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2 Key Principles Every Content Marketer Must Know to Create Content That Converts (with real examples)

Galib Hossen // 2021-10-25 //  Mins Read

No matter you sell courses, coaching, services or any type of products, you are going to create content. Content is the only way to sell products. Only content can build audience for your products. But 90% marketers can’t use the power of content to get conversions. On the other side the remaining 10% of marketers are getting the whole conversions that 90% of marketers were supposed to get.

Marketers or entrepreneurs get traffic to their content but they can’t able to make those traffic as their customer.

Where do they make the mistake?

There are 2 key principles that many content marketers don't pay attention to as expected in spite of they are conversion provocative. They forget that content is not only for sharing information but also for influencing people towards their goal.

Make sure you pick the right topic with the right intent

There is trouble in understanding any subject without giving real examples. That’s why I am going to bring 3 real content examples.

Example 1: Marketing insights. This is a digital marketing agency.

Example 2 : Hubspot. This is a customer relationship management tool

Example 3: Snappa. Snappa is an online image editing tool.

Look at the head lines of every content. They all are same type of content. But they are not the same type of company and their services are not completely same.

Look at marketing insights. They have no direct product which can be sold through this content. The same story is with hubspot.


Snappa has created the content that is directly related with their business. The topic subconsciously force to conversions. The topic and intent has direct relation with their product. Snappa deserves to get conversions from this content.

You have to pick subject which deserves your product and present the content in a way like it is solving your problem in minutes by using this product.

Make sure you have the right CTA

Almost 90% of marketers think CTA is the material of using only on opt-in page, sales page. But content is the best place of putting CTA.

When someone is reading content he is in the flow of specific intent. That is the right time to call him to take an action.

Visionary example:

You know from the example above that Marketing Insights’s and Hubspot’s content can’t drive conversions but by adding a CTA these contents can be the conversion focused content.

They can add an exit intent pop up where they can offer a relevant free gift. If they do it users will convert and next they will buy their products from email marketing.

Exit pop up works but I don’t like it. When I get exit pop up on another websites it bothers me that’s why I don’t use any exit popup on my website even though I can because I don’t want to bother anyone.

Instead you can use CTA in the suitable place of your content and nothing else would be as effective as it.

If Marketing Insights or Hubspot offer free gift related to photo editing in their content then the chance of getting conversion is more than an opt-in page or landing page. Moreover using CTA in content increases the beauty of the lay out of the content.

In this point maximum marketers may be in trouble because adding a CTA in content is not so easy if you don’t know html and css.

Easiest way to place CTA in content

While you are doing marketing you should primarily focus only on marketing. In this case you need to stay away from unwanted time consuming for developing your site.

If you use Thrive Architect you can place CTA anywhere of your site in just minutes. There you get several eye-catchy templates of CTA. You just need to pick one and edit it with your own word and picture.

The editing process is easier than anything else.

You can watch it in the video

In this video I have just shown the ready-made templates but you can make CTA from scratch as you wish by dragging and dropping.


If you apply these 2 principles in your content then you can be sure that you are going to see a better conversion rate than ever before.

With the 2 principles you have to keep one thing in your mind that you only get conversions if your users receive something valuable from you or from your offer.

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An affiliate marketer with an addiction of travelling. He believes that nature starts working to make happen that people believe.

Having an incredible vision and persistence to never give up, he built his 6 figure online business with the power of belief, hard work and smart decisions.

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