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Best Affiliate Networks for Digital Products in 2021

Galib Hossen // 2021-03-31 //  Mins Read

Best affiliate network means a legit network. There are plenty of affiliate marketing network exist in the world web but do you think every network is perfect for work or they will give you payment properly specially in case of digital products?

There is a chance to that may not be the case. There are some affiliate marketing networks mainly based on digital products are working from a long time and since they are working from a long time so it can be say that they are doing business very well so hope there has no chance to miss payment.

I have got 9 best affiliate network for digital products in 2021 and they are running their business from a long time and mostly all of them gives 30%-75% of commission and I have got payment from these networks several times.

There are some differences exist in the industry based on physical and digital products that have a lot of impact on affiliate marketing. So I think you should get a clear idea about distinctions between physical and digital products, it should help you to take decision.

Chart of best affiliate networks for digital products

Affiliate Netwirk

Payment method

Minimum Payment

Affiliate Support

















Paypal,stripe,warrior plus walet


1. JV Zoo

best affiliate network jv zoo

JV Zoo is the leading affiliate network in the world for digital marketing. In the year 2011 when world goes down the digital marketing crisis then it introduces itself on the web for make a change and now it is a monster.

There are 800k affiliate members are working with them and it makes more than 6k sales average per day from the beginning.

The collection of 50k of products really makes it a monster.

Their motto is that using an affiliate network should never be a risk or gamble.

As many reputed network it also uses in-house proprietary platform as it’s tracking software.

  • Payment method

  • Payment frequency

  • Cookie

This is the big advantage of JZ ZOO that it has almost every payment method. It supports paypal, payoneer, wire, check. You have no tension to withdraw money from JV Zoo.

2. Click bank

click bank digital affiliate network

Click bank is the superior of affiliate marketing network list. It has founded in California in 1998. Tim and Eileen Barber are the founders of click bank.

In 2011 they had 1500k affiliate marketer and 100k are active of them. Click bank has more than 6 million customers over 190 countries.

In 2011 the Revenue Magazine badge click bank as the top affiliate network in the world.

Click bank has more than 20k products both physical and digital according to plenty of niches to affiliates and the annual turnover is 1 billion USD. It is incredible.

  • Payment method

  • Payment frequency

  • Cookie Duration

You have no problem to get payment from it. They have various payment methods like check, ACH (direct deposit), wire transfer, payoneer. You should not have any problem about payment.

Click bank would be a perfect choice for doing affiliate marketing. You will get very high ticket offers for your user and you can make tremendous amount of money.

3. Warrior plus

warrior plus affiliate network

Warrior plus is a network which only focus on internet marketing. If you are on internet marketing niche then warrior plus is the best place for you.

The founder of warrior plus Mike Lantz saw a need for the right place for online marketing products to sell and affiliates. That’s why he have made warrior plus in 2005 and in-house proprietary as their tracking software.

They have more than 7k products. The products types are ebooks for traffic, website making course, online tools for graphic design and many others marketing materials.

  • Payment method

  • Payment frequency

  • Cookie

There are 3 types of payment method you will get. Those are paypal, stripe and warrior plus wallet. If you have no paypal or stripe account then you can easily use warrior plus wallet.

No doubt warrior plus is good network to work as affiliate or vendor. I recommend it to work with it if you are in marketing niche.

4. Flex offers

best affiliate network flex offers

Flex offers is a network where you will find various categories of digital products. It has first introduced in 2006 but from 2008 it is growing incredibly.

They have 12000+ offers and you will get some CPA (cost per action) offers also with a big referral commission and that is up to $450 per referral.

You need to have a website to create an account here because for creating an account should be verify by a website.

  • Payment method

  • Payment frequency

  • Cookie

They have 3 types of payment method and those are check / bank wire / ACH (direct deposit).

5. One network direct

one network direct

One network direct is affiliate network of Digital River started in 2006. Digital River is a software download site started in 1994. For gaining their software sales and help affiliates to make money they have made one network direct affiliate platform.

You will get software what need to make a business. There are more than 200 softwares you can promote and the commission is well.

$3 billion of transaction they processed every year and they use direct track as their tracking software.

  • Payment method

  • Payment frequency

  • Cookie

You will get paid via check, wire or ACH.

6. Sell health

best health affiliate network

If you are searching affiliate network for only health related product then Sell Health is only for you. Sell health is established in 2004 with their own product because of reducing 3rd party issue.

They have 50+ exclusive products both physical and digital. The highest commission payouts up to $350 and the commission starts from 30% and it will be increases according to increase your sale.

Since 2004 they paid $5CR of commission to their affiliates.

The affiliate support team is good and they use in-house proprietary as their tracking software.

  • Payment method

  • Payment frequency

  • Cookie

They support various payment methods as you have no problem with payment issue. They have check, wire, paypal, paxum, ACH
 (direct deposit).

7. Digi Store 24

digi store affiliate network

Digi Store 24 is a German company but now their head office is in USA. It is established in 2012 in an effort of the co-founder and CEO Francis Wolff.

Here is a ceremony of both physical and digital products such as software, course, event etc.

There are more than 8k of products to promote that mostly give you up to 70% or more commission with the tracking software of In-house proprietary platform.

They have generated 250 million of sales in 2019. The mission of Digi Store 24 is to transform the word online business through automation and conversion optimization.

  • Payment method

  • Payment frequency

  • Cookie

They have 3 payment methods those potentially will match with you and those are paypal, wire, ACH (direct deposit)

8. Lead Mansion

lead mansion network

As an affiliate marketer lead mansion would be a good choice because of the six groups payday mansion, rev mansion, list mansion, monetize mansion, lead mansion and ad mansion. You will find all of the group’s products in one platform.

Lead Mansion started their journey in 2013 and last year they have paid $1CR to their affiliates and 3 million of leads provided to their clients.

Here you will find product that has even 80% of conversion rate.

There are various types of product such as health, beauty, finance and exclusive in house offers. But lead mansion is best for their payday loan offers and you can earn up to $245 per lead.

  • Payment method

  • Payment frequency

  • Cookie

The list is very big of their payment method. You will have all the popular payment option and this is a very good side. PayPal, Wire, EPESE, WebMoney, Paxum, OKPAY, ePayments, Capitalist. Do you need more?

9. Rain Maker

best affiliate marketing network for digital products

Rain maker is a marketing base affiliate network established in 2009 but it is not that old for me. I have heard about it in very recent and by knowing their high commission rate I fell interested to join there.

  • Payment method

  • Payment frequency

  • Support

The lacking point of the site is it’s payment method. You will have only wire transaction and the minimum transaction is €500 and €100 will cut as wire charge.


The affiliate network I have said all are trusted and paying good. You visit every site and research more then find out what I have missed and then which you think perfect for you start work with.

By the way I have found 7 micro niches for succeed quickly. You can checkout the article to work on.

Meet the host

An affiliate marketer with an addiction of travelling. He believes that nature starts working to make happen that people believe.

Having an incredible vision and persistence to never give up, he built his 6 figure online business with the power of belief, hard work and smart decisions.

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