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How to Collect Email Address | Collect Tons of Email Address in Legit Way

Galib Hossen // 2021-08-11 //  Mins Read

What do you need to do email marketing? Everyone knows it and that is email address. Without email address how is it possible to doing email marketing. But I didn’t find any article which makes feel the clear concept of collecting email address. I found many tips to collecting email address but they couldn’t tell the clear concept. So I have decided to make suspicion less the collecting email concept.

What you need to collect email address

What you need for collect email address

For making the concept easy, first we will know about the terms that need to collect email address then we will discuss why and how we will use these terms properly.

I have given 6 terms that you need to collect email and in my marketing life I have always used these 6 terms and it never seems to me that it is not the best way to collect email.

  1. 1
    An opt-in form
  2. 2
    A lead magnet
  3. 3
    A landing page
  4. 4
    A website
  5. 5
    An auto responder
  6. 6

The Audience Building Super Method

My suggestion is not directly about collecting emails but it is about how to make audiences. But the interesting thing is that the audiences are being talked about is not about ordinary audiences because the audiences are your mad fans who can't wait to buy everything what you create. You are the special one to them.

You can collect tons of targeted leads through the way I am going to tell you but how would you make them subdued and impatient about your products?

Maybe you are thinking that this will demand a huge amount of money and boring time to build up this type of audience.

But the truth is different from your thinking.

Thrive Themes Co-Founder Shane has created such a course that teaches you to create such type of audience without spending on paid advertise even if you have no products.

This is not a method where you have to do boring same thing year over year. But this is also not a method that gives you money within few days. It takes a few months but not definitely years.

This is only for those who want to create a long distance business relationship.

If you have the destination plan to create such a business then my thoughtful suggestion is check it out once.

How to collect email address

How to collect email address

This is the time to discuss how we will use these terms

An opt-in form

An opt-in form is most important to collect email. Mainly with this opt-in form you will collect email and your user will become your subscriber by giving their email in this opt-in form.

Without opt-in email collect is impossible and without it where your user will give their email?

You can design an opt-in form as you wish. There are various types of tools or wp plugin available to make opt-in form.

Lead magnet

Getting an email id for your newsletter is not as targeted as an email id getting for a lead magnet.

Lead magnet is a free gift as a form of text, video or audio related to your product to make the user interested to get you his email. You get to use a lead magnet to capture the laser targeted traffic.

Suppose you are on travel niche. Now if you write a guide as your lead magnet about to tour in china then you will get the laser targeted traffic who have an interest in travel in china. Offer about to travel in china can easily be promoted to them.

On the other side a guide about to "world travel" attract the persons want to travel the whole world.

I think it is clear to you that how a lead magnet can get you the laser targeted traffic to make the dominant amount of sale. But mind it your lead magnet should be really helpful to the users otherwise all the work will be useless and subscribers will lose the trust.

An opt-in page

From affiliate marketing point view a opt-in is nothing but a representation of your lead magnet. 

An opt-in page is a static page including an opt-in form without any menu bar or side bar so that it can grab the full attention to your lead magnet. Many people call it landing page. Both are right.

An opt-in page consist of 4 things

  • A headline
  • Picture
  • Opt-in form
  • Call to action

A better design of your landing page increases the chances to make user interest to get your magnet and as a result make him your subscriber.

But beside the design you need to keep a look on the head line, paragraphs on your landing page because you have to convince and make the visitor enthusiastic about your magnet(free gift).

This is not an article to discuss about landing page conversion rate. Landing page conversion rate demand a dedicate article. So, I have written an article where I have described in details about how to increase landing page conversion rate to the top potential.

A website

For a marketer  must have a website because a website is a business hub. This is not like that you must have a website to collect emails.

Initial time you don't need to have a website. But for ultimate marketing you must have a website.

You can place your opt-in form anywhere in your website for news letter or any of your lead magnet. Users who feel the necessity to take your news latter or any freebies you are offering he gives you his email address in this opt-in form.

An auto responder

An auto responder where accumulates all the email addresses that users give in the opt-in form and your preset email/email template is sent to the subscriber’s email as you pre-scheduled it.

With an auto responder you can send news letter to your subscriber.

