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6 Compulsive Rules to Increase Mobile Conversion Rates

Galib Hossen // 2021-12-29 //  Mins Read

You must know that no profit in only traffic, profit is only in conversions. The global website conversion rate is 4.31% but this is only on desktop. In the case of mobile, the conversion rate dropped to about 1.49%.

If we look at the ecommerce website then we will see the same scenario. According to Invesp the global ecommerce website conversion rate for desktop is 3.90% whereas the conversion rate for mobile is 1.82%. A bit more than global website but still it is very frustrating information.

Now look at the website bounce rate. The average bounce rate of desktop is 49.3% and the bounce rate of mobile device is 58.3%.

Everywhere mobile traffic is the main culprit to lose conversion rate. Is it the problem of traffic or website? Is there any obvious reason to low conversion?

Why mobile users tend not to convert?

Smart insight conducted a survey to customers. In that survey, customers shared their experiences with mobile ecommerce website, and there are 5 reasons why mobile conversion rates are considered low.

  1. 1
    20.2% of consumers said they refrain from purchasing due to security reasons
  2. 2
    19.6% of consumers said that they cannot see the product details.
  3. 3
    19.35% consumers said that the navigation is very difficult.
  4. 4
    19.6% consumers said they can’t browse multiple screens/compare.
  5. 5
    18.6% consumers said that too difficult to input details.

Another harassing information from Consumer Tolerance's survey is that 74% of mobile phone users won’t wait more than 5 seconds for a page load.

Hope now you can easily understand that there some critical problems are happening with mobile pages that should be improved.

 But why you need to increase mobile conversions?  You can get a huge conversion from desktop.

The reasons you should increase mobile conversion rates

The reasons you should increase mobile conversion rates

According to data of 2021, the total number of mobile users in the world is 5.22 billion, which is about 93 million more than last year, and the number of unique mobile users is growing at a rate of 1.6 percent per year. Even millions of people are being upgraded from featured phones to smart phones every year.

When you compare the mobile users and desktop user the mobile users are 56% in 2021. You are going to get most of your visitors from mobile devices.

One more startling fact is the Ericsson's latest data says mobile phone subscriptions now exceed 6 billion.

If your website is not mobile friendly then immediately 40% of visitors start visiting your competitors’ sites.

So you can understand how many visitors you will miss if your website is not mobile optimized. One more thing you should know that each consumers spend about 3 hours in mobile per day.

I hope now you understand that not paying attention to the mobile version of your website is the extreme loss for you.

How to increase the mobile conversion?

I thought that since the bounce rate from mobile is very high and the conversion rate is very low, the maximum website may not be mobile responsive. But I was very surprised to find an information.

Canonicalized conducted a test of 1 million websites to see how many of them were mobile responsive and they noticed that about 77% of the websites were mobile friendly.

But they tested it through some online tools and the tools can never tell if that mobile response was user friendly.

That’s why may be the websites are mobile responsive but not well structured on mobile and not user friendly.

There are 6 unfailing tips to increase your mobile conversion rates:

1. Build a dedicated mobile version instead of compressing the original

The practice of making a dedicated version of the website for the smaller screen is not yet very conventional among bloggers or marketers. Most websites are mobile responsive but that responsiveness has only been done by compressing the desktop version.

Not every element of a website may be perfect for the mobile version. Or if an element is presented on mobile in the same way as it is presented on the desktop, it can ruin the mobile layout.

As an example we can talk about the table. If a big table is compressed for mobile version exactly as it is in the desktop version, it will not be readable enough on a small screen.

We can take one more example for ecommerce that is pricing table. You must have noticed in case of pricing tables on the desktop, each table is presented horizontally but in mobiles, it is presented vertically. If horizontal presentation is also done for mobile, it will not be well structured or easily readable.

Easiest way to build dedicated mobile version of your website

Easiest way to build dedicated mobile version of your website

For those who are doing a big business or who are in business with a lot of money backup, it is not so difficult to hire web developers and designers to build his website’s multiple versions for multiple screens. But what about those who are running a small business and trying to make money by simple blogging? How do they build a mobile version for their website?

I know you are thinking so too.

There is an excellent solution for this problem provided by Thrive Architect. If you use thrive architect you can easily build 3 dedicated versions of your website at once. The 3 versions are desktop, mobile and tablet.

Thrive architect is a visual website page builder that enables you to build your website by dragging and dropping.

You get the 3 dedicated design units at once while building your website with thrive architect.

You can see in the video below how easily you can create a mobile user friendly version of your site with Thrive Architect.

