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13 Ways to Create Urgency in Your Marketing to Increase Conversion Rate

Galib Hossen // 2021-09-24 //  Mins Read

Urgency puts people in a serious situation. In that type of situation People more likely to take action such as purchasing something. Yaro starck a marketer applied urgency in his marketing and he increased his conversion rate triple than before.

The birth of marketing is for selling products. As the era has been updated, a lot of research has been done on marketing and various new marketing strategies have been created. While doing research on marketing, marketing experts have discovered that human psychology plays the biggest role in buying products.

Whatever we buy, we think we bought the product based on a lot of logic and need. But research says that our subconscious mind has already decided what we will buy.

We make such logic and need to justify the decision of our subconscious mind.

There are several types of psychological behavior that people have when it comes to buying products. There are many types of marketing strategies depending on the type of psychological behavior. One of the most effective strategies is to create urgency in marketing to boost conversion.

What is urgency in marketing?

Urgency in marketing is a marketing tactics that plays with human’s fear of missing out something. People have been afraid of losing since time immemorial. Urgency marketing is the way to sell products using this primitive human behavior because when the fear of missing out something comes to mind, an automatic urgency is created for it.

This marketing phenomenon was first identified in 1996 by Dr. Dan Herman. For the benefit of the internet, this marketing tactic has now expanded and become popular as an established and effective tactic.

Why you should focus on creating urgency

Research has shown that 60% of people buy only because of fear of missing out and that too within 24 hours’ time range.

Academic conducted an experiment in 2018. From that experiment, it is known that if an unimportant subject is given an urgent feature, then people are naturally more motivated to take action. Even if that urgency is fake, it works equally well.

Let me tell you a story to understand the matter clearly

India is a Hindu-majority country. Idolatry is very prevalent among them. Some of the statues in an idol shop were arranged in a single rack. On the other side there is only one statue on another beautiful shelf. The situation is as if the statue on that second shelf has only one piece. The funny thing is that the idols in the two places are actually the same.

Even more interesting is that the single statue on the second shelf was bought by people at a higher price than the statues on the first shelf.

After the shopkeeper noticed this, when the single idol on the second shelf was sold, he brought another idol and put it there and people bought it even if it was more expensive.

I think the shopkeeper didn’t even know about creating urgency because the story precedes the identification of urgency marketing but he used this tactics perfectly.

I think now you are clear about the importance of creating urgency.

Pros of creating urgency in marketing

This is definite that creating urgency in marketing increase conversion rate but with this benefit it has more benefit that you can get from creating urgency.

  1. 1
    By creating urgency, you can make a very important feature of your unimportant product. It feels that the product is very necessary. It makes your normal product as a hot commodity.
  2. 2
    There is no doubt that the urgency increases the conversion rate but the specialty of creating urgency is that it is able to drive massive sales in the shortest time.
  3. 3
    Creating urgency is the way to connect with your audience from a different angle. You can capture your audience attention very easily that leads to potential sales.

Cons of creating urgency in marketing

With a lot of benefits creating urgency can harm your business if you don’t apply it properly. There are 3 cons of creating urgency you should be aware.

  1. 1
    By creating urgency you will be able to sell a lot of products in a short time but if you keep your offer open for forever then maybe you will be getting profit for a long time.
  2. 2
    When you create a fake urgency for a low value product you still get a lot of sales but after the first time sale it hurts your business so much that it is difficult to continue business with that brand.
  3. 3
    While many people like your brand, if you create so much urgency, your customers may not be accustomed to it. As a result they ignore your brand.

13 Effective ways to create urgency in your marketing

13 Ways to Create Urgency in Your Marketing to Increase Conversion Rate

There are several ways to create urgency, but the creation of urgency does not depend on any rules. It depends on your presence of mind, tricks. According to your business and products you can invent the way of creating urgency.

When you are going to create urgency you have to keep two things in your mind. There is no time and there are only few products buy.

Read the tricks I have shared, mainly you will find the 2 tricks across all the tricks

1. Fastest delivery for limited time

This trick can be seen using various ecommerce websites nowadays. I personally find Amazon to use this trick a lot.

fastest delivery example

In case of ecommerce business, it will take 2/3 days for product delivery. This is very normal. But human psychology is that as the days go by, he wants to get everything easier. Looking at the world, it can be noticed very well.

When a brand promises to deliver a product within 24 hours, people naturally feel a lot more attraction to that product.

Urgency is created when a specific time limit is applied for ordering to get the product delivered within 24 hours or faster.

