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Best WordPress Website Builder | Thrive Themes Review

Galib Hossen // 2021-12-31 //  Mins Read

Before I tell you about the best wordpress website builder I want you to know something. When I started working, my main tension was how to create a good looking complete website. I didn’t know coding and not yet but the website you are reading the article on is my own creation.


I was also surprised the day I first got acquainted with the Thrive Themes wordpress website builder package. It just added a touch of completeness to my life.

I was completely relieved. Because I had found the perfect solution to my website designing issue that I had been looking for a long time. But I thought there might not be such a simple wordpress based solution.

I would also like to introduce you to this excellent website builder so that you can design your wrodpress website as you like best without knowing coding.

You can visit their home page first.

 One thing I want you to remember you as well as designing the website, you need to create quality content because content is the ultimate king.

Thrive Themes complete wordpress website builder

Thrive themes is a package of wordpress plugins. Of these, you will get 9 different plugins. Which will enable you to design any specific part of your website separately from so many conversion focused design templates those make it the best wordpress website builder.

The plugins are

Let's talk about in details

1. Thrive Theme Builder (wordpress theme builder)

best wordpress theme builder

Building a WordPress theme can be time consuming and costly but thrive themes have done away with both of them forever and with that have come complete freedom.

With Thrive Theme Builder you can create a full conversion focused marketing website in just 15 minutes that will integrate with all online tools and apps. All you need to do is make some selections.

In Thrive Theme Builder you will find 100’s of professional looking pre-built mobile responsive design template of home page, post page, widget and everything you need. You need to just select you favorite and edit it as you wish.

Don't panic when you hear the word “edit” because you don't have to do any coding for editing. You need to do just drag and drop and set your brand color. You would feel like you are editing it with photoshop and here's the fun of it.

But honestly, it is easier than photoshop.

The only thing you need from outside is your brand logo. You can't build it with thrive theme builder. The rest of the design you can do very easily with it.

The pre-designed templates are created by professional and highly qualified designers. With such a designer, if you want to create a theme for yourself separately, it would cost a lot of money and time, and even if you want to design it yourself, you may not be able to design better than them.

Some people have told me that if you design a website with thrive theme, the site will slow down. But I think they said it without using it. The site is not slow, but you will get features in it to make your site faster and whether this site is slow or not, you can see it.

By the way if you are facing problem with website speed then you can read the article to get lightning speed.

All in all, from my experience, it seems that the Thrive theme is the most perfect and best solution for building a good looking, conversion focused and mobile responsive wordpress website and it will be an unprecedented experience.

Visit Thrive Themes official page >>>

Here's a quick demo of Thrive Theme Builder

2. Thrive Architect (wordpress page builder)

thrive architect page builder

Thrive Architect has taken the “page designing” to a point where there is no word for difficult or impossible. There are no types of post or page that you can't create with Thrive Architect.

If you were to purchase a theme for your wordpress website, you would not be able to create pages of different designs. You would not have the complete freedom.

Suppose you will write a review article then you have to give “pros and cons” and you won’t be able to design it. Or if you have to show a difference between two subjects in a table that you can't even design it.

We use toggle elements on different pages for different needs, you can't easily create toggle elements in a purchased theme if you need.

 But with Thrive Architect you can design all I have said and of course you will have lots of design templates. It is basically a complete visual web page builder that allows you to design more types of pages than you need.

You can also find a more than 250 of conversion focused eye-catching pre-designed landing page templates in Thrive Architect with a convenience of edit together in computer, tablet and mobile views.

You will see many landing page builders on the web such as Lead pages, Click Funnels, insta page but they won’t give you word press based solution and most important you can’t interfere in your theme with these page builders but in Thrive Architect you will have total freedom.

With Thrive Architect you can create landing pages, blog posts, webinar pages, sales pages, sales funnel, leads funnel, review pages, and more with a painless experience that will help you to take your website to the next level.

Visit Thrive Architect official page >>>

Here's a quick demo of Thrive Architect

3. Thrive Quiz Builder

thrive quiz builder

Many marketers are outraged by the search engine bounce. Hundreds of attempts are not able to reduce the bounce rate. In this case, creating quiz can be a very effective step.

