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Does Thrive Architect Work With Any Theme?

Galib Hossen // 2022-01-01 //  Mins Read

Thrive architect is a name of freedom that you get to build your wordpress websites. Thrive architect is a wordpress plugin that use to build website’s pages that website has already a theme. That means you have to install a theme first and only then you can use thrive architect on that website. But does thrive architect work with any theme?

More than 100 people search on google every month to get this answer but there is no such answer. Even I had this question too. That’s why I installed several themes on several of my websites to find out the answer and I have found amazing things that I will share you today. Keep reading…

What is wordpress?

WordPress is a CMS. CMS stands for Content Management System. Basically WordPress is a frame work, which frame work defines how to function the content pages, how to function other pages, images etc.

For your kind information, 37% of over the websites owners use wordpress as their content management system where 60% of websites owners use content management system. So, more than half of content management users have decided that wordpress is their CMS. One probably reason can be, they have the biggest resources.

What is wordpress theme?

The word “theme” we normally used to use for the case of wordpress website. WordPress has introduced us with the word in case of building website. For building a wordpress website the first thing is to install a theme. This is the working system of wordpress.

Basically a theme is an application created by raw PHP that includes the templates of a website. A theme contains html files, css files, pictures and sometimes java script files.

A theme is developed to display the plan of a website. So the theme defines how the website will be displayed, like the website color, fonts, blog page, menus etc.

What is template?

There is a possibility to make confusion between template and theme, that’s why it will be better to have a little idea about template and theme.

Theme is the matter of entire website and template is the matter of a single page. That means a theme is made with the combination of several templates. So templates are the parts of a theme.

What is thrive architect?

Thrive architect is a wordpress plugin to build wordpress pages by dragging and dropping. So thrive architect is a visual webpage builder. With thrive architect you can build any kind of pages like sales pages, opt-in pages, thank you pages, webinar pages and even your content pages.

This is a visual web page builder and there are some builders like thrive architect, but the specialty of thrive architect is it has 100s of templates for using in each part of a web page, even it has 300+ predesigned iconic landing page templates those are already mobile optimized. Building web pages with thrive architect make you free from taking the pain of thinking about design concepts.

Does thrive architect work with any theme?

There are some pages and elements that are directly theme related and some pages that are not directly related with the theme. Which those pages are directly related with theme can’t be edited by thrive architect. But which those are not directly related with theme can easily be edited by thrive architect.

For example, the blog page of a website is directly related with the theme. It can’t be edited with thrive architect.

Any theme you install, the pages that directly related with theme cannot be edited with thrive architect.

There is no restriction to create pages in wordpress. So you can create pages indefinitely as you can build / edit them with thrive architect.

So you don’t have any restrictions to build pages by thrive architect except the pages related with the theme directly. There is no matter which theme you are using.

So, theme is in the theme’s place and thrive architect is in its own place. There is no confliction.

What happened between thrive architect and themes

When you install a theme, you define your website’s design and mechanism by installing the theme. Some important pages are created automatically when the theme is installed such as privacy page, blog page, Home page, blog post etc.

Among the pages, only blog page is completely related with the theme. Other pages are not directly related. That means you can edit them with thrive architect.

When you create category, there is created a dedicated page for each category and each page is directly related with the theme. So you can’t edit them with thrive architect.

You can build content with thrive architect. But the content page is partially related with theme. Only the part of your content is not related with the theme but the other spaces of the content page except the content own is related with theme.

So you can edit only content but not the footer, sidebar, menu, header or anything else are in outside of the content.

If you want to build / edit your pages that directly related with themes by thrive architect then there is a solution.

Use thrive themes as your website’s theme

Thrive themes is another utile plugin that comes with thrive architect. With thrive themes you can visually build your theme yourself.

There are 3 themes available in thrive themes. The themes are only mechanism but the templates will be selected by you from the iconic predesigned templates of thrive themes.

You can define your logo, favicon, brand color, fonts etc from thrive themes. You can select your header, footer too from thrive themes predesigned templates.

Combine thrive theme and thrive architect

I have told you that thrive architect does not work with the pages that directly related with theme. Then how it can be used to design the pages that build by thrive theme.

Don’t worry. I am telling

Thrive theme includes a version of thrive architect. The pages directly related with the theme, you edit them with thrive theme builder that includes the version of thrive architect. So you can easily edit the theme related pages with thrive theme builder and use thrive architect those are not directly related with the theme.

In this way you have the complete control of your website is in your own hands.

Isn’t it a costly solution?

Absolutely not. To understand why, read the rest of the article.

Both thrive architect and thrive theme is a part of Thrive Suit. Thrive suit is the complete package of wordpress plugins to build highly conversion focused websites. There are 9 more plugins in thrive suit except the 2 you know now.

There is no system to purchase only thrive architect or thrive themes. You have to purchase thrive suit. So exactly, when you purchase thrive suit you get all the plugins that are essential to build a conversion focused website.

This is very normal to think that it will be very costly solution, but the reality is in your favor. The price is lower than you can think. I think the price is less than enough for only thrive architect. Check out their pricing model.

Let me tell you briefly about some of their plugins.

Thrive leads

Thrive leads is the plugin by which you can generate leads smartly from each corner of your website. I told smartly because once anyone converts, he is not ever going to see the opt-in form again when you use the smart link feature of thrive leads.

Thrive leads has a big variation of leads type. I am sure, in thrive leads you will be introduced with some new lead types that will take your site above the seven heavens in terms of generating conversions. Every type has tons of predesigned templates to reduce your time consuming.

Thrive comments

Comment section is the crucial part of a website especially for the blogs. Thrive architect has its inbuilt third party comment feature of facebook and disqus. But they are used for only commenting, no conversions.

Thrive comment gives you the specialty to generate conversions even from your comment section. By using thrive comments dashboard you can do 12 more different things with your commenters including converting them.

Thrive quiz builder

A quiz can come in handy in a variety of the ways. You can segment your audience, you can gather the audience insights and more things.

In thrive quiz you will get tons of good looking quiz templates for at least 4 types of quiz. It has an admin panel from where you can customize the quiz with no restrictions. You can create indefinite steps of the quiz so that you can complete the quiz as per requirement.

Thrive optimize

There is a saying that, in terms of increasing conversion rate there are no alternatives to test, test and test more. Thrive optimize simply gives you the ultimate testing opportunity for your landing pages and forms.

Thrive optimize allows you to create infinite numbers of versions of your testing objects to define the winner version automatically. You can find out exactly which parts of your pages should be improved and which parts are so responsive. An extreme level of optimization can easily be possible with thrive optimize.

Take the right decision

Thrive architect can be used with any themes only without the control of theme related pages. But for using thrive architect you have to purchase thrive suit that includes thrive theme with the 9 crucial plugins.

So if you use thrive architect with different theme, the cost will be same for thrive product. But using the different theme will be an unnecessary cost, while you easily can use thrive theme to build your theme by your own.

Moreover, you get the complete visual solution of building and managing a conversion focused marketing website with thrive suit. So from this point, it seems, it will be a stupidity to miss thrive suit because missing thrive suit means missing the control power.

Now, you are enough intelligent, the decision is yours. I have given you enough foods for thought.

If you think Thrive suit will be perfect for you and this article has helped you to take this decision then purchase thrive suit from this link so that I get the encouragement to create such contents that helps to take decision.

If you find thrive suit is not worthy then share your experience with us in the comment section and if you find useful then tell which part of thrive suit do you like best.

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