Once the time limit is over, the offer of getting the product delivered fast is finish. Users will miss the opportunity. This fear provokes users towards purchase.

49% of shoppers say that same-day delivery makes them more likely to shop online.

This trick not only provokes users to purchase but also it increases the user experience.

2. Offer free shipping for limited time

An irresistible demand of human psychology is to get something for free. The biggest example of this is a shop in Bangladesh.

A friend of mine has a confectionery shop in Bangladesh. Some bowls in his shop had not been sold for a long time. My friend kept thinking how to sell them and suddenly a plan came to his head.

He also sold his own manufactured fried nuts in his shop. People also needed a bowl to keep those nuts. He then increased the price of his nuts a little bit and offered a free bowl with it. In this way his bowls were being sold.

But the interesting thing is that due to this free offer, the sales of his nuts increased almost 3 times. Even the more interesting thing is, he was giving the bowl for free, but he added its price to the price of the nuts. So in fact he was not losing anything.

3. Offer a free product for a limited time (for digital product)

Free shipping can be offered for a physical product but there is no free shipping arrangement for a digital product. Does that mean that those who work with digital products will not be able to take advantage of this?

Not at all, because in the case of digital products, it is not possible to offer a free delivery, but a relevant product can be offered for free.

I got such type of example in “Hoth”. Hoth is a seo agency. I have done some work by them. Once I needed an article for one of my websites. So I go to their website and due to order I notice that they are offering, if I order within 2 hours, they will write the article and also promote my article for free.

What an amazing offer! I didn’t want to miss this offer.

When you will think of this kind of offer for your products, you will get many more unique ideas like hoth.

4. Offer a discount voucher code for limited time

We all love to get discount. When a brand gives a discount, friends call other friends and inform them about the discount and everyone goes shopping together in the showroom of that brand.

I worked with “Pure Lander” as an affiliate. This is a landing page builder. I was trying to sell it through just simple marketing method without creating any urgency. Once I thought if I can get a discount voucher code for my readers then it will make my marketing stand out.

I was not completely wrong. It increased my conversion rate but that was not the peak. When I added a time limitation to get the voucher code it seemed like people were crazy to get that landing page builder. My conversion rate was 61%. That was unbelievable.

5. Offer premium things for free for a limited time (best for lead generation)

When you are giving premium things free then off course you are not earning any money for this but if you focus on lead generation then this trick is going to give you a massive result.

This trick works amazingly but may it is not completely compatible for physical products. This is perfectly compatible for digital products.

I have an offer called “the funnel marketing kit”. This is a premium offer but now I give it to my users for free. I give it free but I have created urgency for this funnel marketing kit. You can see it picture:

premium for free

I use this offer for only collecting leads and this offer get me a huge amount of leads. When I started to give it free with a time limitation, my conversion rate has increased more than when I sold it for $67. So you can easily think about the power of this trick.

6. Use a visual countdown clock

visual countdown clock

A visual countdown clock creates a visual effect of urgency. The tricks I have shared many of them are limited time offer. For those limited time offer a visual countdown timer make people to feel the sound of tik tik.

Research showed that a countdown timer increases the click rate up to 30%.

Countdown timer is a visual cue that tells people, if you want the value then you have to take action fast.

You can easily build a visual countdown clock even if you don’t know coding. Thrive Ultimatum offers you to create countdown timer without coding. There are various types of countdown timer templates available for you.

Watch in the video how easy to create a countdown clock with Thrive Ultimatum:

7. Show product availability

The fact that there are not many products in stock also makes the customers very anxious. Amazon uses this trick very successfully. Not only amazon, most of the ecommerce website uses this trick including walmart.

show product availability

There are not many products in stock, this indicates two things. Of course, the product is good so the stock is running out and since the product is running out, I may not get the product.

The second thought creates the urgency. Those who need the product will more likely to order for the product.

Using left in stock trick increases the product value in user’s mind. If your product is really maintain the quality then you can be sure a lot of users are going to come back to purchase your product again.

8. Number of items have been sold trick

This is a trick where you will show how many people have bought this product. It creates the fear off missing out. I have seen booking.com to use this trick perfectly and they are very successful in their territory of industry.

number of items have been sold

Booking.com is an ecommerce booking agent by which people book hotel, resort. They show how much hotel rooms are rented in a specific time.

When people notice that many rooms of this hotel have been booked in a short period of time, the value of that hotel automatically increases in their mind and also an urgency is created by being rented many rooms in a short period of time.

