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The Fundamentals of Email Marketing

Galib Hossen // 2021-03-25 //  Mins Read

Today I will discuss about the fundamentals of email marketing. I have told you about the total process of email marketing but you have to know the basics of email marketing in which foundation email marketing stands for. Without these fundamentals you can continue email marketing but there will have so many gaps and for removing the gaps you need to know the fundamentals of email marketing.

For doing email marketing you must need an email marketing tool and you will definitely need an email marketing tool to do exactly what I said in this article. In that case I think GetRespons may be the most perfect email marketing tool for you

Fundamentals of email marketing

Email marketing is not a small term for being a successful affiliate marketer. There are such a many thing related to email marketing but I am telling you the 5 basic points which is compulsory to know everyone for doing email marketing in a profitable way.

1. Build your email list organically

build email list

Doing email marketing first you need to have an amount of email address and without email address who will you send it to?

There are some system is present to collecting email but I am talking about collecting email organically. For a professional email marketer or affiliate marketer should only depends on organic email contact list.

For collecting email organically you must have a conversion focused long time running website that is your business hub.

A website can be a place where you can bring a big amount of particular targeted traffic for a long time. You can make a big size of email contact list among this particular targeted traffic.

I have written an article about how to collect email organically. You will get a detail idea about collecting email from here so must read it.

But one thing keep in mind before collecting email make sure you have clear consent massage. If you want you can have double consent to make sure if he actually wants to be your subscriber and I suggest it.

2. Keep updating your contact list

update contact list

All affiliate marketers want to make their email list big and big even I want it too and there is no wrong. But here is a mistake that most of the marketers do.

The mistake is they don’t update their contact list but this is one of the fundamentals of email marketing.

Mind it, affiliate marketing is a business. You are investing money on this. Every email you send, it stands for penny. Since it needs a very small amount but it is money and you are a businessman.

Suppose you have 100 active emails and some days later you make it 1000 emails where some inactive email has. Suppose in first 100 emails had 60% click rate inside email then in the 1000 mails will have 50% or 40% click rate. You are losing about 20% of click rate means you are wasting money for those 20% false users.

Then why would you fall in loss by sending mail to an inactive user. No matter how much your email is attractive if you send it to a wrong person.

So check your list and find which contacts are inactive or low active and just remove them because they are not your customer and make your list big with thousands of active and useful users.

If you are using Getrespnse as your email marketing autoresponder then you can easily manage your list by their list hygiene feature.

One thing keep in mind, must notify your subscriber about your unsubscribe link as a result who is not like your way they remove themselves.

3. Understanding some important elements

impotent metrics of fundamentals of email marketing

There are some important elements in email marketing that is essential to know to increasing open rate and click rate inside email.

Subject line

subject line is very important for increase email open rate. User first see the subject line and he decides if he opens it or not by seeing the subject.
Try to make it interesting and if need use emoji that will make it more eye-catching.

From name

From name is the sender name. It will show before your subject line. Choose an interesting and relevant from name.

Pre header text

Pre header text is shown after the subject line. The first few words of the email appear as pre header text.


The full meaning of CTA is “Call To Action”. It is a button where you put a link to destination you want to take your subscriber. Always use a pretty CTA button instead of anchor text. It is so important.

Should be mobile friendly

There are most of the mobile user you are going marketing with so keep a sharp concentrate to make your email mobile friendly.

Human touch

your email should not look like it is written by a robot. There must be a human touch. If you use subscriber's name like “hello john” it will be a personal touch or if you use user’s location in the email it will also be a personal touch. It is really important.

In Getresponse you can easily use your subscriber name, location in the email.

4. Email marketing goals should be clear

marketing goal

Email marketing is clear concept type marketing. You must have a clear goal. There can be various types goal you can select, it depends on your niche and marketing process. I am discussing some goals involve with email marketing.

Build relationship

Many times it becomes more necessary to build a relationship with the subscriber than to sell a product. It is possible to do with email marketing.

Brand awareness

If people don't know about your brand then that brand has no value. Through email marketing you can make people aware of your brand.

Content promotion

content is the king but it also needed to arrive to traffic then the king will be powerful. Through email marketing you can promote your personal content and increase visitor to your website.

Lead generation

May be you are getting confused because after generating lead you are sending mail then how generate lead again from there.

Let me explain, suppose you have a list of people interested in bodybuilding, among them must be some people have interest to participate in bodybuilding competition. You can generate their lead from your email list.

 As a result you can able to differentiate between “just bodybuilder” and competition interested.

Product marketing

This is the main purpose of email marketing for most of the marketer. Through email marketing you can easily promote your affiliate product but use email marketing for everything I said above.

Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is a long term process. In this case the lead is guided for a long time so that he can do the specific task successfully and provide everything that is needed for that task.

These are some goals of email marketing. Even though they are different but you can use them step by step in an email list.

After collecting email you can build relationship and then you can be aware them about your brand. Gradually you introduce them to your content and then start marketing your product.

Here is one thing, product and content is different thing. “How useful a pen is” or “how to write with a pen” this is content. But “here is a pen and this is the best pen” this is the product.

5. Maintain a schedule

maintain schedule

Most marketers do not pay much attention to this issue. But it is very important. When you are sending an email, what is the amount of gap in the middle of the email, the frequency of the email, these matter a lot.

Time priority change according to niche so it is so hard to tell what is best time and how should be the frequency. You need to test and find out by sending emails at different times.

6. Analysis

email marketing analysis

Finally you need to analyze how the emails you send work and how the subscribers are using your emails. Based on this analysis, you will adjust your next strategy or make any changes that need to be made.
So it is very important to analyze your email marketing campaign well.

Last word

In my opinion, these are the basics of email marketing. Many marketers miss these basics concepts of email marketing but they are very important and are deeply involved in email marketing. If you miss one thing of them then you are not doing email marketing perfectly. I want you become a professional affiliate marketer.

Things were not very difficult. However, if anyone has any problem in understanding, do not hesitate to let me know. My true success will come only if you understand things in the right way.

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