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Best Landing Page Builder That Influencers Use

Galib Hossen // 2022-01-17 //  Mins Read

An influencer who psychologically influences people by his voice or work skills. In detail, a people who has specialized knowledge, skill, authority into a specific subject and a broad amount of people follow him for his knowledge, he is an influencer. So influencers can be various types and according to these various types they can use several landing page builders. So it is very hard to tell what is best landing page builder that influencers use but I have tried to find some landing page builders like.

Types of influencers

types of influencers

In marketing, influencer marketing is the very old term. Once upon a time companies only thought about athletes or actors to promote their products as a part of their influencer marketing. But now the spread of influencer marketing has further increased. Now influencer marketing is the launching pad for the brands. I have tried to make them fit into categories bellow:

Primarily I have inserted all the influencers in two categories:

  • Celebrities: singers, athletes, actors, writers, poets, politicians and more
  • Industry experts and content creators

Influencers according to content types

There are so many variations in content types that are created by the content creators. There is no scarcity of content creating platforms. So following the content types I have segment the influencers in 4 types bellow:

  • Bloggers
  • Youtubers
  • Podcasters
  • Only social media post

Influencers according to level

Many of you can think that influencers level only depends on the follower numbers of the influencers but only number can’t decide the influencers level. Generally it depends on both number and intercommunication with the audience. In maximum case, an influencer with lower follower has the high interaction rate with his audience. The influencer levels are below:

  • Mega influencers
  • Macro influencers
  • Micro influencers
  • Nano influencers

What is the best landing page builder that influencers use?

It is clear that influencers belong to various types as their requirements, skills and targets. So it is normal that they don’t use same landing page builder. But there are 2 landing page builder that seems to me that they are mostly used by influencers and one of the tools claim that they are for influencers and creators.

Convert kit

convert kit landing page builder original high resulotion

I have kept convert kit first of the list because they claim they are the landing page builder that most of the influencers use. They not only claim that but also they invite only creators to run their marketing.

Convert kit is a landing page builder with email marketing tool. With all convert kit subscriptions you get email marketing tool with restrictions. We will discuss about the matter.

The features of convert kit

Convert kit is for who want to do funnel marketing with a low budget. The most expensive package of convert kit is the lowest for other landing page builders available in the market. So you won’t get so many features in convert kit but your purpose will easily be fulfilled with the tool.

1. Landing pages and forms

Convert kit has a lot of landing page templates segmented by 10 categories. Since convert kit is a drag and drop visual builder you can easily edit each of the landing pages. The most amazing thing about their landing page is, most of the landing pages are not so long. By using their landing pages you can present your offer in a very compact place which helps to understand your offer easily.

They have another option build only forms. This option is for them who want to add opt-in forms in their website that is hosted personally. You can collect embed code of the form that is made from the templates. Once you past the code into your website the form will be presented in the right place.

2. Free migration from another tool

Here is talked about migration from another email marketing tool.  Convert kit offers to migrate your all contacts and email sequences from any other email autoresponder tools. But you can do it with their creator plan. For free user, migration have to be manual.

3. Email broadcast

Email broadcast is another name of sending emails. With this feature you can create eye catchy emails from the email templates of convert kit to send to your subscribers. Convert kit allows you to send email to subscribers with flexible customization.

4. Automation

With convert kit you can create funnel automation easily. It has an option to create automation. From that option you can create your complete funnel including your email sequences with automation. But automation is not for free users, you have to purchase the plan for using automation.

5. Sell digital products with convert kit

Convert kit has a product creation tool by which you can sell your digital products like ebooks, tunes, logos, templates or anything else. The tool has checkout page templates, once your users check out, you get the full money in your convert kit balance. Stripe integration is available there to cash your revenues. How to create funnel that convert watch in the video:


You know maximum tools provide different types of support according to different plans. With convert kit free plan you get only community support that is not so effective from my experience but with their creator plan you get live chat and email support that is very effective. The support team of convert kit is very helpful and technically skilled. You will get your every problem solved. Moreover they have tons of articles and tutorials to help convert kit users.

