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Best Landing Page Builder to Test out a Marketing Strategy

Galib Hossen // 2022-01-16 //  Mins Read

There are thousands of marketers are losing millions of dollars daily to marketing their products and after losing a lot of money they take decision that it is a bullshit idea to sell this product. But before losing so much money they don’t use their brain to find out the right strategy to sell the product out. Now such an era is going on that, you just need a simple tool to test out the versions of your landing pages for knowing the right marketing strategy that works best for you.

Venture beat is a tech news company. According to their information, companies that use CRO tool have increased their revenue by 223%. On the other side hubspot’s information is telling there are only 17% marketers who use a/b testing tool to boost their conversion rate. So this is a loop hole that you can use to achieve higher conversion rate than your competitors.

What is a/b test?

Another name of a/b testing is split testing. A/b testing is the process of finding out the most responsive elements of a single page. In this process 2 or more versions are created of a single page and each version contains different contents only in a same section, the rest of the page is same for all the pages. In this way come out the most responsive version.

Why a/b testing is important?

Process of finding out the perfect combination of elements and texts between a page is called a/b testing. So it is clear that by a/b testing you can discover the hyper responsive version of your pages that is will bring you the most profit in your business. There are 4 reasons why a/b testing is important.

It increases the conversion rate

I tested one of my landing pages there I added testimonials on my duplicate version of the landing page and the main page had no testimonials. The page with testimonials had the conversion rate by 47% and other had 19%. Look the difference that I found through a/b testing.

It reduces risk factors

Running a long-term business with the landing page that can be both hit or flop, is a threat for your business. But where you have doubt to use another word or picture in a specific element, then testing out the element will be a risk-free solution for your business.

It helps you to know about audience insights

By testing several versions of a page, you will have an idea about your audience behaviors and tastes. When you know about your audience psychology, you can bring out a better result than before without a/b testing. Moreover audience insights help you to move forward your business in future.

Very easy to analysis

It is very easy to analysis a/b testing results. The total matter is to check out which version is getting the more conversion rate. The testing tool tracks the conversion rate of each version of your landing page. You just have to finalize the winning page. If you want you can run a/b test for indefinite time for a landing page.

How to test out a marketing strategy?

A/b testing is not only the matter of landing pages but you can test out your ad strategy. Such as you can a/b test of your Facebook ads. But we will only talk about landing page a/b testing here. 

Almost each landing page builder has a/b test feature and they are available at different levels in different builders.

Basically a/b testing tools allow you to create duplicate versions of your pages to send visitor equally to each page. You can keep different headlines in your versions or you can keep a different call to actions or what you want.

In a/b testing tool you can control the traffic percentage that going to enter into the landing pages. There is a tracker available in all landing page builder’s a/b testing feature to track your conversion rate so that you can find out which version is working well to finalize the page.

Important testing points you should test out

I have seen many of the marketers who are very confused about what they should test. Look, you can test anything exist in your page. There is no such rule that you can’t test this element. Every element is testable. But I am giving you some important points that you shouldn't miss from testing out.

  • Headlines  
  • Opt-in forms
  • CTAs 
  • Text copies
  • Offers

What is the best landing page builder to test out a marketing strategy?

There is no scarcity of landing page builders to create out of the ordinary sales pages, opt-in pages, webinar pages etc. As per my knowledge almost each landing page builder provides a/b testing tool to create multiple versions of the pages for finding out the highest converting version.

Although almost each landing page builder provides the a/b testing feature but each builder is not worthy and their testing feature is not worthy as wellSome builders will make you a fan of their tool and some of them will make your business journey unsmooth.

I have found three landing page builders that are different from each other but they all are perfect from their own places to test out the proper marketing strategy for your business and they are easy to use too.

Click funnels

click funnels landing page builder to test out marketing strategy

Click funnels is a landing page builder mostly used by advanced level marketers. But it doesn’t mean that anyone who doesn’t use click funnels is not an advanced level marketer. Click funnels is the builder for primarily making various types of funnels, not making for single landing pages. But it can be used for single landing pages.

What are the features of click funnels?

