in the URL.

Those who want to learn on page must use yoast seo. As a result, all you have to do just write the content and the rest will tell you yoast seo.


If you can do the steps that I have said so far, then you will be ranked first in Google and the traffic will not want to go to any site other than your site.

For doing this properly, your user will be satisfied. If you make satisfy your user, at the end of the day user will share your site with his friends. Talk to a lot of people about your site. So it is better to have a share button on your site.

So the user has to satisfy and in that case Google must give you rank. That is the only truth. In the case of on page seo user satisfaction is the main issue.

I tried to explain the whole on-page concept from my experience to you. If you miss something, let me know in the comment section and you will definitely let me know how I can improve this article more.

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