If you leave the traffic in front of some possible answers by facing some intellectual questions in an exit intent quiz, traffic will also think about the questions for a while. He will be also interested in thinking about what your next question might be.

Some questions and answers that your users will find fun and something to share so you should give users this opportunity to share something.

You will get several free quiz builders with which you can create a bad looking quiz with a lot of hassle and time.

I talked about a lot of problems because you have to check mark different things, give different information and then your quiz will be shown in a selected design. The design is not under your control.

On the other hand, Thrive Quiz Builder gives you all the eye-catching quiz templates as well as full freedom to edit them as you wish without any coding and you can make it in just 5 minutes in a super simple visual way.

There are 4 types of quiz you can build with Thrive Quiz Builder and in all types quiz you can put open ended answer section as you need.

Numeric type

This is a type of quiz where user will be given a mark according to their behavior.

Percentage type

This is the type where your user will be given a percentage according to their respond with the quiz

Category type

In this type you can segment your user in different type of category according to their answer.

Survey type

In this type you can take survey about something and the result page will be same for all users. A survey about your website will make yourself more effective.

So create mobile friendly attention grabbing and effective quiz in minutes with Thrive Quiz Builder and make interest based user segmentation as well as reduce the bounce rate.

Visit Thrive Quiz Builder official page >>>

Here's a quick demo of Thrive Quiz Builder

4. Thrive Leads (wordpress opt-in form builder)

thrive leads

Email marketing is an essential step for doing affiliate marketing and not just for affiliate marketing, email marketing is the most effective and necessary term for the whole world of digital marketing.

The most important part of starting this email marketing is lead collection because sales are in the “lead list” and you will need an opt-in form to collect this lead.

I have not yet found any plugin that can be used to independently create forms of your choice among various types of conversion focused templates which will be merged seamlessly with any autoresponder.

Thrive Leads has broken the shackles of this problem.

Opt-in form is not just for using on the landing page, you can use it anywhere in website you need.

The Thrive themes will give you the freedom to use opt-in forms anywhere and any converting design with some important metrics of analysis that enabling you to collect valuable leads at the highest conversion rate in a lowest time.

Here’s the type of forms you can create with Thrive Leads

Pop up form

Pop up form is type of form which is shown by clicking any button of the page or using it as exit intent.

Widget form

If you want to use form in your widget, you can easily make it with Thrive Leads from a collection of Widget form template.

In post form

Sometimes a position in a post is more likely to get subscriber in that case you can easily set up a form for using it in your any post which will maximize you lead collection.


Ribbon is sticky bar contains your exclusive with a button and the button is used for triggering a pop up opt-in form. It is unique type of form you must like.

Slide in form

If you want to use form in your widget, you can easily make it with Thrive Leads from a collection of Widget form template.

Custom php

If you have any readymade custom design in php format you can easily paste it here to use it on your site.


Thrive leads has the ability to easily merge with any auto responder. All you have to do is just verify with the API key once, then you will see all your autoresponder lists and just select the list you want to collect leads from.

Thrive Leads is the best solution for building valuable list in a fastest way with the best conversion rate and that will actually be a more than list building.\

Visit Thrive Leads official page >>>

Here's a quick demo of Thrive Leads

5. Thrive ovation

Thrive ovation builder

There is an easy and influential way to boost conversions that you may not know and most marketers underestimate it and that is to take testimonials.

From my marketing life, it seems that testimonials have a good impact on the user's mind and from a poll I created, I saw that about 63% of people think that testimonials increase their confidence about product.

With the “Thrive Ovation” WordPress Plugin, you can choose your favorite from the top class testimonial template and can edit it to create beautiful testimonials in just 2 minutes.

So using thrive Ovation take testimonials about your product or freebie.

Visit Thrive Ovation official page >>>

6. Thrive Comments

thrive comments

The way to understand if people are really interacting with your post is to see if the user is commenting on your post. Commenting by a user means that he has read, understood your post and shared his feelings with you.

