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Best Time And Date to Send Email Newsletter

Galib Hossen // 2021-08-12 //  Mins Read

Email marketing refers to direct marketing involving electronic mails to pass information about a product or service. According to Cross Ware Mail Signatures, the intention behind any marketing email is:

  • Enhance and build on current and previous customer-merchant relations.
  • To encourage to use the product or service again, thus building a sense of loyalty.
  • Get new customers for the service or product

It is informing current customers about new products while encouraging them to acquire them immediately.

For all this to be achieved in one go, the email sent must be carefully designed to appeal to the customer and most importantly sent at the appropriate time. This fact makes the timing of marketing email a significant concern for companies that intend to use them.

Quick Note

Email marketing is a strategy based marketing way. You spend money on email marketing but not get any sales then it will be a loss project. So avoiding this loss project you have to increase your email conversion rate to maximize the profit.

There are one more important thing is landing page because email are collected through a landing page. So, in order to get the top potential profit you will have to increase your landing page conversion rate too.

Why timing is essential in email marketing

why email timing is essential

Though it is unanimously agreed that the email content is essential for email marketing campaigns, the content may be irrelevant to the receiver without proper timing. Opportunities in email marketing include offer dated to particular timelines after which the request is obsolete. Certain products are only available in the market for a limited time after which they sell out. A well-designed marketing email about Christmas offers would be irrelevant if sent way off after Christmas. For the mail's content to be helpful, it has to reach the recipient at the opportune time.

Timing in email marketing campaigns

Get rid of this timing problem

The timing problem is only happen when you send an email to someone who doesn't know you or has no idea about you. We get a lot of emails every day but we don't remember almost anyone who send us emails.

If you have some audiences that not only know you but are waiting eagerly for you to share or create a product then the timing problem will be over because the audiences you have they are not only your audience, they are your die hard fans. They will look for you and find you.

So, timing of sending emails is not a consideration in this case.

If you think this is possible then your right because this is really possible.

I recently have completed a course about creating and managing audience. They've taught me to build or convert into such a team of die heart fans. In the course you will learn about communicating with audience according to their psychology. It enables you to be the favorite of your audiences before they know it.

You should be interested in building this kind of fan-based audience for growing a long distance business. If so then learn more about this course.

Best day of the week to send a marketing email

Best day of the week to send a marketing email

The question to be answered here is what day is ideal for sending an email? At what time of the day should the marketing email be sent for maximum success? Different companies have analysed the open rates of sent emails for every day to determine the best day to send an email. The table below tabulates the results by each company (Ellering, 2018)

Company/ research party Best day to send emails according to data collected

  • Mailchimp Tuesday then Thursday
  • Experian and Customer.io Tuesday then Saturday
  • Hubspot Tuesday, Monday and Wednesday tied.
  • MailerMailer Tuesday then Wednesday
  • Dan Zarella Saturday and Sunday

Generally, the ideal time to send an email is in the middle of the week where Tuesday takes the lead. Thursday, though not mentioned severally has high open rates thus comes second. If two emails are to be sent, send the first on Tuesday and the second on Thursday for maximum open rates. Ideally, Monday could have been expected to have higher available rates. The low rates are probably due to clogging emails sent over the weekend and were not opened or lack time to open them due to Mondays' busy schedules. However, for mails marketing recreational services, it would be more appropriate to send them over the weekend when people are away from work and need to relax. This presents an appealing and suitable time for recreational companies to jump in.

Best time of the day to send the email

Best time of the day to send the email

Once the day is selected, next is to determine the actual time of that day, that would be ideal for the email marketing campaign. Elling Nathan presents data showing excellent times to send emails according to a study conducted by several parties.

Company/ research party Time of the day ideal to send marketing emails according to data collected

  • Mailchimp Ten am-noon
  • Experian and Customer.io 4-8 pm
  • Hubspot 11 am
  • MailerMailer 10 am
  • Dan Zarella 6 am then 8 pm to midnight
  • Campaign Monitors 9-11 am

Sending emails in the morning hours is seen to have a relatively higher rate of success. More emails are opened at around 9 am and noon. The ideal time to send the email will also be dependent on the content of the mail. Marketing emails targeting companies as consumers should be sent during working hours. For individual customer marketing emails, off-work hours such as 8 pm to midnight would be an ideal time. Most people check their emails while still in bed before starting the day. Emails sent to them are also likely to have a higher open rate. In the late afternoons, working people are tired and could do with a distraction or two. It is common for them to wander off to their mail to check their inbox. Mails sent at this time would catch the attention of this group of people. One has to understand their audience to determine the ideal time to send them emails. When targeting all-time online teenagers, the mails are best sent at night. It is the nature of teenagers to be more active at night and be likely to open emails. Entertainment industries are likely to have a peak opening rate on Fridays when customers require exciting things to do to pass the weekend. Ever engaged audiences are likely not to be busy on weekends. They are probably off work and more likely to open emails.

According to these findings, it is advisable for companies intending to use electronic mail to conduct marketing campaigns to run a local study on their emails' opening rates before settling for a specific day. Several emails could be sent to different groups of people than the average open rates tabulated to determine for each group, at what time we're available rates maximum. The time limit observed to have a higher rate of success should then be adopted. To determine if emails are opened, one would include a polite notice for a simple reply by the receiver. Such localised research is ideal for any group or email marketing campaign and better the anonymous advised dates and times as results observed are specific to that company.


The ideal time to send marketing emails varies from one company to another, depending on the company's type of service or product. It is better when a company determines its own specific ideal time though real-time evidence-based analysis. Most emails are seen to be opened on Tuesday at 10 am. Logically, many email marketing campaigns use this time. Emails could be clogged around this time and competition higher. Theoretically, less competition will exist at times different from the advised ideal time, a case of reverse psychology.


Ellering, Nathan.The best Time to Send Email Backed By 14 Data-Driven Studies.” CoSchedule Blog, 5 Oct. 2018, coschedule.com/blog/best-time-to-send-email/#:~:text=Morning between 9–11 a.m.,between 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

*, Name. “Email Marketing - What Is It? Why Do It? And How? - Everything Email.” Crossware Mail Signature, 16 Nov. 2020, crossword. Co.NZ/blog/email-marketing-what-is-it-why-do-it-and-how/#:~:text=Email marketing is a form,could be considered email marketing.

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