As I said it is an advanced level tool so it is full of advanced level features. With having multiple unique features click funnels provides some special services that marketers and entrepreneurs need. I will come to these things. First know about some cool features of click funnels.

1. Easy drag and drop visual editor

Click funnel is a completely drag and drop visual landing page builder. Anything you need to add in your pages you just have to drag it from the features and elements bar. All pages of click funnels are made up of 4 basic building blocks and they all are marked by different colors so that the editing process can be super easy.

2. High converting landing page templates

Click funnels has more than 250 landing page templates and they claim that the all landing pages they have are already tested and they are high converting. You just have to choose one and edit it with your branding.

The templates are categorized by opt-in pages, sales pages, thank you pages, cart pages, checkout pages and etc. As I said it is primarily focused on funnel marketing, not single landing pages.

3. Easy funnel building

In click funnels, there you get the list of funnel types to select which one type you want to create. Once you select, the funnel is automatically created according to the type. The rest is to select right template for the right step and edit them according to your own business.

4. Shopping cart

If you are interested in creating an online store of your business and products then you easily can by using the click funnels shopping cart feature. You don’t need to integrate any third party services for selling products online. But you need a payment gate way. Click funnels offers to integrate 3 payment gate ways but in their platinum plan you will have 9 payment gate ways to integrate.

5. A/B testing

Since click funnels is an advanced level landing page builder so it obviously has split testing tool to maximize your revenue. According to their claim they have tested their own landing pages by their own split testing tool. So you can freely depend on the testing tool of click funnels.

6. Conversion tracker

Keep tracking always is the science based marketing and this is the era of science revolution. Click funnels offers a conversion tracker to track each of your funnels so that everything can be on your fingerprints.

7. 14 days free trial

Click funnels offers you to test out their tool for 14 days for free. It is a great opportunity to understand whether click funnels is perfect for you. They demand to add payment method while creating 14 days trial account but you are free to cancel your account anytime. So create a free account and test out click funnels now.

Extra services of click funnels

Click funnels gives some extra services except funnel building. They are extra services because click funnels is known for building upper level funnels not for those these services. But the services are not irrelevant. Who they need the service to build landing pages they need these services too. So I think it will be very helpful to you to know about the click funnels extra services.

Web hosting

Click funnels offers web hosting to host your own domains free. You can’t host your site any other server if you want to use click funnels. With the initial plan you can add up to 3 domains and with the platinum plan you can add up to 9 domains.

Email Auto responder

Every marketer needs an auto responder to cover out the marketing through emails. Click funnels allows you to create email sequence to automate your marketing process. So you can easily collect email thorough the funnels and you can set up your email marketing automation without having an external auto responder. But they offer auto responder only for their platinum members.

Backpack affiliate platform

Click funnels has an affiliate platform to create your own affiliate program. You can easily create your own affiliate products with having the freedom of structuring your commission plan. I think this the easiest way to create an own affiliate program.

Should I use click funnels?

If you have serious plan to build your business through sales funnels and making cart for ecommerce then click funnels can be your right partner to your journey. But if your target is only to collect leads or build single page landing pages then click funnels may be a costly solution to you.

Practically, click funnels landing pages are really premium and very gorgeous. If you want to use click funnels only for their templates you can. Moreover you can use their auto responder to follow up your subscriber. They have good looking email templates too and you can use their free web hosting.

The rest is up to you. If you find click funnels can full fill your requirements then test it free for 14 days.

Lead pages

lead pages

Lead pages is the drag and drop landing page builder that primarily created for collecting leads but you easily can use it to sell products. As per my research I have seen most of the Facebook marketers use lead pages and lead pages authority prefers to use lead pages landing pages for collecting leads from Facebook. There are more than 40k businesses that are using lead pages as their web pages building solution.

Features of lead pages

Lead pages is less costly than click funnels but here is no significant shortage of features. With lead pages you can even make a website for your business with building landing pages and funnels. Let’s discuss about the features of lead pages.

Landing page templates

Lead pages has more than 250 landing page templates including sales pages, thank you pages, download pages, checkout pages and any pages you need to build your business. They have landing pages according to more than 20 categories and the categories are the different industries.