There are many marketers who still do not pay much attention to the power of comment where it is very effective in creating valuable connections.

 Wordpress has its own comment option but it is not as orderly as Thrive Comments. With Thrive Comments you can turns comments into conversion.

Marketers interact most of the users with visit my pages, sign up or subscribe me but when a user spends a lot of time to reading your post and commenting on it, we leave the comment in pending.

 With Thrive Comment you can take the commenter to any of your other free gift pages to convert him or share option from where the user can share this comment on his Facebook or any other social media profile.

The things you can make happened through Thrive Comments

Coupon code

After commenting you can give a coupon code in a thank you message.


You can take commenters to a page you want in thank you message.


Make participate commenters to an audience insight survey will help you to know the user experience with your site.

Show latest post

If you are focusing more on content then with Thrive comments you can show your latest post in front of the commenters after commenting.

Social follow

You can invite them to your social presence after commenting.

Free gift

This is an opportunity you can use to make your email list big. A thrive lead form will show in front of the commenters that will boost your list.

Create an engaging visitors team with thrive comments and give your users a chance to let you know what they want so you can create a bounding with your users like Facebook or Reddit.

Visit Thrive Comments official page >>>

Here's a quick demo of Thrive Comments

7. Thrive Optimize (wordpress a/b testing tool)

thrive optimize

I don't remember the name, but one of the great marketer said that the best way to succeed in marketing is to test, test and test and so does my marketing experience.

If you don't test, you will be unable to find the design that will work best for you, and not just the design, but a headline or a paragraph. So testing is must for affiliate marketing.

What might a website have to do with A-B testing? Landing page, opt-in form, quiz etc. But it is very difficult to do A/B test with all I said.

Thrive Optimize gives you the complete freedom to doing fast A/B test with all these items and once you use it you will realize what fun it is.

You can clone any landing page, opt-in form or quiz with just one click and can do whatever you want to change visually and there is no limit to test variation.

You can test between 2,4 or more with page visit, opt-in form submission, sale as the 3 conversion goal.

Thrive Optimize will automatically make winner anyone based on your conversion ratio.

My opinion is Thrive Optimize is the best split testing engine for wordpress and gives completeness, gives more with it a freedom to testing with anything you want that confirm your website is on the best potential position.

Visit Thrive Optimize official page >>>

Here's a quick demo of Thrive Optimize

8. Thrive Ultimatum

thrive ultimatum

There is a trick in the world of marketing that can make the fear of missing out in user’s mind and that is ultimatum and maximum marketer don’t use it.

There is a lot of research done on marketing, a research on ultimatums has shown that the conversion rate in ultimatums can be increased by about 250% compared to normal landing pages.

If you want to spur people about what you want them to do then Thrive Ultimatum is the right tool because it has all to make scarcity.

There will be different countdown for each prospect and their own separate time limit and each prospect will experience that it is a regular landing page and the same countdown for everyone.

With the best scarcity marketing tool you can set countdown timer on the widget or a floating banner with just few clicks without knowing coding.

Create a landing page by choosing from the professionally designed template of Thrive Ultimatum which will create urgency in the mind of the user and that definitely will super boost your conversion rate.

Visit Thrive Ultimatum official page >>>

Here's a quick demo of Thrive Ultimatum

9. Thrive Apprentice (course builder)

thrive apprentice

Affiliate marketers get anxious when they want to launch a course of their own because we affiliate marketers always work with other people's products so we don't usually bother with any of our own products or services.

Thrive Themes thinks a lot about marketers because we also got rid of this worry with Thrive Apprentice and Shane, the founder of Thrive Themes, was also a marketer so he knows the need.

With Thrive Apprentice you can create three types of courses and obviously it has professional looking course templates and you can choose any of them and you don’t need to know coding.

There are three types course you can make

Unrestricted Course

Anyone who comes to your website can start the course immediately. No sign up or any payment is required.

Subscriber Only Course

You can think it as an online course lead magnet because you are going to share a high value course in exchange their email address.

