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Best Keyword Research Tool in Budget | Mangools Review

Galib Hossen // 2021-06-11 //  Mins Read

Keyword research is an essential part of getting your content ranked in search engines quickly. A good keyword research tool makes this task a lot easier but most keyword research tools are very expensive for the reason many people skip this part that’s why today I will talk about the best keyword research tool in budget.

You can visit Mangools home page first.

Mangools is a good keyword research tool no doubt but you have to know the basics of seo and keep some thing in your head to find the best keyword that will enable you to highest potential use of Mangools.

Waht is Mangools

Mangools is a package of SEO tools that I think is the best SEO tool in the budget that can provide data as needed and I say Mangools is the affordable SEMrush alternative.

Mangools first established with only KWfinder in 2014 by it’s founder Peter and now it is a complete platform for doing complete SEO analysis.

With Mangools you can do all the work for keyword research and SEO analysis and I will keep Mangools one step ahead because of its user interface.

Most of the tools provide advanced or beginner type data but I think Mongols provides mix data which is very informative for both newbie and experienced user.

So let’s talk about the tools of Mangools. There are 5 tools in Mangools those will fulfill your SEO requirements easily which were very complicated before.

The tools are

Let's discuss about these tools in details

KW Finder

best keyword research tool kw finder

The main purpose of keyword research is to find the right keyword. KWfinder will help you in every way to find the right keyword according to your desired location and language, that's how I say.

Long tail keyword

I mentioned in another article how long tail keywords can help you. You can easily find long tail keywords through KWfinder.

If you search by typing a keyword in KWfinder, you will find a list of many related long tail keywords with search volume and SERP overview under that keyword.

Domain search

You need to know which keywords your competitors are in the rank with. With KWfinder you can easily find out it.
If you search by typing a domain in the section “domain search”, you can see which keywords are ranked with that site.

Keyword difficulty

This is one of my favorite features on KWfinder. With this one feature you can understand whether it is right to work with this keyword. KWfinder determines keyword difficulty based on different metrics.

According to KWfinder, keyword difficulty is up to 50 means it is possible to rank. But I would say you try to find a keyword that has a keyword difficulty of 30 that will be easier to rank.

Location and language

If your targeted country is USA and preferred language is English, then you don't need to know the keyword status of any other country in other language.

Suppose you want to know the status of the keyword “what is in the Best Keyword Research Tool” in USA. In this case you can select the country and also the language and get the result accordingly.

SERP Checker

serp checker is good keyword research tool

Competitor analysis is an integral part of keyword research. If you want to get into search engine rankings, you must be aware of the status of those who are in the rankings with your niche.

You can easily check which websites are ranking with particular keyword in search engines and how their PA, DA or social sharing is with SERP checker that make it easy to find the weak points of your competitor.

If you can analyze your competitors well, you will understand which rules search engines follow to give them rank and authority as a result you can follow search engine’s rules.


I like this feature a lot because it is very useful. If you can make a comparison between your site and the sites of SERP then you will really understand what your position is and how to proceed.

All you have to do is paste your domain in the Comparison section then you will see the full status of your site below the SERP site as a result you can easily catch the difference.

SERP Watcher

serp watcher

SERP watcher is actually a rank tracker and it is very important tool because with it you will track yourself to know the behavior of your website in the search engine.

You just need to give your page link and the keywords you want to rank, rest of the work will do the rank tracker then you will just analysis and think how to improve.

You will be able to know your ranking and estimated visitor for specific keyword. A performance index will show the historical data of your website.

You will know the most successful keyword for your website and the most unsuccessful keyword as well.

Email alert

The most interesting thing is you will get notification to your email when any ranking changes will be happened to your site and this feature will keep you up to date about your site.

Link Miner

link miner best keyword research tool

Linkminer is literally a backlink checker that will show you the backlink sources of any page in a very user friendly way.

When it comes to backlinks, we all go after a lot of tension because it is very difficult to create backlinks from a good website and many times it becomes difficult to find related websites.

In this case, through linkminer you can easily find the sites where your competitors have backlink and when they can, you can also try to make backlink there.

Another interesting thing is that you can see what anchor text your competitor has used to make backlink. This will give you an idea of what kind of anchor text you should use.

