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Best Email Marketing Tool | GetResponse Review

Galib Hossen // 2021-03-25 //  Mins Read

You have to use the best email marketing tool because when it comes to affiliate marketing, email marketing accompanies it because affiliate marketing and email marketing are inextricably linked.

It is not possible to do marketing completely with just a website because communication through email gives a personal touch that is not available from a website. So in order to do the ultimate marketing, you need have a basic email marketing idea for doing email marketing with having a website.

The most appropriate way to do email marketing is to use an email marketing tool and GetResponse can be the best email marketing tool in my opinion and why you should use it you will understand after reading the whole article.

First you can Visit GetResponse home page to see their interface.

GetRespons will make you impress with their impressive tools and features. I don't think you'll need anything beyond what is here. Let's first see what features Gate Response has.

The features are

Quick Note

I usually use GetResponse as my email auto responder, for creating landing page, funnel I use Thrive Architect and for sign up form I use Thrive Leads because I think Thrive is the best for making those and after all Thrive is wordpress base solution.

Let's discuss how useful the features are for an affiliate marketer to doing email marketing.

1. Email Creator

best email marketing tool email creator

As a marketer, you always have to be smart and tidy, and your subscribers need to understand that through your work and then he will believe you and follow you.

Simply writing something and sending it will not be a smart work in any way. Your email must have a nice design that fits your purpose so that the subscribers realize you are very tidy.

As a result, the subscriber will like you and people tend to follow the person unknowingly they like.

In GetResponse you will find at least 200’s category-based good looking pre-designed email templates from which you can easily choose the one that goes with your purpose.

You need to customize the template according to your objective by doing just drag and drop. How easy.

GetResponse Team is constantly increasing the number of their pre-designed templates by their skilled designers so that their users never have to deal with any designing issues.

See their templates example >>>

Here's a quick demo of Email Creator

2. Auto Responder

best autoresponder

Emails are designed but you must not send these emails to each of your subscribers one by one manually and it will not be a smart way too.

You need to have a process by which you can automatically send emails to your subscribers on a scheduled basis and that is called autoresponder.

Let me tell you how beautiful its scheduling system is

There is no option to select date in its scheduling system. You will select days, like 0 days or 2 days or 5 days. Now 0 days means that a user will receive email on the day he gives his email id to you. 2 days means he will get it after 2 days.

You may also want to send email to your subscriber at a specific time, such as 10 am or 10pm, or if you want to send an email as soon as the user subscribes, both are possible.

If you do not want to send email at a certain day of the week, you can block that day in this case the email will be sent the earlier day.

Now if you create autoresponders with the emails you want to send to your specific subscriber’s list, everything will be done automatically. This is so easy but much more effective and time saving.

Discover more from official site >>>

Here's a quick demo of creating Auto Responder

3. List Management

list management

When someone gives you his email, it will be submitted to a list you have created on get response and you will create an autoresponder under a list.

You can create lists in different ways. If you already have a lot of emails collected, you can create a list by uploading the XL file of those emails or you can also create a list by collecting emails through a sign up form on a landing page.

You can create unlimited lists to segmentation your subscribers.

Many marketers still mistakenly think that the bigger the list, the more valuable it will be. But it is completely wrong. Rather, the more interactive the contact list, the more valuable it will be.

With List Management's List Hygiene option, you can easily remove your inactive subscribers. You have to send an email to the subscribers of any list and the email that the subscriber does not open within a specified time will be automatically removed by List Hygiene.

With list statistics you can see the statistics all of your list and with advanced search option you can search with filter to find any contact or list.

It seems to me that there is no shortage of their list management.

Visit list management from official page >>>

Here's a quick demo of creating a contact list

4. Email Analytics

email analytics

Get Response has an effective and much needed email analytics tool with which you can fully perform your email marketing analysis without any uncertainty.

I have written an article on how to analyze your email marketing campaign and you can easily analyze your email with get response analytics by gathering this article.

Visit email marketing analytics official page >>>

5. Conversion Funnel Builder

conversion funnel builder best email marketing tool

Conversion funnel means sales funnel or lead funnel.

At Get Response you will find some pre-designed templates for different types of funnels that can be customized by drag and drop to create any type of funnel for you.

I personally have never used their funnels because I use Thrive Architect to create funnels and this is what I think is best for this job.

But I have seen their templates and it seems they are beautiful enough and conversion focused design to me and obviously easy to customize. If you want you can use their funnel.

Visit conversion funnel builder official page >>>

6. Landing and Webinar Page Builder

landing page for email marketing

As well as creating funnels you can also create single landing pages or webinar pages here and for that you will also find some pre-designed good looking templates that you can use by editing them according to your purpose.

I have never used their landing pages too, instead I use Thrive Architect. This does not mean that their landing pages are not good, but Thrive Architect is the best for this part even with Thrive Architect I can do custom design of my blog post.

If you want you can use their landing page. They enough good looking and conversion focused.

Visit Getresponse landing page builder official page >>>

7. Sign Up Form

sign up form

The sign up form is an essential term for collecting emails because without sign up form user will not be able to give you his email ID in any way.

You can also create a sign up form from Get Response. In that case, they have beautiful form templates that you must like.

But I don't use this service too for same reason and the reason is Thrive Leads is best for this part.