Premium Course

Only paid users who can access the course. For premium course you have to integrate Thrive Apprentice with a digital product delivery tools or plugin.

So make your website an online classroom using the best online course creation tool and generate lead or income direct from your course.

Visit Thrive Apprentice official page >>>

Here's a quick demo of Thrive Apprentice

Is Thrive Themes the best wordpress website builder for you

I told you pretty much everything about the Thrive Themes package but since you haven't used it you have no experience and I am telling you it is not just a product it's a wonderful experience too.

If you think that what I said was just some information about the plugins then you will be wrong because they were not just words, they are also my feelings and experience about each of those plugins.

I am telling you 4 reasons to being it the best wordpress website builder you may agree with me

Complete solution

Everything you need to build a marketing website, you will have from it and you will have complete freedom to make design as you like. The Hundreds of design templates will reduce the stress of your thinking about how the design would be.

I have not yet found such a complete, acceptable and inexpensive solution to the designing issue so I suggest Thrive Themes for everyone to create a conversion focused marketing website.


Any chat support is not available there but I am surprised with their support. Their main support system is “support ticket”. You will be replied within 24 hours to your submitted ticket and they are able to solve any technical problem.

Even they make solving video only for your problem if needed and they provide you the video for solving same types of problem and really, they are very dedicated to their client.

They have created Thrive University to train their users so that users can create their website without anyone's help.

Moreover they have a Youtube channel where you will get all the tutorials related to Thrive themes.

Improving 24/7

Thrive Themes as you are seeing it today, tomorrow it will be better than that and will continue to be and I noticed if before because the founder of Thrive Themes “Shane Melaugh” is very hungry to improve everything and it is improving 24/7.

As the Thrive theme improves, so will your website, and as your website improves, you will move towards your highest possible success.


If you purchase each plugin for lifetime you will pay for every plugin separately or if need any of the plugin you can purchase it separately.

But If you go with Thrive Themes membership then they will charge $19/m and I think it is so reasonable and of course sustainable.

See their Pricing model >>>

If you purchase any wordpress theme it will take more money with so many hassles and you will not have freedom of designing. I know, because I used those types of themes and it seemed to me that I had bought a trouble.

I have not yet found such a complete, acceptable and inexpensive solution to the designing issue so I suggest Thrive Themes for everyone who want to create a conversion focused marketing website.

money back


30 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If you think that once you purchase Thrive Themes membership and if you don't like it, then the whole money will go to waste, then I will tell that you are wrong.
Thrive themes gives you one month money back guarantee where you can be sure that if you make a money back claim within a month, you will get the full refund.
Personally, I have never had any need to claim my money back and you may understand this by reading the whole article, but before writing this article, I needed to check once to see for assuring you if they really backed up the money.
I am assuring you if you don't like it you will get your money back if you claim it within a month so I think you should try the best wordpress website builder at least once or you will be deprived of a wonderful experience.

So you should try it once.

Pros and Cons

It will help you to take decision

  • Complete solution in a tool box
  • This is specially for blind in coding
  • Has a plenty of conversion focused design template for every single part.
  • It smoothly integrates with all other marketing tools you need.
  • Excellent split testing tool for landing page, opt-in form, quiz test with 3 conversational goal.
  • Amazing support
  • It is improving 24/7
  • It is available for only wordpress.
  • No chat support
  • No category based blogpost template.

Thrive Themes has their official youtube channel. There you will get many tutorials of thrive themes. But I put together some useful thrive themes tutorial which will train you to create your website.


I have shared with you almost all my experiences with the Thrive theme. Now if you ask me if I would suggest you to use it, then I will say create your site with thrive themes without wasting time.

This is a tool that will never let you down and it will definitely make your website designing moment a lot more fun so I think you should try it for at least a month.

If you use it you will definitely share your feelings and if you have any questions about it you can ask me, I will try to answer.

Meet the host

An affiliate marketer with an addiction of travelling. He believes that nature starts working to make happen that people believe.

Having an incredible vision and persistence to never give up, he built his 6 figure online business with the power of belief, hard work and smart decisions.

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