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Cloud Hosting vs Traditional Web Hosting | Complete Knowledge of Hosting

Galib Hossen // 2021-11-14 //  Mins Read

Everywhere I have talked about hosting I have said that wrong decision in terms of hosting is the most deadly mistake in the beginning of your marketing journey. That is why, knowing the difference between cloud hosting vs traditional web hosting very well is mandatory. So if you want to do marketing through a website, first of all you should have a good idea about hosting and the complete idea you have when you know the differences of cloud hosting vs traditional hosting.

If you are serious about creating website then must know the 10 important points before purchase a hosting. Choosing a wrong hosting will suffer you for a long term.

First of all let’s talk about traditional web hosting in details.

Traditional web hosting

Traditional hosting refers to the type of hosting services we usually use to host a website. If I say as a category, then there are 3 types of traditional hosting.

  • Shared hosting
  • Virtual private server (VPS)
  • Dedicated server

1. Shared hosting

traditional shared hosting

If we imagine the hosting server as a house, then shared hosting is a house where a lot of people live in that house and everyone shares it and rents it out. If there is a water tank in that house, everyone shares it and uses it. Everyone use the kitchen and every one suffer for any defection.

Now in technically language, shared hosting is a server where a certain number of multiple users are allowed to use it together so that anyone can host a website at low of cost. Now only the hosting company can say that how many users use a server.

There are some good shared hosting companies such as

Facts of shared hosting

fact 1

If the server goes down due to high traffic to any other website on same server, all the websites on that server will go down.

fact 2

As the amount of websites on a server increases, the response time will increase and the performance will decrease.

fact 3

Since multiple people are using a server together, it is much cheaper solution.

2. Virtual private server (VPS)

vps hosting

Virtual private server is a server that you can use privately but the server is not physical.

In this case the hosting companies have created an application that allows multiple partitions to be made inside a server and each partition behaves like a server and user can host his website on that virtual servers.

That means VPS is server inside a server.

There are some good VPS hosting providers such as

Facts of VPS hosting

fact 1

Since you are using a server alone, the chances of the site going down are very low.

fact 2

Even if you use a server alone, that virtual server is inside a physical server, so if that server has a problem, it will affect your site as well.

fact 3

Since you are not sharing it with anyone, it costs a little more.

3. Dedicated server

dedicated server hosting

I think you already understand what a dedicated server is. Dedicated server is a complete physical server or a computer that will be dedicated to you according to the resources you need and you are not sharing it with anyone and in any way.

Most of the site I said provide dedicated hosting.

Facts of dedicated server

fact 1

You will have the complete Possession of using full resource.

fact 2

It will cost a lot compared to shared or vps hosting.

fact 3

You can't take less than a limited hardware resource even if you do not need to take more resources

These three types of hosting are commonly called traditional hosting because people have been using these three types of hosting for a long time. There are many traditional hosting providers that provide these 3 types of hosting such as siteground, fastcomet, bluehost etc.

Cloud hosting

cloud hosting

There are companies like Amazon, Google and many others who use their own servers and at one time their servers could not be used by any other company.

Amazon once thought it would be much better if people used their servers because it would allow people to use their servers as well and it would also be a business opportunity for Amazon.

According to wikipedia Amazon first established their subsidiary Amazon WebService in 2006 and was the first to introduce people to their elastic compute cloud.

Next in 2008, Google unveiled its cloud server as “Google cloud server” to the public, and many more companies have begun offering hosting services on this cloud system. Now there are currently many hosting providers that provide cloud hosting.

There are some good cloud hosting providers such as

What happens in cloud hosting

Let's talk now about what cloud hosting is and how it works.

All the servers that a company has are linked together with a network so that all those servers are merged into one server. Because of all the servers are connected, it becomes a huge server and hence its name Cloud

We can imagine a cloud server as a huge land where you can buy a piece of land according to your required resource to do what you need to do. No one else has the right to enter or use your land.

