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Best Video Landing Page WordPress Plugin

Galib Hossen // 2022-01-21 //  Mins Read

A video in a landing page makes the clarity about your offer. You must know that you have only 7 seconds to capture your audience attention. A video with your texts together can use the 7 seconds best. There are several drag and drop wordpress landing page builder plugins that have tons of landing page templates including video landing pages. I have found the 5 best plugins among the crowed of the landing page builder plugins for building your video landing pages.

What is a video landing page?

The landing pages that contain a video are video landing pages. Sometimes video is centerpiece of a landing page and sometimes a video is as supporting role.

There are lots of people who they are reading freak but some peoples love to watch videos instead of reading. So, a video on a landing page make it user friendly for both the users. Moreover there are more benefits of using videos on landing pages.

What the benefits of using video in landing pages?

Once upon a time the digital marketing was all about text based but during updating the digital marketing world marketers find a video can increase the conversion rate of a landing page by 86%. Moreover some products that demand a video demo to understand properly to the users. There are some important benefits of using video on landing pages:

  1. 1
    It shows your stuffs visually: With only texts, users can’t visualize the way your product works. For a successful landing page it needs to communicate with the feel of reality to the users. A video can do it best.
  2. 2
    It increases the trust factors: When users watch the visual figure of your product people automatically more likely to believe. It is a psychological fact.
  3. 3
    Users easily can digest the information of a video: In a video, users can watch the expressions and body language of the host that helps users to digest the information easily.
  4. 4
    Video stays in memory for a long time: You can imagine yourself. You can’t remember the travel story that you heard long times ago. But if you have watched a travel vlog instead of reading it, you can remember it for a long time.
  5. 5
    Consumers want to watch videos: Hubspot found 54% of the consumers want to watch more videos on a product it supports features. 74% of US adults watch the biggest video platform youtube and there are 2 billion in monthly users in youtube.

Types of videos you can use in your landing pages

According to the goal of your landing pages videos can be different. Maximum time marketers use promo videos in their landing page but sometimes an informational video works better than promo videos. There are some useful video types bellow that will need you to increase your conversion rate:

  1. 1
    Explainer videos: It is a type of video where the product is described broadly. It works best for new products that is unknown to most of the peoples.
  2. 2
    Problem solving videos: Each product is solution. So it is so easy to create a video on a problem that your product solves and everyone likes solutions.
  3. 3
    Promo videos: Promo videos are the way of showing the glimpse of your product. It is like a teaser that contains the motto of your product or brand.
  4. 4
    Demo videos: This is the video where you present your product exactly the way it works. This type of videos works great, because watching these videos users get pure visualization of your product.
  5. 5
    Sharing new ideas: If your product is something that births something new strategy or life hacks then you can make a video on this matter. This type of videos attracts people, because people are searching new continuously.

Some tips to create conversion generating videos for your landing pages

Now a days creating videos is easier than ever before. There are various tools to create marketing videos easily. It is not the article to create videos but I am sharing with you about some important tips that make your video more engaging.

  1. 1
    Write a script first: A script is very important to create a video. Without a script a video is like boat without a boatman. Scrip contains the full plan of your video even it is just a 1 minute or less lengthy.
  2. 2
    Keep it as short as possible: Everyone has the lack of time. Even if you see a video that is lengthy like a movie you will keep a safe distance from the video.
  3. 3
    Don’t distract your users at all: A landing page is different from website because it focuses on a single offer where there is no option for distraction. So the video on a landing page should keep the term too.
  4. 4
    Don’t forget to mention call to action: Obviously a call to action is in your landing but don’t forget to mention the CTA in your video too. CTA in a video is a suggestion that leads users to conversion.
  5. 5
    Auto play or not: There are huge debates on this matter. But I always go with my thought on this matter. I don’t like auto play at all when I face it on any other landing page so I don’t auto play.
  6. 6
    Try to show benefits: Many marketers focus on showing features in the video but showing benefits is more effective, because users get the profit point of using the product.

What makes a landing page builder best?

There are several landing page builder plugins available that are completely free. But are they best?

What do you think? Will get something best without price? Not at all.

What is the best landing page builder, it is relative, because what is best for you may not be best for anyone. But there are some significant features that a landing page builder should provide. Otherwise you shouldn’t go with the tool.

