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Best Managed Cloud Hosting | Cloudways Review

Galib Hossen // 2021-09-27 //  Mins Read

Getting a hosting is the first terms for creating a fast, secure and big traffic handling website. If you can't take the right decision in this case, it will be the most deadly mistake in the beginning. From my point of view cloud server is the best for hosting for serious marketing. If you are searching for a low cost but a high quality hosting then here will be end of your searching because Cloudways is the best hosting provider which completes your both demand.

What is Cloudways?

First you should understand what is Cloudways actually. 

There are many different types of hosting providers exist online but Cloudways is not like those traditional hosting providers.


There are different types of cloud hosting providers, the big 5 of which are Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linod, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud.

Now Cloudways has built a company on these 5 companies from where you can host your site on any of their servers.

So actually Cloudways is the medium to host your sites on those cloud servers.

Why use this medium as your hosting provider?

If you want to host your site directly on any cloud server I said then it is possible. But the problem is you have to manage the server completely yourself.

You will not have any kind of support and its managing system is not like any other hosting provider. This is totally different and there is a need for training.

This is for highly skilled developers.

What Cloudways has done in this case is that it has freed you from the worries of maintenance server, security, upgrade, installation process, backups and is also providing 24/7 support and for these Cloudways charges some reasonable premium and as a result you can host your site in a world leading cloud server very easily.

This is called managed cloud hosting where you don't need to maintain your server and from my point of view Cloudways is the best managed cloud hosting provider which provides cloud hosting such a low price range. See their price range.

To get a proper knowledge about hosting you need to know the difference between traditional hosting and cloud hosting. I talked about hosting in details especially about cloud hosting. After read it you will understand clearly why you should use cloud server as your web hosting provider in 2021.

Features and Benefits

best managed cloud hosting

Cloudways has many features among them I am describing some of important and I like most.

24/7 Support

I like their support very much. They are very fast and their support team is full of technical knowledge. I was satisfied with all the answers to the technical questions I asked and they have been able to solve all the problems.
But the problem is that first time if you ask something it will go to a bot and when the bot fails to answer you it will transfer the chat to a person.
So if you want to talk to a human, first you have to ask a type of question that is not possible to answer for a bot.

Free Cdn

The full meaning of CDN is “Content Delivery Network”. CDN mainly works for making your site speed up.
A CDN is a system where your content is stored on different servers around the world and when a user requests, your content is viewed from that user's nearest CDN.
As a result, there will be no reduction in the speed of your site visits from anywhere in the world.
From Cloudways you can add your site to a CDN for free for a lifetime.

Free SSL

The full meaning of SSL is “Secure Sockets Layer”. SSL is a protocol for the browser and server which ensured the safety to protect your site data given by your user.
From Cloudways you will get a free SSL certificate for lifetime.

Free Migration

There are many hosting providers that do not offer any kind of free migration but Cloudways gives you a free migration.
You can easily migrate your site from any other server to Cloudways.

Unlimited application installation

Application means WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Laravel. You can build your site by installing any application and you can install it as many times as you want.
This means you can host unlimited website on Cloudways hosting and build it with any application and it is very easy to install any of the applications, you will need just 2 or 3 clicks.

Auto Healing

I haven't experienced this feature yet because it activates when a website crashes and my site doesn't crash after migrating to Cloudways.
However in support I asked about auto healing they told me that in most of the case if a site crashes then auto healing is activated and it revives the site immediately.
If in any case Auto Healing fails to do this then contact the support team they will give you full support to revive your site.
But rest assured that Cloudways hosted site doesn't usually crash and it seems auto healing will be a grate feature if anyway it happens.

Staging Environment

This is an amazing and unique feature of Cloudways and it’s very useful to me.
This is a feature that allows you to clone your site with just one click. Then any edit you make on that clone site will not affect your live site. When you think the design of the clone site is OK now, you can make the clone site live again with just one click.
This is a very premium feature and this feature has helped me a lot when I need to make any changes to my site.

Automated Backup

In Cloudways you will get automated backup option but the problem is you will be charged $0.033/GB for offline backup and I think it’s too low price and very reasonable.
I didn’t find any other issue with their auto backup

Premium DNS

A premium DNS allows you to get 100% uptime. When your server goes down for some reason all traffics will redirect to a preconfigured IP.
So actually there will not have any DNS failure issue and your site will always stay up that means no downtime.
It’s super amazing.

Dedicated Firewall

I like Cloudways security system a lot. They install an os level dedicated firewall on your server that will monitor your site at all times and keep all kinds of malicious and bot traffic away from your site.
Dedicated firewalls make your site free from the unwanted fake traffic.

Scalable Resource

Other traditional hosting servers have different pricing plans and you have to use one of them. But in Cloudways you can take resources exactly according to your need.
Suppose you have purchased a plane which is providing 1 GB RAM, 1 core processor, 25 GB SSD storage and 1 TB bandwidth.
But certain days later if you need 30 GB SSD storage without changing any other resources you can easily scale it up or if you need more bandwidth without changing any other resources it also possible.

But in Digital Ocean, Linod and Vultr you can not scaling as I said and in these 3 server you can not decrease your server once scale it up.
I like their scaling system very much because I have been able to increase the resource as per my requirement. I did not have to purchase any extra resources like traditional hosting provider.

Global Reach

Cloudways has 60+ data center locations for easy and fast access to any part of the world and Cloudways is only one hosting provider which has such a number of data center.
Host your site in one of the data centers of the location you are targeting to build your website, then that location will get the highest speed of your site and there is also a CDN for overall speed up.

