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Definition of Affiliate Marketing

Galib Hossen // 2021-03-25 //  Mins Read

Definition of affiliate marketing is need for those who are seriously interested in making money from online and affiliate marketing is the best approach for that. In my freelancing life it seems to me that affiliate marketing is the only way where you are truly completely independent and you can arrange your business as you wish. So let’s talk about the concept of affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing

definition of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an opportunity. An opportunity to earn money by marketing with any product you like.

Affiliate marketing is only for those who really want to do business on online. Because it is a pure business. Affiliate marketing can generate the most amount of money out of all the freelancing platforms in the world.

In simple words, the definition of affiliate marketing is marketing with products owned by others and you sell it through your recommendation with a unique affiliate link for a commission.

Suppose you created a software and set the price to sell it at $50. Now if you do marketing with this software then it is not affiliate marketing. But if I do marketing with this software and if you give me a percentage to per sell then it is the affiliate marketing for me.

Affiliate marketing requires three things.

A product

You must have product for affiliate marketing. The product that any producer will provide you. There are so much affiliate market place where you will find a huge amount of affiliate product according to category.

You go any affiliate market place such as Click Bank, Amazon, JV Zoo. Create an account and join any affiliate program. Then choose any product category you like. Here you will get affiliate link for any particular product. You have to promote the product through that affiliate link.

I have found some affiliate network you can start with and you should know about them.


Everyone except you is your customer. Anyone who can buy your product or who is interested in your product is your customer.

You can use social media as your traffic source. Such as facebook, twitter, linkedin.


You will behave here as an affiliate marketer. Because you have no product of your own. After selling the product, a certain percentage of its price will be given to you by the producer or affiliate market place. Now the matter is how much you can sell.

Benefits of affiliate marketing

Benefits of affiliate marketing

benefits of affiliate marketing

I have made money from online in many ways in my life. Even my freelancing life started with graphic design. But affiliate marketing has changed my life completely.

I am a huge fan of affiliate marketing. Today I feel much more comfortable and proud to introduce myself as an affiliate marketer.

I am sure if you know these benefits you also will become a fan of affiliate marketing.

1. You don’t need any product of your own

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing supports you to promote any other’s product. This is the biggest advantage of affiliate marketing.

I have mentioned several affiliate marketplaces from which you can easily get products for marketing.  

Different marketplaces offer different types of commissions for different products.

Personally I love JV Zoo and I work at JV Zoo. Here you will get only digital product like any software or ebook. If you work at JV Zoo, you can get 50% or more commission for each product.

On the other hand the best place for physical product is Amazon. Here you will find everything you need to live a human life. You just have to decide what product you want to work with. But the commission rate will be 2%-10%.

I have found 9 legit affiliate networks which are very newbie friendly and lots of good products are available here.

2. No need to have payment gate ways and refunds

affiliate marketing

Another great advantage of affiliate marketing is that you don't need a payment gateway here. That means you don't have to build an ecommerce website.

You will not have any product so you will not sell any product. Your job is to

take the customer to the product and make them interested in buying that product. Once someone buys the product, you will get commission.

Since the customer will not buy the product from you, you will not have any problem of refund issue.

Suppose I am selling one of your products for a commission. In that case, if there is any problem in the product, you will definitely refund it, not me.

3. Generate 100% passive income

affiliate marketing passive income

There are two types of income in the world of online earning.

  • Active income
  • Active income is which you generate at a real time.

  • Passive income
  • On the other hand passive 

    is which you generate every moment even when you are not working.

    Affiliate marketing is such a way where you can earn money when you are sleeping or travelling to your dream places.

    For example, you have a Facebook page. There are 2000 fans. If you post an affiliate link of one of your affiliate products on this page. It turned out that one was sold immediately.

    Suppose after 3 hours you are dating with your girlfriend. When you come home, you see that by the time you are dating, you have sold the product 3 times more.

    Suppose when you woke up the next day, you see that 4 times more had been sold the product.

    It is called passive income and you can understand how much interesting it is.

    4. You have unlimited potential financial growth

    definition of affiliate marketing

    When I started graphic design, I used to charge $5 for designing each logo. When I became a little more skilled, I used to charge $10 per hour. If I worked for six hours, I would get highest $60.

    If I had been more efficient, my income would have 

    increased more. But no matter how much it increases, it will have a limitation.

    A friend of mine does web design. He is a very skilled designer. He charges $40 per hour. If he works six hours, he gets $240. There will be a limit here too.

    Now let's talk about affiliate marketing.

    Suppose you have a website that gets 1000 visitors every day. There you have an affiliate product for a commission of $30. Now if your product is good and you can present it properly then you will definitely get at least 20 sales from 1000 visitors.

    Now you can calculate how your income is going. This is a small example.

    If you have 10 more products on your site and 10,000 visitors per day, you can imagine what the income will be per day. It is explosive. This will allow you to turn your computer into a money tree.

    When many pages of your website are ranked in Google, and in this time may you have gone for a travel for several days, but you will still have this tremendous amount of income. Because affiliate marketing is a passive income system and that has no limitation.

    5. Have an opportunity to become an influencer

    definition of affiliate marketing

    Those who do affiliate marketing unknowingly become an influencer. Because when you are doing marketing, you are influencing the customer to buy the product in any way.

    Those who do affiliate marketing unknowingly become an influencer.

    Because when you are doing marketing, you are influencing the customer to buy the product in any way.

    6. You don’t need have any special skill

    definition of affiliate marketing

    The process of affiliate marketing is very simple. You do not need any special skills to do this. You need to create a word press website and write content there.

    When writing content, just keep in mind that your content is quality content and describe properly what 

    you want to tell in the content.

    I really like the six benefits. Be sure to let me know in the comments which one you like best.

    How to be a successful affiliate marketer

    affiliate marketing

    Being an affiliate marketer is an interesting matter. But don’t worry, it is not a complex job.

    For being a successful affiliate marketer first you must have four important qualifications. If you have these qualifications then no one can stop you from being a successful affiliate marketer. The qualifications are

    • The desire to do affiliate marketing.
    • Interested in learning about affiliate marketing.
    • The mentality of doing hard work.
    • Being able to keep yourself patient.

    There are several other issues involved with affiliate marketing. To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to know everything that is involved with affiliate marketing and you need to know the affiliate marketing art.

    I have created an ebook for people like you who have these four qualities. You will get it absolutely free. There I have described how to do affiliate marketing properly in just easy 7 steps.

    If you decide that you will complete these easy 7 steps properly then after these 7 steps you are a successful affiliate marketer.

    For the book click on the sidebar button in right and download it. Study the book for being affiliate marketer.


    Affiliate marketing is not a “Get Rich Quick Scam”. It will gradually give you an unimaginable result. You have to be patient for that. Now you know the definition of affiliate marketing with a marketing strategy. If you want to be an affiliate marketer truly then take it seriously. Read my book attentively and understand the whole concept well and then apply it properly.

    Hopefully I have been able to understand what affiliate marketing actually is. If you have any question then let me know in the comment section.

    Meet the host

    An affiliate marketer with an addiction of travelling. He believes that nature starts working to make happen that people believe.

    Having an incredible vision and persistence to never give up, he built his 6 figure online business with the power of belief, hard work and smart decisions.

  • The keyword for affiliate marketing is Perseverance. At least in my experience. It may feel like you’re working so long with so little (at first) but the results are exponential. Trust me. It’s mindblowing

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