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Build An Online


Proper step by step guide lines will enable you to create a pure online business which will ensure you to make your first income that will grow up continuously...........

Linda Pearson,

Affiliate Marketer

”Thank you, Galib and Affiliatiz team! This is a dream come true. I’d like to state two things:

1 – The book is outstanding in both content and delivery

2 – Galib, I think you need to add a pricing of this book.

The Secret Formula of Money Making Online Has Been Exposed:

Marketing Automation Formula

You will discover how to set up such a business that gives you money when you are sleeping, travelling or enjoying.

Traffic Formula

You will learn how to generate hyper responsive traffic to promote your products.

Ultra Sales Formula

Learn how to make people interested and impatient to buy your products.

Scarcity Marketing Formula

Discover how adding the "fear of missing out" to your marketing will boost your conversion rates like nothing else.

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like hard work.

Thomas Edison

Affiliate Marketing is only for

The Patient People

Most of the people who come to start affiliate marketing want to make income in a very few days. Of course, you have to overcome this attitude and come up to affiliate marketing with patience.

The Hard Working Persons

Most of people think online income is much easier than offline so they come up to mmo with the mentality of doing very little work but the truth is, the more you work, the faster and more you earn.

The Believers

You are very patient and hardworking person but there is no point if you have no believe in what you are doing. Nature starts working to make true what you believe. So start affiliate marketing with a rational belief.

Freedom Of Time

In affiliate marketing you just need a laptop and internet connection. If you have these you can earn when you are touring in your favorite place with your favorite people.

Freedom Of Location

In affiliate marketing you just need a laptop and internet connection. If you have these you can earn when you are touring in your favorite place with your favorite people.

No Need Any Product Storage

In any business, storage of the products is a big matter but in affiliate marketing you don't need your own storage, you just focus on marketing of the product.

Work With Passion

There are plenty of product categories are existing you will love and You will have the full freedom to selecting the product which you are very passionate about.

Unmetered Income Growth

Affiliate marketing is a pure business and a business grows according to the customer. So in affiliate marketing as much as traffic you can generate your income will keep continuing to grow and the limit is the sky.

Curious About What You Receive?

Here's Some Recent User Feedback...

Lihazul Ahsan,

Seo Specialist

There were some phases that I found hard to implement but couldn't do it because of the available platforms. The alternatives were really helpful. Now, I get twice the conversions and sales. Don't think twice about if you should read it or not. Just read it and ensure to do so with an open and honest mind to learn.

testimonial for the ebook

Joseph Coulson,


“I'm surprised this book is free. Like genuinely surprised. I've personally done a lot of reading and some resources which come close to this are way actually expensive. To give it out like this, he must really love helping people out. I've been into the email strat with this book and I'm glad I found it. ”

Jordan M. Gentry,

Content Marketer

If an absolute beginner writes diary about his business building experience, it can be started with the gratification with the name of "Way Of $9000/M". At least this free book is the ultimate goal provoker. The book is a core solution for setting up a long term effective business.

Thomas Galvan,

Affiliate Marketer

“Wow. Not the "top-of-my-voice" type of wow. This type of wow is where you say it silently to yourself because of the gravity of the truth that just became apparent to you. This has granted me perspective to think more about solving a problem than just making sales. Thanks dear author!”

Why Wait? Get The Book Now

Galib hosen

Host: Galib Hosen, 

An affiliate marketer with an addiction of travelling. He believes that nature starts working to make true what people believe.

He spent his initial years in online business struggling with his belief. Having an incredible vision and persistence to never give up, he built his 6 figure online business with the power of belief, hard work and smart decisions.


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