Their landing pages are not as gorgeous as click funnels to me. But they are really very simple and eye catchy. It seems lead pages think simplest is the best and I think they are really best for simple designing.

Website templates

As I said you, lead pages allows you to create website so they have more than 50 templates for using as websites. But if you have a plan to build website for your business then I recommend not to go with lead pages. It is not primarily for website building and it is not perfect for it. Better in this case you go with thrive architect.

Pop up templates

You can make unlimited pop up opt-in forms for your landing pages. The pop up forms can be triggered by three rules that are click, exit intent and timed display.


Lead pages allows you to feel freedom for integrating your pages with third party service. it is available for integrating with more than 50 services. You can integrate you analytics, CRM, Auto responders, automation tools, live chat, payments etc.

A/B split testing

Lead pages offers the feature of a/b spilt testing but it is only available for pro users. For standard users, they are not able to test their landing pages and business.


Lead pages provides a grate support to their clients. With the standard plan you will get email and chat support but with their pro plan you will can get even phone call support. I found their support team is enough able to answer and solve technical problems.

Free domain hosting

Lead pages offers you to register your domain name for free for 1 year with a forever free hosting. It provides the hosting free but it is not a cheap quality hosting. You can easily use their hosting server for heavy traffic loading pages.


It allows you to create online stores of your business and sale directly from your sales funnels. You just need to add a payment gateway to cash your revenue.

7 days money back guarantee

Lead pages offers a little 7 days money back guarantee to ensure you that you are totally risk free if you invest your money on lead pages to build your landing age sales funnels. So if you find helpful to you by reading about it then try it for 7 days.

Should I use Lead pages?

Lead pages is like click funnels with focusing on facebook traffic. The templates are not like click funnels but they are best for simple. If you like click funnels but can’t use it for being it very costly then you can go with lead pages because it is cheaper than click funnels. On the other hand if your targeting traffic source is primarily facebook then lead pages templates will be very helpful to you as lead pages says their landing pages are optimized for facebook traffic. In this case choosing lead pages will be right choice.

Thrive architect

thrive architect landing page builder

Thrive architect is a wordpress plugin to build opt-in pages, sales pages, webinar pages, content pages and etc visually dragging and dropping. It works with wordpress. So you can easily use it for building both landing pages and websites.

What are the features of thrive architect?

Thrive architect has some specialties. It is full of such features that you won’t find in maximum landing page builders. The first thing is it comes with thrive suit that is a complete package of all extra ordinary wordpress plugins to make a highly conversion focused websites and funnels.

Without thrive architect there are 10 more plugins in thrive suit that all have specific purposes that can't be ignored.

So if you use thrive architect you not only build sales funnels or landing pages but also you can build highly conversion focused websites. With a thrive suit plan you can build up to 25 websites. You will discover more about thrive suit’s skills. Keep reading to know more about the features.

Highly conversion focused and smart landing page templates

You will get more than 300 landing page templates in thrive architect that are highly conversion focused. I have told smart because there are some landing page templates that you can edit their colors smartly by defining your brand color. Once you define your brand color the full landing page merges with the color.

The landing pages are sorted by set of funnels. So almost each landing pages have its own funnel and funnel templates. So you don't have to be worried about your funnels.

CTA templates

There are more than 7 CTA templates in thrive architect that you can use anywhere of your pages even in your content pages if you have. All templates are well designed, only need to edited by your flavor.

Button templates

Thrive architect includes almost 30 button templates to use in your landing pages. The buttons are easily can be edited by dragging and dropping.

Other elements templates

Thrive architect has tons of inbuilt  templates for various elements those make it the singular. It has more than 100 templates as “blocks” according to categories like steps, product ratings, pros & cons, lead generations and many more for using them anywhere of a page or website as required.

It has more element templates like tables, guarantee boxes, pricing tables, lead generation forms, styled boxes, tables of content and many more. It makes you free from thinking about designing concept of your websites and landing pages layouts.