Visit Getresponse sign up form official page >>>

8. Facebook Ad

facebook ad creator

Get Response will give you some features that no other email marketing tool will give you. One of them is Facebook Ad Creator.

You can easily create ad directly from Facebook if you want, but you can also take advantage of Gate Response more easily by adding your FB profile with Getresponse.

I personally think that the user interface of GetResponse is much nicer than Facebook Ad and therefore things seem easier.

If you give ad from GetResponse, you will get all the benefits that you will get from Facebook, but the extra benefit that you will have from here is that you will get all the data of your email marketing and Facebook ads both in one place and that is Getresponse.

Visit Getresponse Facebook ads official page >>>

Here's a quick demo of Facebook Ad Creator

9. Product Storage

product storage

Another great feature of GetResponse is its product storage that only GetResponse offers and this is what they added new a few days ago.

If you have your own product, you can store it in GetResponse and sell it from there.

But in that case you only have to use their sales funnels because without their sales funnels you will not be able to show that product.

If you use your own sales funnel made by another page builder like Thrive Architect then you will not be able to put the product link.

I haven't used their service yet because I don't have my own products, I am a pure affiliate marketer.

If you have products your own then you can use this feature.

Visit Getresponse product store official page >>>

10. Web Push Notification

web push notification for email marketing

I personally like this feature of GetResponse very much.

A small notification that shows to the bottom of a browser is called push notification. It can show on both mobile and desktop devices and surely sometimes you have got this notification too.

There are many platforms for giving push notification ads but they all charge money on the other hand GetResponse push notification is absolutely free.

All you need to do is verify once by pasting the tracking code in the head section of your website. From then on, a prompt will be sent to the browser of those who will visit your website, as soon as they say yes, the notification will start going to their device.

All you have to do is create a notification, provide the notification title, description, picture and destination link and the rest of the work will be done by GetResponse.

Visit web push notification official page >>>

Is Get Response the best email marketing tool for you

I am showing some of the reasons why I think Get Response is the best email marketing tool and I think when you look at it, you think it's the best but mind it every product or service has shortage.

     1. price

Price is a much bigger factor. We want to know the price of anything before we purchase it and we think about buying it as soon as it goes with our budget.

From that point GetResponse is the most perfect and budget friendly.

You can see their Pricing plans here.


Subscribers limit

Monthly payment

Yearly payment

  • Get response
  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • 1000 (Basic)
  • 500 (Basic)
  • 500
  • $15/m
  • $9/m
  • $19/m
  • $12.30/m
  • Not available
  • $16.15/m

     2. Only Get Response have

With such a low price, GetResponse will have some features that are very important but no other email marketing tool will give you and it has made GetResponse completely unique.

 The features are facebook ad, Social ad creator and Product Storage. These are really important and you can’t ignore these.

     3. Mobile app

If you think that you have no control over your email marketing even if you are away from your computer, it is wrong because GetResponse Mobile App gives you full control over your mobile and this is available for both android and IOS device.

This will allow you to create plain text emails and send draft emails that previously made on your computer and as well as monitor all your campaigns.

It allows you to create list and add contacts to that list by uploading XL files and you will be able to do all kinds of list management.

You can monitor your forms and landing page.

You will be notified and able to get access to the last blog post of GetResponse.

So download Getresponse mobile app and operate email marketing directly through your mobile.

     4. Social ad creator app

One of the biggest problems with giving ads on any social media is creating a beautiful visual ad or a promo video. GetResponse has blown away this problem and this feature is also only available on GetResponse.

I used to spend a lot of time creating social media ads but this feature of GetResponse has saved me a lot of time. You will find over 200 eye catching pre-designed templates of banner ads and promo videos here that you can edit easily and use as you like.

You need to give just your product photos, names and price, rest of the work will handle the app.

You will get this app on both Android and IOS device and I know it will take your ad creativity skills beyond your level which will make you much more confident.

So download the ad creator app fast and create awesome ads on Facebook.

5. One month of free use

Getresponse has no refund policy because it gives you the opportunity to use their tools free for 1 month. One month is fair enough time to get to know a tool better. If you do not like their service after one month of use, you can easily use another email service. They will not take any payment information from you.

So try it free.

Pros and Cons

It will help you to take decision


  • Top notch service at a reasonable price.
  • Easy, simple and clean user interface.
  • Have complete email marketing solution package.
  • Great discount for yearly and 2 yearly payment.
  • Advanced features really make it impressive.
  • Convenience of using 1 month free
  • Support: blog, help center, resource, 24/7 chat.


  • Their “product storage” feature does not support without their own sales funnel.
  • Phone call support is not available.
  • No refund available.


I have used all the three marketing tools that I have compared the price of and I like GetResponse the most and maybe you have understood that why GetResponse is the best.

You can use free for the first month to check it out it is the best or not for you.

If you don't think my words are ultimate, there's no problem, I will succeed only if I can give you some food for thoughts to your journey.

You can research on your own way to see what's going well with you and use it and help me by letting me know that how can I help you more.

Meet the host

An affiliate marketer with an addiction of travelling. He believes that nature starts working to make happen that people believe.

Having an incredible vision and persistence to never give up, he built his 6 figure online business with the power of belief, hard work and smart decisions.

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