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JOSEPH COULSON // Affiliate Marketer

I'm surprised this list is free. Like genuinely surprised. I've personally done a lot of research to find out quality email traffic but which come close to this are way actually expensive. To give it out like this, he must really love helping people out. I've been into the email strat with this list and I'm glad I found it.


I noticed that some of the emails sent to the list were bouncing but the delivered emails were being opened. You have provided some extra ordinary subject-line templates which help me a lot to increase the open rate. You deserve a thanks for these subject-lines.

LINDA PEARSON  // Affiliate Marketer 

Wow. Not the "top-of-my-voice" type of wow. This type of wow is where you say it silently to yourself because of the gravity of the truth that just became apparent to you. This list has granted me to generate $367 of sales within the very second day after taking it. Thanks Galib.

Disclaimer: All individual claims are independent views and the result may vary as per potential and relevancy (from person to person)

4.5 / 5 Rating

73% of marketers are facing  targeted traffic challenge. But you will get all the required metrics with the list so that you can target the way you want. The metrics are age, gender, income, job title, interests, marital status and many more. I am running campaigns on these emails with the subject lines format you are getting and I am generating 17% more sales than before and needless to say that using the strategy that your are getting. Since the list is still almost fresh, it is giving the most output.

- Galib

Galib hosen

Host: Galib Hosen, 

Galib Hosen is a fellow affiliate marketer and founder of from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He spent his initial years in online business struggling with the belief that nature starts making true that people believe.

Having an incredible vision and persistence to never give up, he built his 6 figure online business with the power of believe, hard work and smart decisions.

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