9. Price will rise up soon trick

One more trick I have seen most in booking.com. It is a good trick I think. This is type of discount offer that is running and will be finished soon. This is like old wine in a new bottle. With this trick, the discount offer has been presented a little differently.

before its too late example

The point of view of the discount offer is to spend less money and the price will go up and the point of view of “price will rise up soon” trick is to refrain from spending more money. Both attract people equally.

You can try out which works better for your products.

10. Create limited edition

limited edition example

It is a core psychological trick. We all contain this psychological fact. The fact is, we all want to get something scarce and we all want to be scarce. We fell we are scarce when we get something scarce. We can take a big step for being scarce.

You can understand the matter more clearly by knowing a phenomenon.

Diamonds are very valuable in the world. It is said that the most precious stone in the world is the blue diamond. If you search on google by “most precious stone”, you will see 3 different diamonds in the top 5 arrows. But why diamonds are so expensive?

In fact, diamonds are not so expensive, they have been made expensive by the diamond business magnets.

There are a lot of diamonds to collect in the world but and its traders are collecting so much too but they never release a lot of diamonds in the market. There are still 1.2 billion carats of diamonds reserved in the world. Russia has reserved most of the diamond.

It is kept limited so that it becomes a scarce object to human. So when people use diamonds, they think of themselves as more valuable than the other 10 people. As a result, the price of diamonds has increased day by day.

The biggest diamond mining company De Beers generated 6.1 billion U.S dollars in 2018.

So create limited edition products to make your products scarce and give your customers the opportunity to be scarce.

11. Show product unavailability

out of stock example

You must be wondering how to convert if the product is not available? Right question.

This trick will not increase the conversion rate instantly. Out of stock always indicates to the good aspect of the product. Go out of stock and tell your customers that it is a very popular product and it does not stay in stock for a long.

The customers may be a little annoyed first time but at the end of the day the value of your product will increase in their eyes. The next time you will stock your product, you will definitely get a better conversion rate than before.

12. Create Content locking (for lead generation)

Create Content locking

Content locking is a lead generation approach that allows you to get a higher conversion rate than any other medium. It creates a high urgency.

You think of yourself, you are reading a serious article to gather knowledge, but suddenly you are stopped. If the content really provides the value then you must share your email to finish that content.

Content locking creates a kind of incompleteness in the mind of the users which drives them towards the entire content to be completed.

Content locking also increases the content value. It turns a free content into premium content.

If you are feeling hesitate to build a content locker than you will be happy to hear that thrive leads gives you the opportunity to build a content locker in world easiest way.

Watch the video to learn the easiest way to build a content locker:

13. Come up with unique seasonal offers

There are various products across all the years but each product is for a specific season. Seasonal products make a huge sale in all the season.

Brick and mortar shops have to be extremely busy during the holiday season. Big retailers company like Walmart, Amazon and Target, as well as major department stores like Macy’s, generate huge profits during this time by selling seasonal products.

Christmas tree companies generate over $1 billion in the USA every year!

Do the urgency creation methods work for affiliate marketing?

The direct and simple answer is yes.

I have said above about discount voucher code. I promoted pure lander a landing page builder with a discount voucher code. I was an affiliate of that landing page builder. I contacted with the affiliate manager and convinced him to give me a limited time discount voucher code for my visitors.

Most of the affiliate platforms have the products that already have urgency applied. I have shared some urgency creation examples from some ecommerce sites that all accept affiliates.

If you work on amazon then you must find plenty of products that already have urgency applied. Work with those products. You can send emails to promote those products. You can feature them on your website.

You just have to find out those products.

Create your own products

Another way to apply urgency for affiliate marketers is to create your own product. When you own a product you can apply urgency in it as you want.

Maybe you're scared to hear about creating a product. But I'm not asking you to manufacture products like big brands. I'm talking about creating a digital product that could be a video or an ebook or any other digital assets.

This type of product should not be too difficult to create. Showcase your skills through a strategic video, this will be a product. If you want you can publish it in the form of an ebook instead of a video.

If you can’t write an ebook then come up with a plan and outsource it. There are plenty of platforms available from where you can hire a writer to write you book. You can hire writer from fiverr or hirewriters. Both are enough good for hiring writers.

If you want a free solution then download a free PLR content in your niche edit it with your own flavor. There are plenty of PLR content providers. You can choose any provider, I can suggest IDPLR.com or PLRassassin.com. I have used their PLR contents and I was satisfied.

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Creating urgency is the greatest way to increase conversion rate and at the same time it can ruin your business if you don’t apply it properly. One thing keeps in your mind seriously that don’t ever try to create excessive urgency. It will create so much pressure which can be enough for your customers to avoid your products instead of converting.

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