Thrive ultimatum

Thrive ultimatum is another plugin comes with thrive suit to do scarcity based marketing. You can create limited time offers by thrive ultimatum. Anyone who misses your offer for delay timing thrive ultimatum will prevent them from visiting those offers pages. This is the best scarcity marketing tool. You can create three types limited time offers with thrive ultimatum.

Moreover you have inbuilt countdown timer templates in thrive architect that you can use to add a FOMO effect on your landing pages for getting the highest conversion rate.

Thrive leads

This is another plugin of thrive suit. This is dedicated to build opt-in forms. There are no types of opt-in form that you can’t build with thrive leads. Even you will be known to new types of lead forms by using thrive leads.

Till now you can create more than 6 types of lead forms and you can use them anywhere of your pages and websites. You can create pop up forms, slide in forms, ribbons, in post forms and more. For each type of forms there a lot of templates are available that can be edited by dragging and dropping.

Thrive optimize

Thrive optimize is another plugin comes with thrive suit and that is the ultimate a/b split testing tool. You can create indefinite numbers of the versions of your pages with thrive optimize. Thrive optimize has automatic winner feature. By which you can set up the winning rule and thrive architect automatically finalize the winner version of your pages.

So once you create the test the rest work is done by thrive optimize. With thrive optimize you can test out your each forms too that is created by thrive leads.

Thrive ovation

Thrive ovation is another plugin of thrive suit. It is used to collect testimonials.  35% of the customers think a positive review motivates them to purchase a product. So it is so important to collect testimonials to show it in your landing page.

Thrive architect has its predesigned testimonial templates to present testimonials in your landing pages that are collected by thrive ovation. If you want you can show fake testimonials by thrive architect but it is not recommended.

Thrive suit support

Thrive suit offers 24/7 chat support. They don't provide any phone call support. Although they don't provide phone call support but they are very effective with their chat support. When you go to them with some problems of your pages and website, they solve the problem by entering in your admin panel with a support key and they make a video of the solving process of your problem and they send it to you so that next time you can fix it yourself.


Thrive suit is available to integrate with all known auto responders including most of the social media. You can integrate webinar hosting if you want to host webinars. With thrive suit you can integrate your pages with 3 renowned webinar hosting.

30 days money back guarantee

If you find thrive suit is not right for you or it is not worthy then you will get back your full money by claiming it within 30 days. So you don’t have any risk factors to use thrive architect. Try it now.

What is the shortage of thrive architect?

Thrive architect has no in built cart building system, so it has no own integration system for payment gateway. It can make sales funnels but it has no payment gateway system. Then can’t you build ecommerce or sell anything directly with thrive architect?

The answer is you absolutely can do it. But for this you have to take the help of a third party plugin. You can use woocommerce to build ecommerce easily with thrive architect. Woocommerce is free wordpress plugin to build ecommerce site in the easiest way. You can integrate payment gateways with woocommerce.

Should I use thrive architect?

If you are focusing on building website with doing funnel marketing then thrive architect is the most ideal tool for you to run your marketing. Thrive architect reduces the time consuming of creating conversion focused contents.

If you don’t want to use third party service for making ecommerce then stay away from thrive architect. But if using this free third party services is not any fact to you then go with thrive architect without any doubt.

Even if you focus only on funnel marketing thrive architect is still can be your landing page builder. Moreover the price of thrive architect that means thrive suit is very affordable. Actually there is no system to purchase only thrive architect, you have to purchase thrive suit but the price is not even enough for only thrive architect I think.

So when you purchase thrive suit you actually purchase all the exclusive plugins that you ever need to build a conversion focused websites including your funnels. So from my point of view this is best cheap solution where you don’t miss any features to make your pages high converting. Check out their pricing model.

Final thought

I have tried to give you the landing page builders with different purposes. You think about your purpose properly and then take decision Or you can test each builder once to understand which will be perfect for you because in each builder you are risk free. Click funnels offers 14 free trial and other 2 builders offer money back guarantee. So you can check out each. If you find the article is helpful to you to take your decision then create account and purchase one builder from clicking my links so that I have the motivations to create such contents more.

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Having an incredible vision and persistence to never give up, he built his 6 figure online business with the power of belief, hard work and smart decisions.

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