The specialty of convert kit

By using convert kit it seems to me that it is ideal for beginner level marketers but it has some specialties that a beginner level never think to apply in his marketing although the specialty can make your list size double XL.

1. Newsletter referral program

This is a method little bit like creating own affiliate program. Convert kit allows you to create a referral programs for each funnel you have to each of your lists. Anyone who generates a conditioned numbers of subscribers gets the incentive you want to give him. But you can’t give direct money. You have to give only digital products.

It is completely automation system. You can automate the process from the panel of convert kit powered by Sparkloop.

2. It easily can be used with external websites

If you want to use convert kit for you other websites that is externally hosted then you can only build opt-in forms that can be embedded in any of your websites. Using that form you still can run your automations, sales, referrals and more.

If you have wordpress website then you can place your convert kit forms in your pages by installing Convertkit free plugin. With this plugin you don’t need to touch any code for placing convert kit forms.

Provide free trial

Every convert kit plan you can trial free for 7 days and for that you don’t need to add your credit card. So it is totally risk free to check out the tool whether it is good for you. Try it now, maybe you will like it.

Influencers who use convert kit

This is for who hasn’t visit the home page of convert kit yet. Once you visit their home page you will be known with the influencers who use convert kit. But I want you to know here about some of the influencers that convert kit claims they use the tool.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (actor and politician)
  • Ami Vitale (Photographer & filmmaker)
  • Gillian Perkins (youtuber and entrepreneur)
  • Chris Guillebeau (best-selling author and traveller)
  • Ben Rector (singer and song writer)


  • It is a very easy drag and drop tool that a beginner can use with no disturbance.
  • It is a cheaper solution
  • It has reviews of well-known influencers
  • Convert kit includes email automation solution from funnel steps.


  • It doesn’t provide any hosting severs for domain. You have to use third party hosting always.
  • Short trial period. I think at least it needs 14 days to understand a tool.

Click funnels

click funnels landing page builder to test out marketing strategy

Click funnels is a drag and drop landing page builder made by Russell and Todd in 2014. It is not so old landing page builder but within the first 3 years from starting of this company it achieved 100 million dollars revenue with a lot of positive reviews.

Generally click funnels focused on advanced level marketers but the drag and drop tool is very easy to use, if you are a beginner level marketer you will not face any difficulty during building landing pages. It is advanced level tool because of its price. Check out their pricing models.

What are the features of click funnels?

I said click funnels is a costly tool but it is very reasonable for its cool features. Click funnels can be your only funnel marketing solution. You get all the things that include funnel marketing. You don’t need to go with third party solution except payment gateway. You just add your payment gateway to cash your revenues collected through your funnels.

Proven Landing page templates

Click funnels has 250+ landing page templates those are segmented by industries. So it is so easy to find out the perfect landing page. Click funnels claims all the landing pages they have that are already tested and that are all high converting landing pages.

You get templates for all steps that an advanced level funnel can have such as cart pages, checkout pages, upsell pages, thank you pages, webinar pages, seat booking pages and more.

Super easy funnel building

You get options to select your industry and funnel type in click funnels. Once you select the options the funnel is automatically created. The automatically created funnel can be called the funnel template that you can edit as you want. You can adjust the funnel by adding or moving steps in that funnel, you can change the templates of the landing pages in that funnel.

Easy drag and drop editing process

Click funnels is drag and drop visual funnel builder and I know that you know what is dragging and dropping. Dragging and dropping is the easiest way to build web pages but for making web page building process hands down click funnels all landing pages are made up of 4 basic building blocks and all are marked by different colors.

Split testing

Split testing is the essential part of funnel marketing. Today is the era of science and split testing is science based marketing. With click funnels a/b testing tool you get most accurate data of your landing pages. Click funnels claims they have test their landing pages with their own a/b testing tool. So you can easily relay on this tool.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to build a funnel with click funnels:

What are the specialties of click funnels?

