February 11, 2021

Email Marketing Campaign Analysis

Galib Hosen

In email marketing you have to go through many steps and almost in every step you need to do analysis and the email marketing campaign analysis is really important to achieve your top potential success.

I found the email marketing analysis processes available on the internet are good but sometimes I thought they are little out of reality so I tried to make it realistic so that you can get the best feedback against your email marketing costing.

Email marketing analysis starts from firing email that means after fire email what happen to your email that need to analyze and there has some metrics to do analysis.

Before starting an email marketing campaign, I would suggest you to know the core concept of email marketing. Because if you don't have a good idea about the concept of email marketing, it will be very difficult to get good results from your email marketing analysis.

Email marketing campaign analysis metrics

We will discuss about the analysis metrics step by step and which happen in really. There are 4 metrics to analysis email marketing campaign.

  1. 1
    Bounce rate
  2. 2
    Open rate
  3. 3
    Click rate inside email
  4. 4
    Unsubscribe rate

Bounce rate

  • Soft bounce rate
  • Hard bounce rate

Soft bounce rate:

It is server related issue. May be it is your server from where you are doing email marketing or maybe it is your subscriber server from where he is using internet.

If you use Getresponse as your email marketing solution then it will be very rear to get bounced because their server is very powerful and if it happens you can send it again.

Hard bounce rate:

This is the bounce where your subscriber’s email id is wrong. If you give a wrong email address then it is impossible to arrive and no matter how many times you resend, it will never arrive.

But if you use Getresponse, it will not take the wrong email address so you no need to take any tension about the matter.

Open rate

Once deliver your email then the next step email is opened by the receiver.

Open rate = (delivered email × opened email) ÷ 100

Suppose delivered email quantity is 100 and 50 email are opened of them, then the open rate is 50%.

Now the things to note that why the receiver will open your email. Bellow I am giving some method that will help you to improve open rate but keep one thing in mind that you need to do test more and more.

How to increase email open rate

step 1
Subject line

keep a look on the email subject line. This is the first thing that is noticed by the receiver so you need to be more serious about subject line. Try to make this attractive.
Sometimes emojis can increase the chance of opening but mind it don’t use irrelevant emoji or without any reason.
You can test longer or shorter length subject to see that which work for you and your niche.

step 2

Text means the pre header text. Pre header text is shown besides subject line so this is important. You test pre header test as same as the subject line.
Sender name will be in the text section. You can change the sender name several times for testing purpose. Such as you can use your name or you can use CEO or any other name you like.

step 3

Time is so important for increase open rate. My research says that 9am-11am is the best time to opening a mail but the problem is time priority is changed according to niche.
May be 9am-11am is best for weight loss niche but this time is not best for body building niche. So you need to keep testing.
According to campaign monitor 53% of the emails are opened on working days so try to fire email on working days but again this also need test that which date is work for your niche.
My humble suggestion for time management is that, suppose you have 100 email id now you divide them into 10 groups and send email 10 different times and later select 4 best time and then follow these 4 best time and later choose the best time among those 4 times.

step 4
Check preview

You need to check the preview of your email especially on mobile. If it not looks good then try to make it good. Sometimes it matter on increasing the open rate.

step 5

Maximum marketer make mistake here. Your client subscribes you for bodybuilding but you are sending him weight loss type email then there is no chance to open your email.
So keep relevancy between your subscriber’s type and email otherwise not only decrease your open rate but also increase your unsubscribe rate.

Click rate inside email

You send an email to your subscriber for taking him to your product page or another landing page or any page of your website and for that the subscriber need to click inside the email.

Click rate= (opened email × click inside email) ÷ 100

 Around 48% of click ratio is good and you have to try to make more click rate and then you will be able to achieve 48% of click rate easily.

Mind it no interaction means no marketing, no outcome. Provide such a thing in your email that will compile him to see in front and as a result he will interact with the mail.

Try to start the email with subscriber’s name that will take closer your subscriber and in Getresponse you will be easily able to start email with subscriber name.

Unsubscribe rate

This is the last and very important metric. If people much unsubscribe you then it is mean that your strategy is not right and you need work on this.

In Getresponse you will get a reason of unsubscribing. But all unsubscribing reason will not be same. You have to find the most common reason of unsubscribing and work on it.


What I said for so long I think this is the real email marketing campaign analysis process. Even I analyze this way and this is work for me so it can be said that it will work for you too.
Every step I told, you can do with get response without any hassle and I have to say that Getresponse is the ultimate solution for email marketing.
If you have trouble understanding, feel free to let me know in the comments section.

Galib Hosen

I like to share my experience because I love to make people self depended by doing them a strategical independent online business.

what I have gathered in my marketing life I have sorted them into such an easy and understandable way so that people can do affiliate marketing in a very appropriate, focused and profitable way which will make them an Affiliate Wiz.


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