You will have the advantage of filtering backlink by dofollow or nofollow and active or deleted and you can save the site which you want to make backlink with.

Site Profiler

site profiler

Site profiler is a great tool that allows you to check the entire profile of any site including your site.


In this section you can see the overview of the site such as PA, DA, Trust Flow etc. At the same time you will get 4 months historical data of Alexa Rank and Referring IP.


In this section you will see the backlinks profile of the site you want to check. But sites are giving it backlink you can’t see here. To see it you need to go to in Linkminer.

Top content

This is the section that I like most because I get here the top content of a site defined by referring domains and facebook shares and you can see any of the content’s backlink sources by clicking on the “show backlinks” tab.


In this section you can see who your real competitors are. This will be very useful for you as you will be able to find and analyze your competitors from here and will also make the process of finding your competitors much easier.

Visit Site Profiler official page >>>

Mangools Browser Extension

browser extention

You can easily do keyword research and analyze your competitor with Mangools tools, but Mangools has increased its capabilities many times over with Mangools browser extensions.

Mongols provides extensions for Chrome and Firefox. The extension has 5 different tab for providing different information.


You will get an overview of the site you have landed including PA, DA, facebook share, twitter share etc. one thing you must like of this tab that you can find the facebook page, twitter account and instagram account and linkedin profile connected with the site that will give you an idea of proceed through social media against your competitor.


From this tab you can find out which keywords this site is working with and in which position with which keywords.


In this tab you will get the whole back link source of the site with various metrics.

On-page seo

This tab just surprised me because from here I can see the whole on-page SEO structure of a particular page and they did not omit a single term of on-page seo.

I am talking about some terms like keywords, meta tags, headings etc. The rest you can see if you use it. Besides, I want you to be as surprised as me.

In the end I just want to say that it will give you a complete idea about your competitor’s on-page seo.

Rank tracking

I told about rank tracking once before and you do the same thing with your competitor.

SERP simulator

serp simulator

You will not be able to see how your site looks like in search engines until it is ranked but with SERP simulator you can see how your page looks like in search engine before publishing it.

This allows you to be perfect in terms of your title length, description length and URL length as there is a search engine allowed length limiter which will indicate to you if you exceed it.

This feature is totally free to use even you don’t need to make any account here for using it.

SERP Volatility

sero volatility for keyword research

SERP volatility is a notifying tool. It notifies about google algorithm changes. It happens sometime, website goes down from ranking for reason of goole’s algorithm updates.

This is very important to keep knowledge about algorithm update of google so that you can stay away from google penalties.

This is also a fully free feature and for taking this advantage you just need to submit your email so that they can notify you.

Help and support

There is a chat support option but I think this is not for 24/7. I have asked them about this, they told me “we are most of the time online” and if they online I have noticed they replay very fast.

But I liked their blog more. They talk about their 5 tools in detail in their blog. Mangools is very easy to use but if you have any problem to understand anything you will get the solution in their specific tool’s blog.

Is this the best keyword research tool for you

When it comes to keyword research, you can easily do it with KWfinder and when it comes to competitor analysis, you can do it with SERP checker and linkminer.

Now the question is should you use it?

I would say if you are not too old on the blogging platform and are looking for a good quality SEO tool in an affordable price then Mangools is the best tools for you because Mangools will be able to provide your desired information easily.

But when you are an advanced level blogger who want to know more information of seo terms and someone money doesn’t matter for him then you can go through an advanced seo tools like SEMrush.

money back


48 hours guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 48 - hours

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

You can use Mangools Keyword Research Tools for free for 10 days before you buy it with money. This is a good advantage to understand how the tool is actually. But the interesting thing is that Mongols gives you a money back guaranty. If you don't like their tools, they will refund all your money if you apply for a refund within 48 hours of payment and it is not only their statement but I took a refund for testing it. So I am assuring you in this matter.

You can try Mangools without any tention.

Pros and Cons

It will help to take decision


  • Cheap price
  • Complete blog tutorial of each tools
  • 2 days money back guaranty
  • Good user interface


  • No social media posting and analytics platform

Meet the host

An affiliate marketer with an addiction of travelling. He believes that nature starts working to make happen that people believe.

Having an incredible vision and persistence to never give up, he built his 6 figure online business with the power of belief, hard work and smart decisions.

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