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About my self

Hey readers, I am Galib Hosen and I am from Bangladesh. There are 7 members in my family and you are seeing them bellow. I am doing affiliate marketing from 2010 and after doing many struggles at last I am successful in affiliate marketing industry.

By the way The sea beach you are seeing is the longest sea beach in the planet and it is located in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh so of course you are invited from me to see this beach.

My story

My Marketing Life started with a 5 minutes video that completely changed my life. After watching the video I decided that I would do Affiliate Marketing. But after watching the video, I could not understand the depth of affiliate marketing immediately but that video made me curious about affiliate marketing first and it makes my desire to do business more vibrant.

I thought I'd just choose the product and share it with my friends on Facebook and I will bring out a large number of sales but I wasn't even close to earning. My biggest mistake was I took it very lightly.

To took it lightly but I was not a man to leave.

I kept trying to dig deeper. I try to apply whatever new method I got. As the days go by, my experience increases but I cannot succeed according to my target.

Day by day I continue to get frustrated. I have invested a lot of money in paid traffic several times and could not make any profit from it.

My parents had wanted from the beginning to not spend money for this bull shit. After wasting so much money, they continued to say more. I was just getting frustrated day by day. I was thinking that, business is not for me. I might not worth it and seemed like a lost person in a life war.

Then I try to find my problem. Alone I was thinking, where I had gone wrong. Then I realized one thing that I used to do for a long time was just to make money. There was no attitude to help. I used to think that the good aspects of any product would be that people would buy them. In fact, my whole think was wrong.

One thing keep in mind that is business is only profitable when the profit is for both the marketer and the user.

You have to have a helping mind before doing marketing. You have to know how to help people. For that, you have to find out the problems of the people first. Where a problem comes to people is likely to sell a product. Because a quality product is the right solution of that problem.

So the quality of a marketer is to find the problem of the people and to find the perfect solution that can help the person suffering the problem get the maximum support. And this quality was not in me then and that's why I couldn't succeed.

After that I start my journey again with a helping mentality. I start searching inside myself to know what I liked more about. Because I can help people only with I know well. Not only know, I have to passionate about that thing. Because I have to do a lot of research on this topic. Only then I will understand what is the perfect solution for the particular problem.

If I am not passionate about the topic , I will not be able to work with it for a long.

This time my thinking is completely fixed. I know what my users want. What is their problem and what is the right solution. All I have to do now is to make realize my user this is the right solution for your problem.

When I start to move on with this concept it just work in such a way that I get an identity which is “I am a Successful Businessman and my business is Affiliate Marketing”.

I'm still developing more and more every day to find problem to solve it. Because where is a problem there is a sale.

What is Affiliatiz

After my success I felt that there must be a lot of people like me who are struggling to set up their own independent online business and I don't want anyone else to repeat those mistakes again I made.

This is exactly why Affiliatiz is born. All sorts of guidelines are needed to set up a profitable affiliate marketing business are shared here to stay away people from unwanted mistakes and to keep them very close to success.

what I have gathered in my marketing life I have sorted them into Affiliatiz in such an easy and understandable way so that people can do affiliate marketing very easily in a updated, focused and profitable way which will make them an Affiliate Wiz.

My wish

My wish is to give courage to those who truly believe that it is possible to set up a successful business online and work towards realizing that possibility. I want to enhance their believe to their work and spread some relevant thoughts to their work and above all I want to keep them away from marketing mistakes