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11 Facts to Look For When Buying a Domain Name

Galib Hossen // 2021-11-14 //  Mins Read

I knew in my early marketing life everything depended on a good hosting so there was no need to worry when buying a domain. But now I have known such 11 facts to look for when buying a domain name. Many people who start marketing show interest in any cheap service as they look for a cheap domain or free domain. At the end of this article I will share a story of cheap domain.

11 Facts to look for when buying a domain name

These factors are very important especially for new marketers because most of the experienced marketers faced most of the situations related to buying domain name where new marketers don't know that and they have no time. They are always on  a hurry for an unknown reason. As a result of this hurry they do mistakes unknowingly which lost their times more. If you really want to save time then read it before purchasing a domain name.

Avoid trademark words

trademark fact to look when buying a domain name

You shouldn’t use any types of word in the domain which has a trademark license or a brand value. I have kept it as 1st fact because this can make a legal issue. You have to look for it before buy a domain name.

Such as Facebook is a big company which has trademark license. If you use the word “Facebook” in your domain then Facebook has the right to appeal against you. Such a type of incident recently happened in Bangladesh.

An IT company of Bangladesh registered a domain “facebook.com.bd”. Although Facebook is not a registered company in Bangladesh but Facebook is a trademark in Bangladesh and Facebook cases against this company in Bangladesh.

So if you want to buy such types of domain you can but you have to be ready for those types of trouble and for your kind information buying these types of domain is called “Domain Parking Business”. I would say that’s not the right business to do.

Check brand availability

I've seen a lot of marketers don't pay any attention on this matter when they buy a domain name and then get caught up in it.

Let me open up the matter

Suppose you have purchased a domain. Surely you have a far-reaching plan for this. You will definitely promote it on social media. But when you go to promote, you see that someone is already doing social media activities in the name of this domain. In this case, if you create a website in that domain and continue to post articles, then you are promoting that social media profile or page in which you are not getting any benefit.

You need to check if the domain you want to buy is available on social media and for that you have to go to knowem.com.

Brand Availability to Look For When Buying a Domain Name

From here you can check social availability and extensions those are available for that domain.

Long term registration

Most of the marketers of us register a new domain for a year. When Google notice this matter, it reduces the trust on your site.

If you are serious about to the website then you should register it for more than a year. Google will think that you will be here for a long term.

However, it doesn't matter that if you buy a domain for 5 years, Google will rank you. You also have to do all the work that is more relevant to being ranked. But this will of course help you to achieve trust of Google which will help you to rank.

Don’t use numbers or symbols

avoid symbols and numbers

It is very difficult to find small domains these days. Many people use different numbers or different symbols in their domain to find smaller domains. It is not illegal or something that will become your ranking issue.

But many times it has been seen that users are not able to identify the site well because of it. So it seems to me to avoid numbers or symbols when buying a domain. But you can use it if you think it is very relevant to your niche.

Easy to type or remember

The domain must be something that can be easily typed and remembered very easily. For this you need to find a small domain. Although it is very difficult to find small domains nowadays, you still have to look well.

If you purchase a long domain it should be something like people can remember it. As a result people will come to your site directly by writing your domain name in the search bar.

Try to buy seo friendly domain name

SEO friendly domain name means the domain name contains your focus keyword or related your main keyword.

Suppose “backlinko” website. This is a blog which talks about creating backlink. The domain name contains the word “backlink”.

This is important but not the most important because

The blog “neilpatel”. This blog talks about marketing but in the domain doesn’t contain any related keyword. So this is not a SEO friendly domain name. But the blog is huge successful.

I mean keyword related domain name will not be the main reason for your success but it will help you a lot to rank in Google and Google will also give you value for this.

Prefer .com extension

There is no shortage of domain extensions in the world. To give examples of them, you just have to read the extension and not the time to read the article.

If you want to create an international marketing website with a product, I would suggest using the com extension. Even if you search on Google, you will see that the maximum com domains are in the rank.

If you want to create a website targeting a specific area, you can use different local area extensions. Such as .us .in. Or if you want to create a personal website then .me can be perfect for it. But when you are thinking of creating an international marketing website or a company website, I would definitely recommend using the .com domain. Moreover users are psychologically more familiar with .com domain.

Avoid too similar domain name

Sometimes new marketers try to buy a domain name which is very similar with their competitor’s domain name. But I don’t appreciate it. You are a copycat its ok but don’t let people know that you are a copycat.

In this case you are glorifying the original and the original website is older than your site. You can’t bit the original site anyway without if it is crashed or stop working. So I would suggest buy a complete new domain name outflowing by your brain.

Don’t use slang word

You do not have to be from a specific country to create a website. People in different countries have different languages. What is the good language for a country, on the other hand the same language is obscenities for another country.