Free wordpress Cache Plugin

From Cloudways you will get a free WordPress cache plugin that is auto-installed when installing WordPress.
There is not much to say about it. Using this plugin with Cloudways hosting, integrates well with the hosting and really speeds up the site.

Team Management

If you have coworkers then you can add them to Cloudways hosting as your team member and you can enable limited access for the team member to the server or application.

Pay As You Go

Cloudways does not charge like other traditional hosting providers. It has a pay as you go model.
As a result, you will be charged exactly as much as you used it. If you use it for 30 days you will be charged $10 and if you use it for 15 days you will be charged $5 and if you use it for 1 hour you will be charged exactly how much cost in 1 hour.

After 1 month of using Cloudways they will send a payment invoice in your account and you have to make payment through the invoice. You can call it postpaid system.

Discover the price range.

My experience in Cloudways with my site

I have been using Cloudways hosting for about 9 months now and my experience is unprecedented. I am sharing the experience of one of my websites with you to understand how amazing it is.

Response time

best managed cloud hosting reponse time

You are seeing the response time of one of my site in different countries.

I hosted my site in a data center located in USA because that was my target area and the response time there is 10-65 milliseconds without connecting a CDN which is never found in any hosting services other than Cloudways.

If you look at other areas, there is also a good response time. A little longer response time in Just Asia countries but it is also decent.

Speed test

best managed cloud hosting speed test

You are seeing the speed of my site in New York and it's amazing. The site is fully loaded in less than 1 second. I have no complain about speed.

Down time

best managed cloud hosting down time

The most surprising thing here is because I have not yet seen any hosting provider where 100% uptime is available. I saw the maximum up to 99.99% and I thought it might be the maximum uptime but Cloudways broke this misconception.

Cloudways gives you a preconfigured IP by which even if your site is down, it stays up from that IP so there is no downtime.

Load test

best managed cloud hosting load test

How much traffic load a site can handle is a big factor and I am sure no other shared hosting can handle traffic like Cloudways.

To understand the amount of traffic a site can handle, you need to look at the response time of the site along with the amount of traffic and whether the response time is stable.

In the picture above you can see a blue indicator which I have shown with an arrow sign, this is the response time and at that moment my site had 50 traffic and they were constantly requesting but you see the response time is very stable.

If the response time of the site is not stable in case of a lot of traffic, then it is understood that the site is not able to handle the traffic and the response time in Cloudways I have seen so stable that I am surprised and a very big amount of traffic it can handle easily.

Some Important Information about the best managed cloud hosting


Dedicated server

You don't have to worry about traffic amount because I said high traffic can handle it easily because you are not taking any shared hosting. You will be given a dedicated server. So without wasting any time you can set up your server easily.


Premium email

You will not be able to host any type of email for free. Email means the email that is under your website. However, you can create premium email under your website that will cost $1/m/email.


Ease of use

As I said before it is not like any traditional hosting service so its ease of use is little different from other hosting services but it is easy to use.

You will not get any Cpanel on this hosting. But you can do everything here that you normally do in a Cpanel. There is a slight learning curve but I think it’s easier than traditional hosting service. Anyway you have complete Cloudways setup tutorial to making this easier thing easiest.


Temporary domain name

you will get a temporary domain name from here and you can use this domain name forever but using that domain is not recommendable for using forever.


Inode count

In a simple language inode means how many files you can keep in a hosting and I have got 16lac inode in cloudways where you will get just 2-5lac inode from a shared hosting.


Double charge

The price of all hosting plans on Cloudways is doubled compared to their partner, which means that the digital ocean plan which you are getting at $5 that will be $10 on Cloudways and which is $10 that will be $20 because Cloudways fully maintains your server on your behalf and I explained it once before. Moreover the price is so cheap than other cloud hosting providers.

Discover their price range.


Refund policy

They have no refund policy because they take charges by “pay as you go” model and for that you don’t need to give any money before you use it so there is no question for refund and you have no risk.

So get a cloud server today.


No domain name provide

Cloudways is a hosting provider. They don't provide any domain. But when you install wordpress you will be given a temporary domain. You have to buy a perfect domain from namecheap, godaddy or somewhere first and then you have to host it on any cloud server through Cloudways. See the tutorial to easily host your site.

Pros and Cons

It will help you to take decision


  • 1.Super-fast server.
  • 100% uptime.
  • Easily scalable resource.
  • Staging facility.
  • Easily can handle high traffic
  • You will have benefit of a cloud server.
  • Great customer support.


  • No free email hosting
  • There is a slight learning curve
  • No free offline auto backups


I have shared with you all that I knew and experienced with Cloudways and if you ask me if I recommend Cloudways then I would say definitely and you already understand why I am recommending it and I am thinking about shifting my another high traffic website to Clodways because I am getting a cloud server in just $10. I don't want to miss it.

If you are serious about affiliate marketing then you must choose the right hosting plan and Cloudways is that at a reasonable price so sign up Cloudways for host your site right now and start your marketing journey.

Meet the host

An affiliate marketer with an addiction of travelling. He believes that nature starts working to make happen that people believe.

Having an incredible vision and persistence to never give up, he built his 6 figure online business with the power of belief, hard work and smart decisions.

  • For the SSL certificate, is it possible to get additional SSLs or are you stuck with only the free one? Also, the email domain is a bummer but the tradeoff in its place are still ok.

  • This really paid attention to work at a small scale which is just perfect! I mean imagine having to pay a high amount when all you need is one super fast server for say… a portfolio site in my case. This is brilliant!

  • I have to admit, the pros outweigh the cons. Cloudways looks like its going to be super main stream for me. I have expectation that it will live up to its reputation.

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