If I don’t say any specialties of click funnels you will think click funnels is an ordinary funnel builder but the truth is when you use click funnels you don’t anything else. Click funnels is capable to fulfill your each demand. It can meet your demands that are not yet even created. Continue to read.

Create membership areas

With click funnels you can easily create membership areas that contain your premium or free training materials, special offers or subscription contents. You can create a sign up page by which your users can create a log in to access your subscription contents. So you don’t need to go with any third party solution at all.

Create own affiliate program for your sales funnels

Affiliate traffic is the most qualified traffic in the planet. Click funnels offers you to create your own affiliate program in minutes for each of your sales funnels. You can create attractive commission models, affiliate types, payout types. You also can create the affiliate area for your funnels with adding just 2 pages from click funnels templates.

So when you use click funnels to build your sales funnels you can be full of with sales through sending affiliate traffic free to any steps of your sales funnels without getting any help of third party sites.

Provide an auto responder tool

Email traffic generates the lowest bounce rate and email is the most reliable marketing channel. You get the contact information of your customers including email from the funnels you build. So there is no reason to keep those emails lazy when you easily can make more sales by making them busy with your exclusive up sell offers.

With click funnels auto responder tool you can create automations from any steps of your funnels. You can make or upload list or add tag with your customer’s emails. There are tons of email templates that all have specific purposes, you can use them as your follow up emails too. The tool is capable to complete your email marketing purpose.

They provide hosting

You can’t host your domains on any third party hosting server if you want to use click funnels. It is hosted on the largest public cloud server Amazon Web Service backed up by cloud flare security and CDN. They have unlimited virtual scaling. So the amount of visitors doesn’t make any slow loading issue.


Even in terms of giving supports click funnels is singular. It seems they want to make you an entrepreneur. There are 3 levels of supporting system they have that they provide differently with their dual pricing plans.

Email and chat support

For any users they provide email and chat support but for platinum user chat support is faster than general users. Although they provide priority support according to time but the support team has enough technical knowledge. They don’t leave without solving the problem.

Trainings and courses

Click funnels provides various trainings and courses  to their members for making them each a proper psychology and science based marketer and entrepreneur as well. With their platinum package you get more trainings than general package. But each of their trainings will take you one step high.

Funnel building coaching

Click funnels provides funnel building coaching through virtual hackathon to build your funnels start to finish. Each week they organize a webinar session focusing on building one specific type of funnels with strategy during 40-50 minutes. There you can watch live the strategy of building funnels, automations and follow up emails. There is also a Q&A part to get your answer about building funnels and your business strategy in real time.

Allows free trial

Click funnels is an amazing tool that you can test out free for 14 days. Since it allows free trial so there is no question for money back guarantee. 14 days are enough to understand a tool whether it is good for you. So sign up now and build your several funnels with click funnels to find out whether it is your desired landing page builder.


  • Click funnels has the landing page templates that are already tested.
  • It provides the world class hosting server free with security.
  • It includes email automation tool that’s why you don’t need to use any third party email marketing service.
  • You can create your own affiliate programs that allow you to generate the hyper responsive traffic to your funnels free.
  • Click funnels provides the extra ordinary support.


  • It is little costly solution. With a lower budget you can’t go with click funnels.
  • It is only for building funnels not for building websites that contain articles.

Final thought

Although the 2 builders are different according to price ranges but they both are for funnel marketing and both builders are used by influencers. I have seen in my experience with these 2 builders that click funnels is mostly used by the influencers who are marketing skilled, bloggers, trainers, course creators. On the other side convert kit is mostly used by the celebrity type influencers who want to run their marketing in the easiest way with less functionality. Both are very user friendly and recommended according to their purpose.

If you find the article helps you to take decision on any of the tools that suits your purpose then purchase it from the links that has been shared in the article so that my effort can be continued. If you have any question that is not covered in this article then let me know in the comment section.

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