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How Much Traffic Does a Site Get

Galib Hossen // 2021-06-20 //  Mins Read

No matter you sell products or services first you will need traffic. This is the primary concern of starting a website. But how much traffic does a site get?

Actually there is no exact answer of the question. It depends on the capacity of how much traffic you can bring to your site.

There are varieties of traffic channels are available and each traffic channel has uncountable traffic sources. If you capture all the traffic sources you will get a tremendous amount of traffic.

Traffic channels

traffic channel

In order to understand how much traffic does a site get you should have the idea about traffic channel. There are mainly 4 types traffic channel.

Search engines

Search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. There are more search engine available except the three. For bringing search engines traffic you will have to do seo. SEO stands for search engine optimization.

Social traffic

Social traffic means the traffic which you get from social media. There are plenty of social media platforms are available.

This is normal that each people are not active in a social media platform. The biggest social media platform is facebook. Most of the websites bring traffic from facebook.

While you are bringing traffic only from facebook, you are missing twitter traffic. In twitter, there is a huge amount of traffic available too.

Referral traffic              

Referral traffic is the traffic that comes from any other website like your website. The more websites refer your site the more you get traffic from these websites.

Direct traffic

Direct traffic is the traffic who has memorized your website name and come to your site directly by typing the domain name. There is no specific way bring this type of traffic.

By running a website continuously from a long time it get a broad amount of traffic that will have your site’s name in their brain and you will get direct traffic.

Since you are reading this article you must need traffic to your website. Traffic sources are constantly evolving. You keep finding traffic sources. I have sorted some good traffic sources that will be very useful to you if really want to drive a massive amount of traffic to your website.

How much traffic does a site get by traffic channels

For a good example we can take the name of Wikipedia. This is the 3rd biggest website in the world according to the ahrefs 2021 statistics.

Wikipedia gain 86.34% of the traffic only form search engine. This is huge amount of traffic. Wikipedia has just 1.25% traffic from social media. That means Wikipedia don’t feel the need of social traffic and this is actually not required for Wikipedia.

But, if Wikipedia try to drive traffic from social media than rate of traffic from search engine will be lower and social traffic will be higher but the overall traffic will be increased.

How much traffic does a site get by traffic channels info

One other example is healthline.com. This is a blog website. This is the 37th website according to traffic. This website also gets most of the traffic form search engine and that is about 91%.

Their social traffic is only .44%. If they work on social media then their traffic will be increased. They are missing the traffic of social platform. In spite of missing a big amount of traffic they have a huge amount of traffic.

One more example which has most of the traffic from referral and that is gamepedia.com. This is the 71st website in the world according to traffic. If this site starts working more on social media and search engine ranking they will gain their traffic more.

How much traffic does a site get from social media?

Nowadays social media are the main entertainment center for a broad amount of people. Social media are all time full of traffic. Facebook is the biggest social media in the planet and it has 1.6 billion active users worldwide.

Jagonews24com is a popular Bengali news website with a total traffic of about 3.5 million/m. About 38% of traffic comes from social media, of which about 98% comes from only Facebook. They have made Facebook their main traffic source.

How much traffic does a site get from social media

Twitter is the second biggest social media where 5 billion tweets are made every day. Twitter can give you a massive amount of traffic.

There are plenty of social media platforms are available which most of all have decent amount of traffic. Driving traffic from every social media is not possible but the more social media the more traffic.

How much traffic does a site get by search volume

Every industry has not the same amount of traffic. If you are on entertainment industry then I have found some keywords by which million people search every month.

If you can rank on search engine with those keywords you will get a huge amount of traffic.

On the other hand when I search about the industry of automobile, there are almost no million search keywords available.

How much traffic does a site get by search volume

There are some industries that have a low traffic rate naturally. For example B2B industries. In b2b industries you will have low traffic but if you can capture a few amount of buyer you will have a big amount of sell with great profit.

Naturally a high volume keyword has very much competition. Nowadays it is very hard to get ranked compete with such keywords. Instead find a low volume keyword first and when your site will have a lot traffic and backlink then you site will be able to compete those keyword.

Overall, the keywords that are searched the most are the likely to get most amount of traffic.

How much traffic does a site get by country

How much traffic does a site get by country

According to the stats of ahrefs youtube is the biggest website by traffic but in USA wikipedia is the biggest site by traffic. That means wikipedia is more popular in USA than youtube.

If youtube try to achieve more US traffic then there is a chance to be the most popular website in both US and globally.

Suppose you have created a website in Bengali language based on Bangladesh in any niche. Then you will get a specific location’s traffic. In this case you will not get a heavy amount of traffic which is possible to get from the global version of the site.

How to analysis traffic of any website

How to analysis traffic of any website

It is very important to analyze website traffic especially the traffic of the competitors site must be analyzed. With competitor analysis you can get the idea about the possible good traffic sources and traffic volume.

There are plenty of traffic analyzing tools are available. Maximum good tools are not completely free. You can use them free up to a stage. But in these tools I like similar web most in the case of analyzing web traffic.

You can get every useful information about the traffic status of any site. You will get 7 metrics about website traffic.

  • You can see the top referral sites from which the website is getting traffic.
  • You can see the top keywords of the website with the percentage of the traffic under a keyword.
  • You can check which social media platforms are giving the most traffic.
  • If the website runs any display ads to drive traffic then similar web will show you the information about the publishers and ad networks.
  • You should be aware of interest of your visitors. You can easily check the interest of your and your competitor’s visitors.
  • This is more important to keep inquiring about your competitor than your friend. With similar web you can find who is competitor and who is your competitor’s competitor.
  • If any website has its own mobile apps then similar web will let you know about it.

Last word

There is no boundary about how much traffic does a site get. There are so many traffic sources. You just need to see a website as a traffic source. You have to use every traffic source with a good strategy.

Traffic sources are always discoverable. So try to find traffic sources increase traffic to your website. If you have any question related to this article then you can comment this without any hesitation.

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