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5 Effective Tips You Should Know To Boost Your Home Page Conversions

Galib Hossen // 2021-10-25 //  Mins Read

Home page is not the page for driving conversion. Till now a number of marketers think like that. I have visited several marketing websites that are placing just post lists on their homepages instead of creating any conversion event.

Nowadays a bit amount of online marketers and entrepreneurs are trying to boost their home page conversion but research says that most of the home pages have the conversion rate of below %4.

Maybe one of these is your website. Maybe you are struggling to boost your conversion rate but users don’t want to be converted.

What’s the reason?         

There is no specific reason but there is some effective way to boost conversions. If you miss any one then you have the potential to see a huge decline in your conversion rate.

I am going to tell you about 5 points to boost your home page conversion rate which can be called in short R.A.P.I.D. Using the formula of RAPID you will see a significant development in your conversion.

R.A.P.I.D stands for

  • Readable
  • Above the fold
  • Persuade
  • Increase social proof
  • Decrease anxiety


Research says that you have 8 seconds to get a conversion. That means visitors take 8 seconds to take decision whether he will convert or not.

Look at the picture above. Try to read what written in the picture.

I am sure it will take more than 8 seconds to read just 2 lines. Then it is completely impossible to get conversion within 8 seconds from this home page.

 Now see this picture     

The page is readable as if it is talking to the users. Users can easily make the right decision before 8 seconds.

If you use Thrive Architect then you can turn an unreadable page into easily readable. It will take less than minutes.

You can see it in the video.

Above the fold

The second tips “A” stand for above the fold. This is the most important of your website. This is the ultimate first thing that users going to see. By seeing this part people are going to know what the website does and whether this website is for him or not.

Some ultra-clever marketer try to be so clever in the headline for showing of they are so clever. This kind of effort destroys professionalism.

Try to be as straight forward as possible and clear instead of being clever.

A really good example of an above the fold can be the picture bellow

You can see it is so direct and clear. Anybody can understand who the website is for and what is they are going to get from this website.

Another good example you can see bellow

No fun, no cunning, totally straightforward. In the same place it can be known that who is behind the website and what is the service and who need this service.

These 2 were good example but it can’t be perfect without bad examples. So look bellow to discover bad examples.

The home page consists of an image and opt-in form. There is saying join our list to get every notification of our blog.

But who is the guy behind the website or why need their blog notification?

I can’t understand who the website is for. Do you?

I’m definitely going to bounce this site and I am sure everyone.

An another bad example

Betrayal Sucks – but what type of betrayal he is talking about?

We are all more or less victims of betrayal. But this page is clear how is going to get people helped through his service.


The third is “P”. P stands for Persuade. You must use a “Call to Action” button which will provoke the users towards conversion.

After all without call to action there is no conversion goal.

It is very important to have the call to action button above the fold.

Look at the picture bellow

The call to action button is clear and the design is stand out.

It can be a great example of persuasion.

See a bad example bellow

Apparently the page looks pretty good to me. But it seems to me that two improvements are needed with the buttons.

The two buttons are same. As if they are saying that the purpose of us are the same. Users will be confused about what they need or what they are getting.

Another thing is that the buttons are not stand out. They can be easily missed in the layout.

If you use thrive architect then it is not problem for you because it can be solved in seconds.

Moreover you get tons of good looking standout button templates which are easily editable.

Watch it in the video

Increase social proof

 Conversion is inextricably linked with trust. When you gain trust you get conversion. In order to gain trust you have to increase your social proof.

Human psychology wants to know what are saying other people about the product or service before purchasing.

LKR did an experiment. One of their email subscribers gave a testimonial about their product. Authorities later used that subscriber's testimonial instead of their headline on their landing page. This increased their conversion rate by 24.31%.

So you can understand about the testimonials effect.

I am not showing you the good or bad examples because testimonials are just need to have in your page. Better you set it in above the fold section or immediate under above the fold.

If you use thrive architect then you have thrive ovation. Thrive ovation is a wordpress plugin dedicated to collect and show testimonials.

There are tons of testimonial templates. You just need to choose.

You also have testimonial collect page templates.

Using thrive ovation is the easiest way to collect and show testimonials. When you go through thrive ovation you are free from any type of third party to collect testimonials. Your website is the platform where people give testimonials.

You can see how easy it is to collect testimonials in the video below

Decrease anxiety

The final tip is “D”. D stands for Decrease Anxiety. I can’t find any tips that ensures about decreasing anxiety but one thing can reduce anxiety I think.

This is author bio. It increase credibility of your website and motivate visitors towards conversion instead of making worried.

Or you can add biography of the complete team behind your website.

If visitor don’t know who behind the website and from whom they are getting service then it will push them into darkness.

All in all, you have to make sure that people fell at ease.

If you use thrive architect you have a feature called “blocks”. There you will get several types of blocks including author bio.

Watch the video to see how easy to place an author bio in your home page.

Meet the host

An affiliate marketer with an addiction of travelling. He believes that nature starts working to make happen that people believe.

Having an incredible vision and persistence to never give up, he built his 6 figure online business with the power of belief, hard work and smart decisions.

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