2. Increase your website speed

Website speed is the first experience ever you make for your visitors. The speed of your website greatly affects the output of your site. Every second of loading time increases your bounce rate. Research says that if your site loads in 2 seconds, your bounce rate will increase to 9.75% only for loading time.

According to research, if it takes more than 3 seconds for your page to load, then 48% of your visitors immediately start visiting your competitor’s site, which is one of the biggest reasons for low conversion rate.

Most of the top converting landing pages load under 2 seconds.

Nearly 70% of consumers admit that page speed impacts their willingness to buy from an online retailer.

So my friend I hope it is clear to you how important loading speed is for a website.

Increasing mobile page speed is almost as same as desktop. Actually when you work on your website speed it is effective for your entire mobile, desktop and tablet speed.

You can do 2 things specially for increasing loading speed on mobile

1. Use amp

Amp is s project supported by google that keeps interest only in speeding up the content delivery for users.

It does not interfere with website design but it does create a limitation in coding that prevents custom JavaScript from loading. It also lazy loads your images that helps to load your page fast.

If you are using wordpress then install the AMP plugin and enable it.

2. Use low resolution picture for mobile pages

Images are the largest file in a website that take the most of your loading time.

The large size of the picture on the desktop becomes smaller on the mobile device for very reasonable cause. In this case, only the size of the picture will be smaller but its resolution will not decrease. It will take more time to load on mobile device.

You can do 2 things in this case.

  1. Manually compress all of your images

  2. Use Optimole: This is a wordpress plugin for optimizing website images. By enabling it you keep all your pictures on a CDN of optimole. Optimole automatically compresses your all images and switch on the lazy loading. It helps you to increase your entire website speed.

3. Create a mobile friendly navigation experience

I have said before 19.35% consumers said that the navigation is very difficult. When your navigation is not mobile friendly then your most of the visitors are going to think this is a spammy website. They will feel insecure.

Navigation bar is one kind of map of your website. Without a navigation bar your users can’t find the right element for them.

No matter how world class and latest design website you create, unless you can provide a simple effective navigation experience.

 See a good mobile navigation example:
mobile friendly navigation bar

This is so simple and clearly states what is in it. You can see there is a call to action button used that increases the conversion rate of the website.

How to create such mobile friendly navigation

This type of navigation is usually created by skilled web designers, but a person who is blind to coding can also build this type of navigation if he uses the Thrive Architect.

Yes, in Thrive Architect you get various ready-made menu layout templates. If you want you can create a completely brand new menu layout with thrive architect.

You can create a menu for your desktop version and at the same time you can create another menu for smaller screen.

Watch the video below where Shane shows how easily a mobile friendly menu layout can be created with Thrive Architect:

4. Keep font size lower and use lower size buttons

Of course you have to keep your fonts size lower than your desktop version. If you use 21 pixels font size for desktop version then 18/19 px would be the perfect size for mobile.

A responsive button is more important than font size but they both are important.

There has been a lot of research on the call to action button. A lot of information is known from those researches.

Three most important pieces of information are that 70% of small online businesses have CTA lacks and making CTAs look like buttons created a 45% boost in clicks and the last one is personalized CTAs convert 42% more visitors into leads than untargeted CTAs

When you do mistake with your call to action button, you directly prevent your conversions. Call to action button is the door of conversion.

Pay an especial attention to create the button for both desktop and mobile.

You don’t have to be bothered to make a conversion focused CTA button because Thrive Architect provides tons of CTA button templates that are completely mobile friendly and easily customizable.

Watch the video to see how to create a high converting button with Thrive Architect that is mobile friendly:

5. Keep shorter the path of checkout

I have seen some ecommerce sites that make their checkout path so deep that most people will lose their temper before they get there.

This will definitely affect the desktop but mobile will have the most impact.

So the keep checkout process as short as possible

6. Try to use auto fill

Auto fill is a great feature for a website. It makes the user experience a lot more beautiful.

Users are subconsciously in a hurry when using mobile. Besides, typing on mobile is a very boring job, maybe you know it too. When the input details are automatically filled in by using the user's cookie information, it not only save users from typing but also saves user’s time.

If you use Thrive Architect you can turn on the auto fill option by just one click. See it in the video:


Mobile users are increasing day by day. You may have noticed the most amount of traffic you are getting from mobile devices. If you are getting a high bounce rate then the main culprit may be that your site is not mobile friendly. So take it seriously.

These are the tips you can follow for increasing your mobile conversion rate. But these are not the ultimate tips and tricks for increasing your all devices conversion rate.

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