Choose your landing page builder plugin that provide the features bellow:

  1. 1
    Templates: Without pre-maid templates a landing page builder can’t make easy your marketing journey. The more templates means save more time and build superior level landing pages and funnels easily.
  2. 2
    Supports: Using a landing page plugin without having support sometimes fall you in the sea a frustration. Always go with a landing page builder that provides technical support from entering your admin panel.
  3. 3
    Spit test: This is impossible to run a science based marketing if you don’t spilt test. Split testing shows you the way of getting the highest potential profit that can be achieved from your business.
  4. 4
    Provide guarantee or trial: Taking purchasing decision on a product without testing, it will be risk factor that you could avoid.

Best wordopress plugin to build video landing page

I have found some wordpress landing page plugins for you that are well known in the industry and I experienced they are well known for their service not for only marketing. If you go with anyone of the list that suits your purpose properly, you will not regret.


Beaver builder

beaver builder landing page plugin - affiliatiz

Beaver builder is a user friendly drag and drop landing page builder plugin that enables you to create your whole website with your landing pages. If you have theme you love then you can avoid it to build your website because it integrates with any theme without any disruption.

Beaver builder has tons of pre-maid landing page templates for every step of your funnels. You get several templates that are dedicated for video landing pages. Moreover it contains plenty of templates for using as blocks that you can use anywhere of your pages.

Beaver builder is associated with assistant pro that is the sea of already tested landing page templates and they always are updating and adding new templates. It is an advantage.

With beaver builder you can create your pages for all of the devices. So you are not going to miss the users coming from different screens.

You can easily integrate any of the third party services like zapier, hub spot or any of the known email auto responders.


They provide worldclass support through email and live chat. The support team is technically skilled to solve any of your problems. If beaver builder doesn’t integrate with the theme then the support team ensures to integrate it with any themes you want to use.


Beaver builder price starts from $99/y but if you want to build your theme then you have to choose the pro plan that is $199/y. All plans come with a 30 days of money back guarantee and you get a 40% discount on all the renewals.

Moreover beaver builder offers a demo version of the tool from where you can test it even without creating account, so test it now.


Elegant themes

elegant themes wordpress plugin

Elegant themes is the oldest wordpress plugin from 14 years for building landing pages and wordprerss websites visually drag and drop.  Elegant themes contains 4 plugins divi, extra, bloom, monarch that fulfill your whole web marketing demands.

It has more than 250 landing page templates including video landing pages. The drag and drop editor enables you to edit any of the pages smoothly. You can create all advanced level of funnels including all the crm integrations.

A spit testing tool lets you define the goal to find out the winner page for finalizing and you get a powerful analytics to analysis the versions of your page.

If you are focusing on building website then you can install the plugin “Extra”. It is dedicated to build awesome websites. There are 800+ website templates that are easily editable with the drag and drop tool.

With the plan you get “bloom” that is an opt-in form builder plugin and with the plugin you can build even 6 types of opt-in forms that are not only usable only on landing pages but also anywhere of the website.

The monarch plugin lets you make your pages highly sharable. You can place share button in the 6 different places of your pages. Even you can build automatic pop ups for sharing your contents.


The support team is enough skilled to solve out the problems but most amazing thing is that they are very fast to response. You get email and chat support. No objection with their support.


It charges 89/y that is so cheap from my point of view but most amazing thing is that it offers a life time purchase and it charges only $249 for that and the product is covered with a 30 days money back guarantee. So it is amazing. Moreover it offers a demo version that you can use for testing purpose even without creating account. So why late, run a free test drive.


Thrive architect

thrive architect landing page builder

Thrive architect is an amazing plugin to build conversion focused landing pages that only comes with a package of excellent wordpress plugins called “Thrive suit”. It is not possible to tell about each of the plugins here but each of the plugins are mind blowing and you can visit their website to learn more.

Thrive architect offers 300+ landing page templates that all have specific purposes. The landing pages are already mobile optimized and the editor allows you to build your pages for all versions of screens too. To test the landing pages thrive optimize allows you to create unlimited versions of your pages to find out the most responsive version automatically.

Thrive architect is the singular for the collections of its templates. It includes templates for almost each of elements you need, such as pros & cons, steps, CTA, Buttons, tables, tables of content, product ratings and many more.

Thrive lead is another plugin of thrive suit that enables you to create several types of opt-in forms such as sticky slide in pop, exit intent, ribbon and even you can create content locking opt-in. You can build limited time offer to create urgency in your marketing with using thrive ultimatum.