You are not taking any VPS or shared hosting. You are taking a place in the server as per your requirement. Although it seems to have some similarities with VPS but actually it is not vps. It is place of your own in a dedicated server and you can scale up your resources any time.

Since each server is connected to another, if there is a problem with a server, the data of that server is immediately shifted to another server. So there is no fear of site crash or server down.

Facts of cloud hosting

FACt 1

Down time is never available on the site due to being connected to multiple servers.

fact 2

You will get a fully dedicated environment.

fact 3

Has a full freedom of taking resource according to your need with a facility of scaling.

fact 4

It is very cheaper than vps or dedicated hosting.

fact 5

You can scale up during heavy traffic and you can scale down again after reduce traffic pressure.

Cloud hosting vs Traditional web hosting

  1. 1
    There are 3 types of traditional hosting on the other hand there is a type of cloud hosting and that is cloud hosting.
  2. 2
    Shared hosting is cheaper but not secured on the other hand vps and dedicated hosting is secured but costly where cloud hosting is both affordable and more secured.
  3. 3
    Cloud hosting is scalable and traditional hostings are not scalable.
  4. 4
    If there is a problem happened with the cloud server, your site will not be harmed, but if there is a problem happened with the traditional hosting server, your site will be harmed.

My recommendation

Hopefully I have been able to give a good idea about the cloud hosting vs traditional hosting and you can understand which hosting service will be the most suitable to use in 2021.

You're right because I myself recommend Cloud Hosting. In 2021, I think cloud hosting is the best hosting specially for affiliate marketers. Moreover, traditional hosting is slowly becoming backdated.

Those of us who do marketing have to keep in mind the quality along with the money and cloud hosting also saves money and at the same time is the best in quality.

Problem of cloud hosting

Cloud hosting has a big problem with many benefits. That is server management.

If you want to use cloud hosting, you need to learn server management. Such as how to install applications on the server, how to set up security, how to backup, how to update applications etc.

Everything you need to do by coding.

Most of us who do marketing don't know this. Moreover, if you want to learn server management, there will be no time for doing marketing. You will need to develop a career in server management.

But how to use cloud hosting by overcoming such a difficult hurdle of server management? Is there an easy solution to overcome this obstacle?

Luckily yes!

Use managed cloud hosting

managed cloud hosting

For those who can't manage servers like me, the easiest way to use cloud server is to use managed cloud hosting. That means it is already managed. You don’t need to manage the server.

There are various hosting companies that provide managed cloud hosting services. Such as Siteground, Fastcomet, Liquidweb etc. But most of the hosting companies I have seen that provide cloud hosting are a little costly.

In this case, the best and most affordable is Cloudways. They do not have their own server. They host on third party cloud servers like Digital Ocean, Google Cloud or Amazon Web Service type world leading cloud servers.

To manage these servers, Cloudways charges a premium which is very reasonable and affordable and their installation process is pretty easy. I think it is easier than using traditional hosting. If you want to go with a cloud server then Cloudways can be best for managed cloud hosting.


Cloud hosting is currently the most updated hosting server. If you are thinking of getting VPS or Dedicated Hosting then I will say you to use Cloud Hosting instead. Since cloud hosting is so easily available, it would be foolish to use shared hosting because you are getting cloud hosting from Cloudways if you pay a little more.

If you have any confusion about hosting then feel free to inform and of course let me know in the comment section which is the best hosting in this time in your point of view.

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Having an incredible vision and persistence to never give up, he built his 6 figure online business with the power of belief, hard work and smart decisions.

  • And most definitely, I would love to focus on my marketing instead of some coding issues. No marketing, No life. Hehehe

  • Yup! First company that came to mind when I saw managed cloud hosting was Cloudways. Been using them for a while. Makes things easier

  • When I got to the comparison between the two types of hosting, and saw that I had to learn server side coding, I almost gave up. Lol. I’m glad that cloudways is an available option. And what’s funny is I don’t think there are this many out there that have an offer this good. Nice

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