Auto responder not use only fore sending emails, it also use as email data base. Your all subscribers emails are collected here.

Once you want you can download all your email data to your computer.

Bring traffic

This is the final step and the most important and seems very tricky step but think it as simple as possible. If you have no traffic then there is no point to this huge preparation.

You know where you can find traffic to send your website and landing page too. I will show you some simplest way to send traffic.

There are plenty of traffic source you can use to bring visitor to your website. I am giving some examples to you so that you can get an idea.

Since this is not an article about bringing traffic. There is a complete article about traffic sources. You will get the all ideas about traffic and traffic sources.

1. Facebook

Facebook is the easiest way to send traffic to your page. In initial moment you can share you’re your landing page with your Facebook friends.

You can make a Facebook page related to your website or a Facebook group can also be the traffic source.

For getting targeted fan for fb page or group Facebook ppc ad is very effective but you have to pay money for it. If you want to make money seriously then this is not a heavy cost.

2. Twitter

Twitter is also a social media like Facebook and I know you know it. But maybe you didn’t use it as a traffic source before. Science you are a marketer than twitter is traffic source for you and you can also run ppc add in twitter.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is also a social media specially for info graphics. You will find mostly female members in there whos are mostly lives in USA. So if you work with any product for female you can use pinterest.

There are plenty of ppc ad network for getting laser targeted traffic. I am suggesting you some good ppc ad network.

4. Google adword

Google adword is good and very big ppc network to get targeted traffic. The cost per click is variable. There are two types of ad you can set. One is display ad and the other is search engine ad.

The both are good but I prefer search ad because search ad give you the most targeted traffic.

5. Adroll

Adroll is another ppc site with the favor of retargeting. Adroll has over thousands of website don’t use google adsense where your ad can be placed and retargeting will help you to make subscriber who went back from your site.

6. Bing ad

Bing ad is like google adword that has display and search both types of ad. If have any issue with google adword then bing ad can be perfect for you.

There are some ad networks that support you to set a native ad. Native ad is a unique idea that makes your ad that not seems like an ad and it enables your conversion boom.

7. Taboola

Taboola is a big native ad network working from 2007. If you want to show your ad on news site like NBC, USA today or business insider then you have to use taboola and most of the traffic from tier 1 countries this is especially rightful for affiliate marketer.

8. Revcontent

Revcontent is highly choosy network as they reject their 98% of application for publisher. Every site monetized by rev content has at least 50k traffic per month that confirms that your ad will be placed on good site.

9. Mgig

Mgig is ad network that has 850 million traffic per month and most of the traffic from USA, Europe, Asia pacific. You need to deposit initially $100 and the cost per click starts from $0.0015. I think it is enough cheap to start marketing.

Email harvesting  (not to use for serious marketing)

Email harvesting

Email harvesting is another system to collect bulk email but I am not encouraging to use it for serious email marketing. Because this is not the right way to doing email marketing and this is a kind of spamming but I am telling you this just for knowing it not for using it.

First you go to shane’s tools website and then click the shane’s tools button. You will get some option and from there drag the option “email scrapping” and drop it into your browser’s bookmark bar.

Now you have to use the advanced google search operators and that is site:domain.com "your keyword" "desired country" "@gmail/yahoo.com"

For example I need some facebook email related to travel niche from USA then the search operators will be site:facebook.com "travel" "usa" "@gmail.com".

Now just click on the email scrapping which you saved into your bookmark bar. You will get all the email at the first page of the serp. Then go to the next page and click on the email scrapping again.

 For collecting email fast change your search setting 10 to 100 then 100 results would be showed in the first page instead of 10 results.


What I have told by this time this is the best email collecting strategy except email harvesting. Follow the strategy as I said to capture the laser targeted traffic.

If you want to convert those traffic into an audience of die hard fans then learn the secret of audience psychology and bring out a huge results even from a low scale audience.

If you have any query related to email marketing or with this article then comment bar is only for you.

Do marketing properly, wish you best of luck.

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An affiliate marketer with an addiction of travelling. He believes that nature starts working to make happen that people believe.

Having an incredible vision and persistence to never give up, he built his 6 figure online business with the power of belief, hard work and smart decisions.

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