Even you can also create 4 types of quizzes with thieve quiz builder that also comes with thrive suit. You can generate the audience insights about your products or you can segment your subscriber lists with using quizzes and thrive ovation gives you the power to collect and present testimonials where you want to present.


Thrive suit provides great support via live chat but I found they are little slow to response. Although being slow to response they are really very helpful and they even send the video of the solving process of your problem so that next time you can solve it by your own.


The price starts from $90/3m but if you choose the annual plan then you will get it for $228/yr and both the plans come with a 3o days money back guarantee. You can use the plugin on 25 websites. From my point of view it is the cheapest solution where you don’t have to compromise anything. Try it for 30 days.



brizy wordpress landing page builder

Brizy is a beginner friendly landing page builder that offers a wordpress plugin to build landing pages directly from wordpress admin panel. But you can use it as an independent CMS too without using wordpres by using the cloud hosting plan brizy provides.

Brizy is primarily a web page builder but once you install the plugin you will be able to edit your entire theme like your blog post, header, footer, fonts, categories, author pages and more. It is compatible with most of the renowned themes.

You will get 100+ landing page templates by categories, so it is so easy to find the desired layout. Moreover you have 30+ block templates that save your time to think about editing. Even using woocommerce with brizy you can sale products directly from your sales funnel, because brizy has a woocommerce builder too.

There is a pop up builder available that you can use to build awesome opt-in forms and the forms seamlessly integrate with all the email marketing tools. It doesn’t provide any split testing tool yet, I add it in this list for who they are searching a budget solution. but they told me to they are developing a testing tool. Maybe it is ready now, check it.

If you have any plan to build members area then you easily can build with brizy plugin. You can keep completely secured your subscription contents.


It provides 24/7 chat support including email support. The support team is well skilled on solving technical problems. They don’t leave you until they solve your problems. But they provide only 1 year of support that is a lack I found and I don’t know why they have done this.


The price starts from $49/yr but if you want to create members area you have to go with the freelancer plan, which is $99/yr and the price is really cheap. You get a 30 days money guarantee with all the plans. The interesting thing is they offer the life time purchase for the product.

It has a free version too that enables you to create landing pages with some restrictions. The free version has some templates too. But free plan can’t fulfill the serious marketing demands. You can use it for testing purpose to understand it properly. So try it free before investing money.



landingi video landing page builder

Landingi is here in this list is for those who belong in the digital marketing industry for a couple of years because an entry level marketer doesn’t need this tool. If you want a highly advanced level landing page builder that is full of the advanced features and technologies to established your entire business then landing can be the symbol of dependence.

Landingi has 400+ landing page templates that are divided into 2 categories and the categories are landing page goal and industries. In these 2 categories there are several sub categories. So you can easily understand finding out the laser targeted landing page is a matter of seconds.

With landing page templates there are tons of templates for opt-in forms, light boxes, elements and blocks. Moreover you get more than 5000 copy right free images free that you can use in your landing pages without any seo issue. Landing allows you to keep a video on your background too.

Landingi has a broad level of integrations. All email auto responders, zapier, analytics and crm seamlessly integrate with landing. If you want to integrate live chat you can do that too.

In maximum landing page builder you don’t get any analytics of your pages without split testing but landing gives you a analytics without doing a/b testing, however it provides spit testing tool. Even there is an AI feature that gives you a prediction to increase your landing page conversion.

Ecommerce management

Landingi lets you manage your ecommerce. You can build your ecommerce pages with landingi and it has 3 payment gateway integrations. You can sell product directly from your sells funnels and manage your orders with landingi order management feature.


Landingi provides a superior level support by email and chat. But if you prefer to get support via phone call then they are always ready to give you phone call support for multiple times. The extra ordinary support team is super-fast in terms of responding and they help like it is their problem not yours.


The price starts from $35/m but if you go with their yearly plan then you get 2 months free subscription on their all plans. With annual plan the price starts from $29/m. They give a 30 days of satisfaction guarantee, however they offer a free trial too for 14 days. So, why not a test drive on this awesome tool? Try it now free.


The tools are primarily for building web pages with wordpress except landing. Landingi is a custom builder but it offers wordpress plugin to build wordpress pages. At the end you can use all of the plugin for building any web pages, funnels including your video landing pages. All are good plugin and well coded. You just go with one that fulfills your purposes in your budget.

If you find the article is helpful to you to find you your desired landing page builder then purchase it with the link provided. It motivates me to create such contents that can be really helpful to help finders. If you have question about any of the plugins then comment it now without any hesitation.

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