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How Thrive Architect Makes Your Pages Mobile Responsive?

Galib Hossen // 2022-01-01 //  Mins Read

Mobile has made people entertain freak. Now-a-days mobile is more important than dress. People feel very lonely without their mobile phone. So it is definitely that your website will be visiting mostly by mobile devices. It can be easily understood that if your website is not mobile responsive then you will be losing the lion’s share of your potential customers / audiences. Here, Thrive Architect dramatically saves you from being a loser. But how? You will discover it. Just keep reading.

5 significant reasons why mobile responsive is essential

One of the reasons why your website mobile responsiveness is important I mentioned above. The reason is notable but I will give you some information in the form of statistics that not only create an image but also make you surprise.

  1. 1
    GSMA Intelligence conducted a survey in 2021 on the number of mobile phone users. They found that 5.22 billion mobiles were being used at that time. But this is not surprising. The surprising thing is, the number of users were 93 million more than the previous year’s users. Isn’t it surprising?
  2. 2
    Graphics king adobe conducted a survey on landing page conversion rate. They found, a landing page can increase its conversion rate by 5% through only making it mobile responsive.
  3. 3
    Adobe found another shocking result on mobile responsiveness. 50% of landing pages in the planet are mobile responsive but 86% of the top conversion generating landing pages are mobile responsive.it mobile responsive.
  4. 4
    The global website conversion rate is 4.31% but this data is only for desktop. The result falls to 1.49% for the mobile conversion rate. The primary reason is, the websites are not mobile responsive.
  5. 5
    If we look at the status of global website’s bounce rate then we see the same result. Bounce rate for desktop is 49.3% but the status for mobile is 58.3%.

What is Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect is a part of Thrive Suit. Thrive Suit is a complete package of website building tools. Thrive Architect is not only a part of the package but it is the primary tool that you use to build any kind of your pages. So, basically Thrive Architect is the ultimate webpage or landing page building tool by which you can design your page visually by just dragging and dropping.

How Thrive Architect helps you to make your website mobile responsive

Thrive Architect is not an ordinary page building tool. It is full of features that you ever need to build landing pages, squeeze pages or webinar pages, sales pages. But we will not talk about the other features of it except its mobile-responsive feature. We will be knowing about Thrive Architect’s excellence. Keep reading…

1. Opportunity to create Mobile responsive pages without coding

Once upon a time, creating marketing website was so tough because most of the wanna be digital marketers were not web developing specialist. But now-a-days, web developing is more complicated because of keeping the website mobile responsive is essential. Creating two versions of a website using raw coding requires a dedicated web developer.

Marketers are not web developer. So they need a solution without coding. That’s the Thrive Architect. Make all of your pages mobile friendly with Thrive Architect and don’t leave a single visitor from being captured.

You will get some video bellow. From there it will be clear to you that Thrive Architect is completely a visual web page builder. There is no need to know html, css or java script.

2. All predesigned landing page templates of Thrive Architect are highly mobile responsive

You will be glad to know that Thrive Architect has more than 300 hundred eye-catching landing page templates, each with a specific purpose. All the templates are already mobile optimized. You don’t need to do anything to make them mobile friendly.

One thing I want to tell you that, each landing page has a set. In the set you will get every sequence page for this page, like thank you page, sales page, download page. They all are mobile responsive too. So you need to bother with their inbuilt landing pages.

You can see their inbuilt landing page examples in the video:

3. Create the versions of your pages for 3 devices at once

Don’t worry by hearing about creating 3 versions of your page because when you create the desktop/primary version of the page, the design is also applied for both mobile and tablet devices. You just have to check out the other two versions whether the versions are responsive or not.

You have three different buttons bellow the design panel for 3 different devices. Click the button to see and edit the specific version of the page.

If you notice any unresponsiveness in other two versions, just edit there by dragging and dropping, this design will be applied for only the specific device.

It will be clearer to you by watching the video bellow. David will show you how to make a pricing table mobile responsive.

4. Get all mobile responsive block and element templates

I have told you before that, Thrive Architect is full of features. In Thrive Architect, you get “blocks” to use in your pages or contents. Every block is with specific purpose. The blocks are arranged in such a way so that it can meet the each need of a page.

In addition blocks Thrive Architect has a wide range of element templates too. Elements are the parts of a web page. Thrive Architect has a lot of element templates you can use in your page if you fell need. They all are mobile responsive.

Watch the video. We have tried to show all the mobile responsive blocks and elements of Thrive Architect.

5. Remove unwanted elements for mobile version (for extreme responsiveness)

Sometimes it happens that, one element of a page for desktop version looks good but the same element ruins the look of the page in mobile edition. In these cases, which element is not perfect for mobile, it should be removed only on mobile version.

With Thrive Architect you can do this very easily. You can easily make invisible the element that you think ruin your page’s mobile version or you can redesign the element dedicatedly for mobile version. The element will be visible only on mobile devices.

The video bellow will clear the matter completely.

Final thought

Thrive Architect is the best possible easy and affordable solution for building web page. You can create extremely mobile responsive landing pages no doubt. Moreover you get tons of mobile friendly landing page templates with a huge collection of element templates. So you don’t have to take the pain of thinking about design concept. Just find out proper template and edit it with your text, pictures and colors. If you still have questions about Thrive Architect mobile responsiveness, the comments section is dedicated to you.

One thing let me know in the comment section that is, after reading the article, now what are you thinking about Thrive Architect?

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