I can a give a south Asian example. In India “bal” means hair. It can be hair of head or beard. But in Bangladesh the only meaning of “bal” is the genital’s hair. It’s an obscenity for Bangladesh but not for India.

So if you want to create an international website you should avoid any slang language otherwise to some, your website will may have different meanings which is not desirable.

Try to buy an old domain (killer tip)

Of course you understand that old domain is a domain that someone used before but later it has expired for some reasons. But the interesting part is that even though it has expired, the authority it had remains the same.

Most marketers don't know about this matter at the beginning as I didn't know about it. But in the right way, if you can find a good old domain and buy it, it makes the job of seo much easier.

However, it would not be right to buy an old domain without understanding it. Here are some points to keep in mind before buying an old domain.

Points to look before buying an old domain name

However, it would not be right to buy an old domain without understanding it. Here are some points to keep in mind before buying an old domain.

Finding an old domain
search old domain

If you go to any domain provider and search, you will not find the old domain. For this you need to take the help of a website that publishes a list of various expired domains. Create simply an account here and search for the extension you need, then you will get a list of many expired domains.

Check DA PA

For checking DA PA you can use Mangools site profiler. When you will past the domain in the search box of Mangools site profiler it will show you the DA PA including the backlink profile of the particular domain. From here you can see how appropriate this domain is to use. I will suggest ignore domain which bellow 10 domain authority.

Check backlink profile

Usually a website has lots of page. Most of the pages have backlinks. But without the domain name you won’t need any other pages of that domain.

Suppose, affiliatiz.com is the expired domain you want to buy. Affiliatiz.com/demo is one of the pages of affiliatiz.com. If affiliatiz.com/demo has most of the backlinks then those backlinks are not useful for you because you won’t use affiiatiz.com/demo. You will use affiliatiz.com. So you need most of the backlinks to the home page.

You have to check it and with Mangools site profiler you can easily find it.

Check if it had penalized by google
find domain penalization

This is so important and very confusing part because you never can find it perfectly. You have to guess it. But to guess, at least some information is needed. I'm managing you that information.

Go to archive.org. This is an organization which takes various shots of how a website looks at various times. You will get this kind of information of all the websites exist or existed on the internet from 1996.

Here you will get a full calendar with demographic of the popularity. From here you can see how the website looked like at a certain time from calendar.

Looking at all this, you have to guess whether the website was penalized by Google. If you look at it, it had good content, it was well designed, its popularity had increased day by day, then it can be assumed that it had never been penalized.

Go with a legit company

The final pert is to buy the domain. If you buy a domain from a new company, I will not suggest it. I would suggest getting a domain from a company that has been doing business for a long time and which has already gained a lot of trust. Many new companies will give you a domain at a low price but it can be risky. I think it would be wise not to take risks in this case.

There are many legit providers who do not charge too much for the domain. Such as Namecheap, Fastcomet. You can take a domain from any one. Approximately you will get a .com domain within $10/m. However, I do not suggest Namecheap for hosting.

For shared hosting you can use fastcomet or if you want to host your site in a world leading cloud server at cheap cost then Cloudways is the right choice. My suggestion is if you have a far-reaching plan then Cloudserver is the best.

My friend’s story with a cheap domain

Most new marketers are interested in using chip or free hosting. I was also like that and I had to learn by paying for it. So when my friend wants to purchase a cheap domain I forbade her. But she was so happy because she is getting a domain with a hosting in a very cheap price. But she didn’t know that the domain and hosting are not only cheap in price but also cheap in quality. So that's what happened.

After taking the domain hosting

I said they were offering a hosting with the domain at a very low price and obviously the hosting was very bad, that's what was going to happen. So after a while my friend changed her hosting to a good hosting plan. This solved his hosting problem.

But when she contacts their support team about adding dns to the search console, their support team doesn't answer my friend in any way. She kept trying but got no answer.

Later she wanted to change the name server but the change was not happening. In this case, she contacted the support team again and this time they answered and said that she could not change the name server. To change the name server, the age of the domain must be at least 8 months. Think about the problem.

To avoid this problem, she started her work from first by taking new domain hosting from a good provider. Those who don't know these things always face them and it is foolish to face them knowingly. I hope you understand why I shared this story

Last word

I have had to buy many domains in my life. All the facts that I have said, I have gradually come to know. If you have read the whole article, you may be safe from all this. However, the type of work is constantly changing. So in the future there may be more complications related to domain purchase. But there is nothing to worry about because there will be a solution to all the complications. All you have to do is find out. If you find something that must consider before buying a domain which I didn’t tell here, let me know, I will definitely include it in this article.

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